Atlantic Global Asset Management – There are strong indications that the products offered by Atlantic Global Asset Management may be manipulated. Interest rates are at record lows and retail investors are desperate to find investments with higher payouts like those offered by Atlantic Global Asset Management. But not all that glitters is gold.

Moneyed investors often fall prey to investment scammers who promise them safety and record returns.

Atlantic Global Asset Management – alleged investment fraud?

Atlantic Global Asset Management has a very well produced web site that appears professional and reliable even to experienced investors and business people. The draft contracts and general terms and conditions used also suggest a reputable company at first.

However, as the lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm in Munich and Hamburg have already seen in several similar cases, the devil is usually in the detail. Such a well-designed appearance is also quite common in cases of fraud Questra Holding is said to have been completely reorganised and split into 2 companies already in July 2016.

According to information on the web, the company Atlantic Global Asset Management has taken over all obligations of financial operations from the company Questra Holdings. Questra World is said to continue to be responsible for the entire partner programme.

On its Facebook page, Atlantic Global Asset Management states that it is a global management firm with established operations in the Asia Pacific region and South Africa. The firm presents itself as competent and experienced and has a credible investment process.

Atlantic Global Asset Management’s expertise is based on local know-how and the experience of its team and partners. An article in Fonds Professionell Online describes further “inconsistencies” at Atlantic Global Asset Management.

Warning against Atlantic Global Asset Management

The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has again warned against Questra Holdings, Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management and their activities.

The regulator has received communications from clients of Questra Holdings, Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management that these firms are still operating in Belgium. The authority explains that these companies are not authorised investment undertakings in Belgium and are therefore not allowed to offer banking or investment services there.

Atlantic Global Asset Management would, according to the authority, probably obviously operate pyramid schemes or even a Ponzi scam operate one. Many other authorities had also already published warnings in this context.

There are also more and more cases of investment fraud in Germany. Investment fraud is a type of fraud in which the perpetrators hold out the prospect of a profitable investment in the capital market in order to obtain the victim’s assets.

Particularly widespread cases of investment fraud are also so-called boiler room scams. The scammers are usually based in a call centre abroad and try to reach investors by phone to sell them shares and other investments.

There is often no personal contact between investors and supposed advisors from Atlantic Global Asset Management. Communication takes place by telephone and email. Such a procedure was also observed in the case of Atlantic Global Asset Management. Atlantic Global Asset Management presents the possibilities in a remarkable way, but possible pitfalls are played down or not mentioned at all.

There is a push for a quick conclusion, which is supposed to secure advantages that are only available for a short time. A comparison with other offers or even a research on the offered financial products is supposed to be made impossible by the pressure and the quick decisions. In order to convince investors of the offered investment deal, the swindlers repeatedly use falsified documents such as account statements, certificates or securities.

If the private investors want to have the promised profits paid out, the investment fraudsters always invent new stories about why this is not possible or makes sense and why further payments have to be made instead. Investors at Atlantic Global Asset Management also report similar experiences. In the course of a boiler room scam, the employees can then also change to a more urgent tone.

If the baited investors ultimately decide to make a deposit, these funds and possible profits remain missing. The employees can no longer be contacted, the initiators cannot be identified and the company is based in Asia. The vast distance of jurisdiction alone prevents those affected from taking legal action, although the chances of compensation for the damage, repayments or settlement payments are often undervalued.

Warning notices from the authorities do not mean that Atlantic Global Asset Management ‘s activities are certainly based on fraud. This could only be determined after a court decision. Nevertheless, investors should always take such warnings seriously and carefully consider whether they nevertheless wish to invest with such companies.

BaFin comments on Atlantic Global Asset Management

The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) stated on 27.07.2017 that neither Atlantic Global Asset Management nor Questra Holdings Inc have received applications for “banking licences”.

Two companies operating under the names “Atlantic Global Asset Management” and “Questra Holdings Inc” had claimed to have applied to BaFin for a licence to provide financial services in Germany under section 32(1) of the German Banking Act (KWG).

However, the corresponding applications were not available to BaFin. In many cases where investment fraud is suspected, companies use names that are almost identical to names of already existing other companies. Therefore, there is an increased risk of confusion.

As a rule, alleged providers or share traders contact private individuals and companies by telephone and try to convince them of particularly profitable shares and other capital investments.

Often the investors are put under psychological pressure to buy quickly, as the trades promised are only available for a short time. Above-average profits are promised. However, the advertised shares and investments are usually worthless or non-existent.

Vigilance should also be exercised when dealing with Atlantic Global Asset Management. Against this background, you should follow simple rules to avoid at least certain risks:

  • Do not be blinded by promises of high returns! If you want to earn interest above the market level, you usually have to resort to speculative forms of investment.
  • Let your investment advisor inform you about his profit sharing! As a rule, intermediaries are obliged to do this anyway. If the commission is high, bear in mind that the intermediary has a vested interest in you concluding certain investments.
  • Take your time! Only sign contracts after you have done thorough research on the investment. Compare the offer with other investment products. Make your decision only after you have cleared up all your doubts yourself (and not your broker!).
  • Insist on personal advice on the spot! Do not entrust your money to someone you have never looked in the eye. Reputable intermediaries will advise you at their branch or will be happy to arrange an appointment at your home.
  • Give preference to companies based in Germany! It will be much easier for you to enforce your claims in the event of a dispute.

The promise of high returns may indicate that your investment with Atlantic Global Asset Management is not really intended to be reliably managed. In any case, it is a highly speculative investment. The theoretical probability of realising high profits exists. However, there is also an enormous risk of total loss of the investment.

Atlantic Global Asset Management – What can those affected do?

We represent clients in all aspects of investment fraud and investment law. Anyone who has fallen for an investment fraudster should immediately file a complaint with the police and contact a lawyer. We also advise on the Atlantic Global Asset Management matter.