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Fees – The costs you can expect as a client are an important aspect of legal advice. Depending on your case, the Herfurtner Law Firm offers appropriate, performance-related and transparent remuneration arrangements.

The amount of the lawyer’s fee is either based on the German Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG) or on a remuneration agreement. In legal proceedings, however, the statutory fees cannot be undercut by agreements.

Fee initial consultation

During an initial consultation (§ 34 RVG) you will receive an initial written, telephone or – if necessary – personal advice on the matter you have communicated. Except in simple cases, an initial consultation can only provide an initial overview.

Time fee

The legal basis for the lawyer’s fee as an hourly fee is § 4 RVG. This represents the standard case for the remuneration of legal advice by the Herfurtner law firm.

In many cases, this is the most economical regulation for the client, as only the time actually spent on consulting and representation services is remunerated.

The detailed listing of the duration as well as the content of the individual processing on the time recording sheet enables you to have full cost control.

Fee according to the Lawyers’ Fees Act

The Lawyers’ Fees Act consists of the text of the law and additionally the list of fees. The text of the law contains the general regulations on fees, the schedule of fees contains the individual fee elements. In civil and administrative law the fees are calculated according to the value of the subject matter.

Flat-rate fee

In the case of a lump-sum fee, the client and the contractor agree on a specific fee for a specific activity even before the work begins. In doing so, the activity in your matter is bindingly determined from the beginning. The advantage lies in the cost security for you as client.

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