Asia Coinin – The apparent investment service provider Asia Coinin presented itself on its website as an online broker. At the moment, the website is offline.

If you have invested capital with the provider Asia Coinin and there are now complications with the repayment, our lawyers can help you nationwide.

Asia Coinin – Opinions of investors

Currently, there is an extraordinarily high number of providers such as Asia Coinin. This means that investing in the unpredictable financial markets has never been as easy as it is now, but also as risky.

Precisely because there are countless options, choosing an online platform can be time-consuming and frustrating. Especially if you want it to match your personal investment preferences.

Have you already invested with Asia Coinin? Then the following aspects are important for you as an investor.

  • State-regulated brokers on the internet, secure provider sites, costs and brokerage commissions, product options and ratings are only selected criteria that you would have to include in your final choice.
  • A wide range of order types can be used in online trading.
  • A good address for money investors who want to inquire about stocks, futures, options and cryptocurrencies is a website like this one.
  • Access to international stock exchanges becomes more convenient and lucrative for investors through online investing.

The following are basic tips for investors – regardless of the platform you invest in.

How risky is trading with financial service providers like Asia Coinin?

Just as the stock market and other financial markets are vulnerable to certain risks, so is online trading.

As an investor, you should therefore examine Asia Co inin in light of the following aspects:

  • The risks of online security
  • Disadvantages resulting from careless or unqualified trading
  • Insufficient knowledge about the offer
  • Risks associated with the offer, for example potential losses

Minimise the risk by ensuring that you have a verified track record when choosing a provider. In this context, it is also relevant that you are guaranteed reliable money management. Only in this way can you move comfortably in the internet trading arena.

Capital investors who have a deft touch can certainly make a living from this, and their profits may be high.

At least if they have the perfect approach. One thing should be clear to anyone starting out in trading: There is always the danger of losing more investments when trading on the stock exchange than was deposited into the bank account of the online broker Asia Coinin.

Promises of profit

Check how trustworthy Asia Coinin’s offer is. Is the interest rate you have been offered extremely high? Can you get a large amount of money with just a few EUR?

These offers are mostly nothing more than a deception. Be sure that criminals are often hiding behind these tempting opportunities. As a rule, not the least is invested in these investment offers. Therefore, check how honest the offer from Asia Coinin is.

Scams are often filled out by con artists in a similar way. On the World Wide Web, financial products that are supposedly profitable are advertised in prominent positions. The criminals claim that they will achieve a lot of capital. At the beginning, the investment amounts are relatively marginal.

All those who sign up are consulted by a fictitious broker or trader. The victims of the scam then get access to an alleged investment software after paying the money.

Dubious special offers can also be recognised by promises of returns that are clearly above the market average.

An investor’s risk of losing capital also increases with Asia Coinin in direct proportion to the expected margin. One way to find out about the median market return is to read the business sections of newspapers or the website of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

In the same way, you should take recommendations for companies with exceptional growth potential with a grain of salt. Low costs and very low trading volumes make penny stocks, for example, particularly susceptible to speculation and manipulation.

Grey capital market & investor protection

Only a small proportion of financial market participants such as Asia Coinin are subject to official regulation and supervision. In the grey capital market, there are providers who do not even need a licence from BaFin and only have to comply with a few regulatory requirements.

Only invest in the grey capital market if you are sure of the company’s solvency and know it as a company. As already mentioned, BaFin has no control over these providers.

The grey capital market holds a wealth of possibilities. There are:

  • Loans with a subordination agreement
  • Direct investments such as in timber, precious metals or other commodities
  • Ordinary bonds
  • Crowdfunding offers
  • Profit participation rights and other hybrid forms of bonds
  • Corporate investments

One thing is certain: it is uncertain what the end result will be for the investor.

Do you find it difficult to understand the financial product on offer? If so, you should gather as much information as possible before making a decision.

Don’t buy anything you don’t fully understand! When it comes to investments, the more experience you need, the more complex the product.

It is also not advisable to bet your entire fortune on one horse. Diversify your risk beyond Asia Coinin.

To avoid being inaccurately influenced, always focus on the product itself rather than the brand name or the presentation of the financial service.

How to distinguish reputable from dubious online platforms

There is an abundance of capital goods on dubious internet platforms, which are relentlessly advertised in internet forums and social networks in order to convince investors.

In addition, “network marketing” is used to solicit new investors. In the advertising, the assurance of short-term profitability is emphasised above all.

In order to start investing, an interested investor must first create an account with the trading platform – as is the case with Asia Coinin. Then the apparent brokers contact the investor via a call centre and do everything they can to convince him to invest large sums of money.

The investors’ hopeful attitude towards cybertrading is partly reinforced by the idea of future profits.

Clients are more willing to invest in the future if they see exactly the kind of results they hope for. At this point, investors are misled by a corrupted trading algorithm about the true evolution of stock market data and prices. Asia Coinin does not necessarily fall into this category.

The criminals use their own biased price values when calculating profits. As a result, the provider has complete control over whether a profit is made or not.

This manipulation continues until the supposed profits are paid. When the moment of distribution arrives, clients unexpectedly no longer have access to their accounts and the personal client advisors associated with them. The majority of investors lose all their capital invested in such illegal trading, forcing them to call in a lawyer.

Recovery Scam explained simply: correctly assessing service providers for recovering lost investments

Anyone who has ever lost money to a fraudulent investment platform knows how disastrous it can be. That alone is terrible enough. But in addition, the criminals behind the bogus scheme will contact you by email or phone call within a very short time.

This time, however, they do not pose as Asia Coinin online brokers. Instead, they guarantee to help you recover your lost assets for a fee. Many rip-off artists even seem to have been hired or entrusted by trustworthy companies such as a financial regulator.

After stealing your personal information, the rip-off artists usually pose as good Samaritans. They guarantee to help you recover the stolen money. Even if you have invested money with a provider like Asia Coinin, your contact information may be stolen.

Those who have lost an immense amount of money are usually desperate. The criminals take advantage of people’s desperation by posing as money recovery service providers. They offer their services under the guise of assisting them to recover their money. That is, they assure in a dubious manner that they will get back the lost money.

Getting back deposits from Asia Coinin: act quickly

Investors who have suffered losses with a provider such as Asia Coinin, or who have difficulties getting their winnings paid out, should first and foremost avoid making further deposits. Furthermore, it is advisable in any case to consult a lawyer to clarify all possibilities for compensation of your money.

It is important:

  • act quickly
  • get legal support
  • do not bury your head in the sand

Do you have questions about the service provider Asia Coinin? Then our legal advisors are at your disposal.

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