Alliance Strata Management – the company describes itself on its website as an online broker. Alliance Strata Management offers its clients various services in the field of cryptocurrencies.

You encounter problems with the distribution of your investment? Our lawyers can help you with claims against Alliance Strata Management.

Alliance Strata Management – How should the online broker be rated?

Currently, there is a very high number of investment service providers such as Alliance Strata Management. As a result, investing in the volatile financial markets has never been as easy or as uncertain as it is now.

Precisely because there are a lot of options, choosing a financial service provider can be time-consuming and daunting. Especially if you want it to match your personal investment ideas.

Have you already invested with Alliance Strata Management? If so, the following points are important for you as an investor.

  • State-regulated online brokers, secure platforms, fees and commissions, offering options and valuations are only selected features you would have to consider in your final choice.
  • Access to the world’s stock exchanges is becoming more practical and affordable for investors through online investing.
  • A good place to start for investors who want to learn about share certificates, futures, binary options and cryptocurrencies is a homepage like this one.
  • A large number of order types can be used for trading on the web.

The following is basic advice for investors – regardless of the platform you invest money in.

Financial regulators: What is their role with service providers like Alliance Strata Management?

Both financial markets and investor protection benefit from codes of conduct and organisational accountability. Equity service firms and providers like Alliance Strata Management must comply with a number of regulations. The same applies to their employees. This is to avoid conflicts of interest and the associated disadvantages for investors.

This includes the obligation of the financial services provider to inform its clients about the most significant features of the transaction before sealing it. This applies both to the respective investor and to the investment itself. According to this idea, additional information is needed for clients who want to engage in highly speculative or risky transactions.

To their corporate clients, companies such as Alliance Strata Management have a responsibility. This goes far beyond the provision of a product or service.

Does the provider have authority to distribute investment products? You should definitely check this. To do this, you can consult the broker check database of a financial supervisory authority and enter the brand name of the financial service provider in the search field.

Assess unrealistic profit promises and confidently evaluate trading providers such as Alliance Strata Management

Investigate how trustworthy Alliance Strata Management’s offer is. Is the interest rate you have been offered particularly high? Can you make a lot of money with a few €?

These offers are usually nothing more than misleading. Be sure that fraudsters are usually hiding behind these tempting offers. These investment offers usually do not invest the least. Therefore, assess how serious the offer from Alliance Strata Management is.

Scams are usually carried out by con artists using similar methods. Investment products that are supposed to be profitable are advertised in prominent places on the Internet. The criminals emphasise that they will achieve a lot of wealth. At the beginning, the investment amounts are relatively small.

Those who register are consulted by a fictitious broker or securities broker. The victims of the scam are then given access to an alleged investment software after depositing the money.

Dubious special offers can also be identified by promises of returns that are significantly above the market average.

An investor’s risk of losing money also grows in direct proportion to the expected profit margin at Alliance Strata Management. One opportunity to find out about normal market returns is the business sections of newspapers or the website of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

Similarly, you should treat advice for companies with exceptional growth potential with caution. Low prices and minimal trading volumes make penny stocks, for example, particularly vulnerable to speculation and manipulation.

Unauthorised orders? Reputable service providers never act without your consent

Placing orders for transactions in securities without the account holder’s consent can, in individual cases, lead to a jump in the price of certain stocks.

This applies above all to open market transactions in illiquid foreign securities (over-the-counter market). You should therefore be sceptical if you are asked to disclose personal data about your investment with Alliance Strata Management without your consent, citing apparently profitable transactions or profit announcements.

You should never give your IBAN, Business Identifier Code and other bank codes to anyone you do not know. Nor should you disclose your bank account or custody account numbers or passwords.

Do not give custody account documents or securities statements from Alliance Strata Management to a third party who is unknown to you. Callers posing as investment advisors, online brokers or financial regulatory agency employees are also unpredictable.

Deal with the dangers of cybertrading

Classic investment fraud is carried out using familiar means such as advertising, “cold calling” or stock market letters.

When it comes to fraud, the outdated method is fast becoming obsolete in the digital age. The new type of financial fraud could be described with the term “cybertrading”. Investment products are traded here with dishonest intent via the World Wide Web.

Fraudulent investments include investment products such as contracts for difference and virtual money. Alliance Strata Management’s services have also been applied by other providers in a comparable manner to lure investors into the trap.

Investors are increasingly informing themselves online about investment opportunities. Thus, people rely on their own expertise or on the advice of others in weblogs, forums and other online platforms when making their decisions.

The switch to ever different financial products has no lasting effect on criminal activities in terms of organisational structure. Since the mafia groups rely on already existing and widely accepted infrastructures, there is no need to switch to a new “business model”. No matter what kind of financial instrument is traded, the process of cybertrading is almost identical.

These financial instruments are aggressively advertised on social media platforms such as Facebook or with paid advertisements. The focus is almost exclusively on the illustration of gigantically high profits. Calculate the probability of achieving high profits with Alliance Strata Management before investing capital.

Find out about fees in advance

Before investing with Alliance Strata Management, find out how much of your investment amount will be used to cover costs, fees and commissions. This is a good time to thoroughly check the information provided by service providers!

Investors must be made aware of all fees charged and their effect on the profit margin of investment service providers. In addition, the costs must be presented separately.

If you request a detailed overview of all costs, the investment service providers are obliged to provide you with this information.

A service provider such as Alliance Strata Management is usually interested in as many trading transactions as possible for understandable reasons. Often the costs are so high that it is difficult to make a profit. The fees can even eat up the invested capital in a very short time.

Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the costs! The commission fees of the online broker must be publicly available. The transparency of the cost structure is also stipulated in the applicable regulations and licences.

If there is a violation, the provider’s licence can be revoked.

You want to get your money back from Alliance Strata Management? Our law firm can help

In order to be able to assess whether you have a repayment claim against the service provider Alliance Strata Management, it is necessary, without exception, to review your case in detail. The lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm will do this for you in the context of a free initial consultation.

The basis of this assessment is always the facts of the case as described by you. In addition, similarities to similar cases can often be drawn. You therefore benefit from the extensive experience of our lawyers.

After the complete review of all documents and the legal classification, the action is initially directed against the provider Alliance Strata Management itself, should certain breaches of duty be ascertainable. In order to be able to confirm such breaches of duty, the contractual documents, the e-mail correspondence and, if necessary, supplementary documents should be analysed.

In addition, licensed online trading providers are equally obliged to make and store telephone records of conversations with clients. Demanding that these recordings be handed over and subsequently analysing them is also an advisable and necessary step in enforcing your claims.

With the help of this evidence, investors’ claims can be enforced both in extrajudicial and judicial proceedings under civil law.

The banking institutions and crypto exchanges that are on the receiving end should also be targeted. Since large sums of money are often involved, the question repeatedly arises as to whether the companies have complied with their duties to provide information and their obligations under the Money Laundering Act. It is not possible to make a general statement in this regard; rather, the case of the individual must be considered.

The same applies to the beneficiary on the recipient side, who is often not identical with the financial service provider itself. Under certain circumstances, claims can also be made against the financial service provider if breaches of duty can be proven.

After all civil law options have been exhausted, there is still the option of proceeding under criminal law if the initial suspicion of a criminal offence is substantiated. In this regard, it is necessary to contact law enforcement agencies at home and abroad and to coordinate further precautions.

For the time being, many federal states have created special departments for the topics of fraud offences in the area of online and crypto trading. The lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm are in regular contact with these departments.

Last but not least, providers can also provide useful information on the domain holder. However, contacting the internet providers, who are often based abroad, is extremely complicated for the layman.

Financial authorities in Germany and abroad are also helpful sources of information for investors who have suffered losses.

Apart from the complaint against the provider in question, which should prevent further potential investors from investing, it may be possible to obtain additional details via the financial supervisory authorities as a source of information.

In many cases, this information allows investigative proceedings in the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria and Switzerland to be brought together.