Antares Refund: On its website, the company advertised its investment recovery services. Currently, the Antares Refund website is offline.

Customers who invested money on an online trading platform and subsequently encountered difficulties in getting their winnings paid out would allegedly receive help from Antares Refund, the provider said. But how serious are these offers? What experiences have the investors actually had?

Is Antares Refund reputable? Recognising trustworthy providers

It is still difficult for customers to recognise fake companies on the internet. This is partly because there are many technical techniques to create websites that look credible and professional. Logos, page layout and company names are also often copied. In these cases, they are clone companies.

Potential clients should inform themselves in advance, regardless of whether it is the provider Antares Refund or another service provider in the field of recovery and reimbursement. The following points must be excluded.

If one or more of the features look familiar, you are probably dealing with a suspicious provider rather than a reliable financial service provider.

  1. The provider is not in possession of an official permit or licence.
  2. The provider has knowledge and information about your investments in online trading. Ask yourself who he got this from.
  3. A quick decision to engage the service is required.
  4. Even before the company has provided any service, prompt payment in advance is demanded.
  5. The recovery company is quite covert and does not disclose a company imprint or any other company information.

Recognising signs of recovery fraud

Recovery and Refund: There are many scammers in the market. People who have lost money on questionable trading platforms are approached and told that they can recover their losses.

All they have to do is send a wire transfer directly to the provider or supposedly to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority or the Securities and Exchange Commission. Of course, the victims are expected to pay for the services in advance.

However, it quickly turns out that the former victims were tricked by fraudsters and a fake asset recovery company. You should treat any financial service provider who calls you unexpectedly with extreme caution and scepticism.

Ask yourself how these people got hold of your contact and personal details. How do they know the trading platform where you lost money?

Unsolicited contact even with Antares Refund?

How did Antares Refund or a similar provider contact you? Did you take the initiative or did you receive a call or message unexpectedly? These facts are not insignificant.

Dubious recovery service providers proceed as follows: It is not uncommon that the same people who have already carried out an online trading scam are also subsequently behind a recovery scam. In this way, the perpetrators hope to extort more money from the victims of the investment fraud.

Your email address or phone number is in the hands of the fraudsters behind the previous trading or cryptocurrency scam. Cybercriminals often trawl through the comments on review sites to find your details. Here, victims report their negative experiences with trading and investment portals.

Expecting their victims to use the search engine to look for refund opportunities, the criminals often buy Google ads.

Negative experience with Antares Refund? Lawyer helps

We offer a free initial consultation if you have used Antares Refund or a similar recovery and refund service provider and are currently experiencing problems. Please tell us about your experience via our contact form or by phone.

It makes our work easier if you provide details directly about the service provider and the amount of investment or damage.

We will then contact you and examine your individual case thoroughly, discreetly and conscientiously.