247 Pro Trading – The alleged investment company 247 Pro Trading presents itself on its website https://247protrading.com/ as a platform for online trading in forex, binary options and cryptocurrencies.

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247 Pro Trading – how credible are the offers?

Currently, there is a very high number of investment service providers such as 247 Pro Trading. This means that investing in the volatile financial markets has never been as easy but also as uncertain as it is now.

Especially because there are a large number of options, choosing a broker can be time-consuming and challenging. Especially if you want it to meet your investment needs. Are you thinking about investing capital with 247 Pro Trading? Then the following points are relevant for you as an investor.

  • Officially regulated brokers on the internet, reputable provider websites, costs and brokerage commissions, offer options and key data are just some of the aspects you should plan for when making your final choice.
  • A good place for investors to look for information on share certificates, futures, binary options and cryptocurrencies is a website like this one.
  • Entry to cross-border exchanges is made easier and more versatile for investors through online investing.
  • There are many types of orders that can be used when trading on the internet.

The following statements are basic recommendations for investors – regardless of the platform in which you invest money.

Online trading with 247 Pro Trading or other investment service providers: Risks?

Just as the stock exchange and other financial markets are exposed to certain risks, so is online trading. As an investor, you should therefore check 247 Pro Trading in light of the following topics:

  • Insufficient knowledge of the product
  • Disadvantages arising from careless or incompetent trading
  • Dangers associated with corresponding offers, such as possible losing trades
  • Online trading platforms which are not trustworthy

Minimise the risk by looking for a proven track record when choosing an investment service provider. In this context, it is equally important that you are assured of reliable money management. This is the only way you can comfortably navigate the internet trading arena.

Traders who have a deft touch may very well make a living out of it, and their earnings may be above average. In the event that they have the perfect approach.

One thing should be clear to anyone starting out in trading: The threat of losing more assets trading the stock market than have been deposited into the provider 247 Pro Trading bank account always exists.

Caution – in case 247 Pro Trading works with tight deadlines

Do you notice the pressure of a tight deadline? The online broker is tempting you with a special offer, but you are under pressure to make a choice promptly? This is definitely not a good idea, because it is usually a feint. Don’t rush into a decision.

You can not only get trustworthy special offers now, but also invest money with 247 Pro Trading in the future. To achieve their goal, criminals know exactly what to do. They make an effort to get as much information as they can about their targeted person through well-crafted requests.

In addition, they ask about the other person’s condition, e.g. whether they are home alone or whether they have money at home. Incidentally, they play a game of “wait and see” to exhaust the targeted person.

They can keep their counterpart on the phone forever until he or she agrees to go to the financial institution and give the fraudsters money and additional valuables. In one of these scams, time pressure is imposed on the injured party.

With such tactics, the injured party is encouraged to leave his own caution aside. Topical support scams use the same formula.

Since the computer of the person contacted is presumably infected by a particularly nasty malware programme, the callers, who presumably work on behalf of Microsoft or such a provider as 247 Pro Trading, demand urgent payment for a maintenance contract in English with an Indian accent.

The rip-off artists increase the pressure by threatening to make the targeted persons pay if their PC is infected and transmits the infections.

Pump and Dump: How does the scam work?

The term pump and dump is used to describe a situation where the value of a share is artificially inflated by insiders. Subsequently, the same share is sold at a loss to the remaining investors. This is therefore a fraud. A deception that profits from the cluelessness of small investors and stock market novices.

This approach is therefore forbidden in a controlled stock market and for providers such as 247 Pro Trading. The crypto market, on the other hand, is still almost completely “Wild West” as far as such tactics are concerned. For this reason, special vigilance is necessary!

Pump-and-dump scams are more common there in connection with the so-called altcoins. The pump-and-dump scam is used by criminals to drive up the market price of a currency that is not known or possibly also created by their own hands.

They achieve this by propagating false information on the World Wide Web or in social media or by luring fellow investors with unreasonable profit expectations. So make sure that the provider 247 Pro Trading provides you with all the facts you need on this very topic, if applicable.

Cybertrading: What are the characteristics of reputable service providers?

Conventional capital investment fraud is carried out using well-known means such as advertising, “cold calling” or stock market letters. When it comes to conducting fraud, the outdated approach is fast becoming obsolete in the digital age. The new type of financial fraud can be described as “cybertrading”.

Financial products are traded here with dishonest intent via the World Wide Web. Dishonest investments include investment products such as contracts for difference and virtual money. Even the offers of 247 Pro Trading were used by other providers in a similar way to lure capital investors into the trap.

Investors increasingly inform themselves about investment opportunities on the internet. Thus, people rely on their own knowledge or on the tips of others in weblogs, forums and other online platforms when making decisions.

The transition to ever new financial products has no long-term effect on criminal activities in terms of organisational structure. Since criminal organisations rely on already existing and widely recognised infrastructures, there is no need to adapt to a new “business model”.

No matter which financial instrument is traded, the process of cybertrading is almost congruent. These financial products are aggressively advertised in social media or with affiliate marketing. In this context, it is almost exclusively about the presentation of gigantically high returns.

Calculate the probability of achieving high profits with 247 Pro Trading before you invest.

Broker referral fee: Make sure you get understandable information in time

Before investing with 247 Pro Trading, find out how much of your investment amount will be used to cover costs, fees and commissions. This is a sensible time to thoroughly check the information provided by the service providers!

Money investors must be notified of all fees payable and their impact on the profit margin of investment service providers. In addition, remuneration must be listed separately. Provided that you request a breakdown of all fees, investment service providers are obliged to give you this info.

A service provider like 247 Pro Trading is usually interested in as many transactions as possible for understandable reasons. Very often the fees are so enormous that it is difficult to make a profit. The costs can even eat up the invested capital in a very short time.

Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the costs! The commission fees of the online broker must be publicly available. The clarity of the structure of the costs is also set out in the legal rules and regulations. In connection with a violation, the service provider’s regulatory licence can be withdrawn.

Get your investment back from 247 Pro Trading? Contact our lawyers

Have you invested money with 247 Pro Trading, or another service provider? Now you are encountering problems with the payout? Then it is advisable to stop any additional payments immediately. This is especially true if the trader demands additional payments to compensate for deficits.

Incidentally, one should try to recover the lost capital. In this context, aggrieved parties can seek investor protection and contact the lawyers of our law firm. Our law firm examines both civil and criminal law options and possible claims for damages against the company and against involved payment service providers such as banking institutions.

“It is no longer possible to speak of an individual case when a private investor loses money in online trading. Many investors are misled by the professional appearance of the financial providers and do not realise in time that they are not responsible for their losses.”

Our advice is therefore not to despair, but to react swiftly and with commitment. Because the prospect of recovering the lost money is usually greater than the aggrieved investors think. Would you like to talk to one of our lawyers about 247 Pro Trading? Then you can go straight to our contact page here.