AnyDesk scam – remote maintenance software is like a crowbar: in principle a good invention, but also capable of committing crimes. And while a crowbar is used to gain access to other people’s homes, software like AnyDesk opens the door to other people’s computers.

In particular, investors who engage in online trading face the danger of granting strangers access to their most personal data. This is because fraudulent brokers are increasingly taking advantage of the cluelessness of many private investors who have difficulty operating the alleged trading platform.

The procedure is always the same. On the phone, the supposed investment advisors promise that they will gladly assist the investor in getting even more out of his investment transactions. To do this, the victim only has to install so-called remote maintenance software so that the fraudster can take action himself.

AnyDesk and TeamViewer – this is how legitimate software is abused

As a rule, this involves the programmes from AnyDesk or TeamViewer. Both solutions are very advantageous if you have a problem with your computer that you would like to have solved remotely by a professional. In the case of online fraud by dubious brokers, however, this gives strangers access to sensitive data.

This includes, above all, passwords and bank data. Unfortunately, our lawyers are quite often confronted with such actions. After all, things are not always above board when it comes to online trading. Many black sheep are only after the investors’ money, which is why problems arise during the supposed trading.

AnyDesk scam: “Help” with problems with payouts

The scam of refusing payouts is particularly “popular”. If a payout does not work as desired by the investor, the scammers offer their help. They pretend to be able to solve the problem in the interest of the customer. However, to do so, they need access to the victim’s computer – via software such as AnyDesk.

But of course it is not about helping the victim and enabling a payout. Because the fraudsters hijack the victim’s computer in order to make it easier for him financially.

What happens after the software is installed?

As soon as you have given third parties access to your own computer via AnyDesk, TeamViewer or other software, they can operate the computer in the same way as its owner. It is thus possible to simply make further deposits on the platform in whose name the “advisor” is acting without the investor’s permission.

Even worse: If the attacker succeeds in obtaining the victim’s bank details, this could lead to serious debits from the bank account at the expense of the defrauded person.

Always check the risks when trading online

AnyDesk scam: We know of many cases in which private investors have lost a lot of money which they had previously entrusted to a supposed platform for online trading. Often, these are providers based in faraway countries.

The problem: Fraudulent online brokers often act very professionally and attach great importance to a trustworthy external presentation. Thus, one can often actually get the impression from high-quality websites that it is a serious offer.

Interested investors should therefore check thoroughly whether there are signs of an apparent offer. Often, indications from lawyers or financial supervisory authorities such as BaFin can be found that point to a possible scam.

AnyDesk scam – What can victims of fraud do?

If you have become a victim of the AnyDesk scam, you should remove the software from your computer immediately. In addition, it makes sense to restore the computer to its original state and reset it to the factory settings.

Although this is at the expense of your data, it is the only way to be sure that you are effectively cutting off the connection to the scammer. In addition, you should change all access data and passwords that involve access to sensitive content. If in doubt, also contact your bank and have your accounts blocked if necessary.

Are there ways to get the lost money back?

Apart from preventive measures for the future, the main interest of the fraud victim is to recover the lost money. In doing so, one can seek investor protection and contact a lawyer. Our law firm advises clients who have lost money in online trading and contacts the relevant platforms directly in order to recover the invested capital.

If you would like to discuss the AnyDesk scam with one of our lawyers, you can contact us directly here.