Atlantic Capital Finance is a service provider from the capital investment industry and offers international banking services. The internet presence of Atlantic Capital Finance is only available in English and can be accessed at the URL

The footer of Atlantic Capital Finance’s website states that the company is registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under number 122702. However, according to the FCA, this number belongs to (authorised) Barclays Bank Plc. There were employees of clone companies who falsely claimed to work for this company.

Several potentially affected investors have currently called the lawyers of the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwälte to obtain advice on their options. Deals with Atlantic Capital Finance are potentially subject to considerable losses, lawyers are alerting. Investors should reconsider further deposits or at least have a detailed appraisal carried out.

The lawyers of the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwälte, based in Hamburg and Munich, are persons of trust for affected persons seeking investor protection. The law firm is also active in capital markets law, business law or company law.

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Atlantic Capital Finance – Information

Our attorneys have the following information on the financial company Atlantic Capital Finance, which is taken from the company’s website (as of February 27, 2020):

Name of the company: Atlantic Capital Finance
Postal address: 119-32 Ely Place, EC1N 6TD, London, United Kingdom
Phone number: (0) 845-004-3912
Fax: (0) 844-774-0903

The website of Atlantic Capital Finance contains statements regarding the approval and supervision by the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority. In both registers a query did not yield any hits. Therefore, it cannot be assumed without reservation that Atlantic Capital Finance has the licenses required for its business activities.

Which general risks investors should know

There are hardly any profits to be made with relatively safe financial products such as bonds or treasury bonds. Non-regulated companies benefit most from this. This is because they presumably simulate stable and worthwhile investments without having a substantiated business in mind. In reality, the promised profits often turn out to be considerable losses.

A supposed investment advisor contacts you by telephone? He offers you the purchase of financial products at a preferential price or wants to inform you about a new fund? But a personal contact with the advisor never takes place? Such a circumstance should make you suspicious.

You should always check with the dealers and investment advisors and check whether offers such as Atlantic Capital Finance’s are regulated by the supervisory authorities. According to warnings from many authorities, many companies do not have a license for the transactions they are conducting.

In quite a few cases, investment products and investment opportunities are offered that do not exist in reality. In this context, the providers plan their coups long term. Although prohibited by law, dubious brokers often establish initial customer contacts by a phone call. Often dubious providers urge investors to make a quick investment.

What investors should consider

The promise of high profits may indicate that your investment is not really intended to be managed reliably. In any case, it is a highly speculative investment. The theoretical probability of realising high profits exists. Nevertheless, there is also a pronounced risk of total loss of the investment.

In some cases, the immediate conclusion of the investment should be made palatable to you by certain benefits. Alleged preferential prices or the attainment of tax advantages are a widespread argument. In this way, investors are deprived of the opportunity to reconsider their investment.

Also a comparison with other offers or even a research to the investment is to be prevented in such a way. Private investors are to be induced in such a way to deposit their money as immediately as possible. Often the fraudsters have thereby already reached their goal.

Action tips for affected investors who have difficulties with Atlantic Capital Finance

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