Alleged offers of help Supervisory authorities: Currently, the German financial supervisory authority BaFin warns against fraudulent activities of unknown perpetrators. The criminals are falsely pretending to be employees of official authorities to consumers. The fraudsters are very aggressive in the way they make contact.

The pretext: they offer help in recovering invested money. These are investments made in online trading with various providers that have not been paid out.

Alleged offers of help Supervisory authorities: Claim legal advice

The perpetrators pose as official representatives of the following supervisory authorities.

  • UK Financial Services Authority: FCA – The Financial Conduct Authority
  • International Fraud Investigation Officer

Alleged offers of help from supervisory authorities – various indications point to a recovery scam:

  1. The persons contacted were supposed to pay a large amount in advance before any service was provided. There was talk of alleged verification.
  2. It is absolutely unusual for the financial authorities from Great Britain to contact persons in Germany.

It is conceivable that fraudsters will also cite other known authorities in the future in order to feign trust and respectability towards injured parties and to defraud them of sums of money. As a rule, the perpetrators of a recovery fraud are the same as those of the previous investment fraud.

This circumstance also explains the perpetrators’ knowledge of contact information, the amount of the previously invested capital and the name of the online trading platform.

Alleged offers of help Supervisory authorities: Consumers should always be alert as soon as they receive unsolicited offers of help of this kind and are asked to make advance payments. Scepticism is still advisable if the contact persons allegedly commissioned by a public authority present documents purportedly issued by the supervisory authority.

Most perpetrators are very skilled at falsifying such documents. It is very difficult for laymen to recognise the authenticity of these papers. Alleged offers of help from supervisory authorities: If you have any doubts or have already been defrauded of funds by such a recovery scam, please feel free to contact the lawyers of our law firm.

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Investment fraud and recovery scam – options for victims

You can read about recovery scams in general as well as investment scams, online trading scams or Bitcoin scams on our website. Here we provide helpful tips on how you can recognise a scam at an early stage and protect yourself.

But even if you have already suffered losses due to a fraud, there are various legal remedies to recover your funds or partial sums. We also examine claims for damages and all possible civil and criminal law options.