Alltrade Markets is an online trading platform that may focus on Forex trading and crypto currencies. The provider’s website is available in an English language version and can be accessed at

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Alltrade Markets Review

Any investor who is considering leaving his capital to an online trading platform should thoroughly inform himself in advance about the broker and his products. Blogs and forums where clients can discuss and exchange experiences with Alltrade Markets are a convenient basis for research.

If you look for articles that make the provider Alltrade Markets a topic of discussion, you will find a controversial opinion. However, you should be aware that you can also come across manipulated texts. Often these specifically characterize an online broker in a positive way or that highlight adverse tendencies to make the offer bad.

The Italian Financial Markets Authority CONSOB has issued a warning on the subject of Alltrade Markets. On 19 November 2019, the authority informed that it was blocking the website, which it assigns to a UAB Elnira. The reason given was the illegal offer of financial services.

Domicile of the company and regulatory status

The own website is the central contact point for the contact between a trading platform and its investors. The main source of information here is information on the company’s headquarters and the status of regulation.

There is no legally binding imprint on the Alltrade Markets website. Information on the operator of the website and the company’s registered office can therefore only be found in the contact area and in the general terms and conditions. In the contact area, there is mention of a UAB ELNIRA, which is based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The footer of the Alltrade Markets website states that is a registered trademark of Global Market Index Limited. The company is based in London, UK. In turn, the Terms and Conditions state that Alltrade Markets is operated by a UAB ROLNETA based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Whether the broker Alltrade Markets is supervised by a European financial supervisory authority cannot be answered without scepticism. This is because there are no indications of a registration with the German BaFin or the British FCA.

An opinion on a legitimate business operation of Alltrade Markets in the EU, which requires the possession of the necessary licenses, can therefore not be given without doubt.

Alltrade Markets Internet presence

On the Alltrade Markets homepage the reader is invited to conquer the trading market. Alltrade Markets is the first step on the way to prosperity. The company Alltrade Markets was founded with the aim of helping smart people to achieve financial independence.

The assets with which investors can trade on the Alltrade Markets platform are not detailed on the website. However, in the upper part of the homepage you can see a ticker which shows the prices of different currency pairs. This could be an indication of activity in Forex trading. In addition, the risk note at the bottom of the Alltrade Markets page mentions crypto currencies.

At Alltrade Markets, the path to success in global markets is four-step and consists of education, analysis, execution and discipline.

Technology offered

For trading activities with an online broker, the latter provides trading software. The use of the program is generally free of charge for the customer. At Alltrade Markets, it appears that the client has access to technology developed in-house. The Alltrade Markets platform is simple and fast and is browser-based for mobile devices and desktop computers.

Registration and different account models

In order to register as a client of Alltrade Markets, personal data can be submitted by filling in a form. According to Alltrade Markets, once you have created your account, you can choose between different types of trading accounts:

  • Basic account: Minimum deposit $500, access to e-books
  • Advanced account: Minimum deposit $2,500, access to e-books, account manager
  • Institutional account: Minimum deposit $5,000, asset manager, leverage up to 100%
  • Managed account: Minimum deposit $10,000, asset manager, advanced technologies
  • High equity account: Minimum deposit $50,000, VIP service, access to savings account

Alltrade Markets does not take a position on the deposit and withdrawal methods available in this area.

Online trading is always accompanied by risks

Those who want to invest money and look at the conditions of traditional products such as overnight money will often be frustrated with the potential returns. Therefore, many investors inquire on the net and start looking for yield-bearing alternatives.

With the liberalisation of world trade and digitalisation, it is feasible to offer services all over the world and from anywhere. Accordingly, many online trading platforms are increasingly turning to European investors.

Even if foreign companies are lured by supposedly lucrative profit opportunities, one should be careful. Because if problems should arise, it is – unlike with your own bank – considerably more demanding to discuss the facts in a personal dialogue.

For topics such as Crypto Currencys, FX Trading or CFDs (Contracts for Difference) you should seek detailed advice if you are considering investing in them. With online brokers, however, neither advice nor a dedicated trusted person is the rule.

With online trading platforms, however, the advice is not always given in the same way as you would expect from a bank or investment advisor. Often there is no fixed contact person available and the own risk profile is not taken into account when selecting the offered products.

As a result, investors may come to false conclusions if they want to examine the risks. For this reason, there is an increased risk of making a bad investment and having to write off the paid-in capital.

Risk of loss in online trading

In the event of losses, one should immediately refrain from injecting further capital. Instead, investors should first of all discuss with the online broker why losses were incurred and whether there are any possibilities of action to compensate for these losses.

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