AVA Investments Group is a company that provides an online trading platform for Forex Trading. This is the information that can be found on the company’s website. The company’s website is available in English and can be accessed at the URL https://avainvestmentsgroup.com/.

According to the company’s own information, automated trading can be carried out at AVA Investments Group. It offers a number of different accounts and provides access to a market with unlimited liquidity. In addition to foreign exchange, you can trade in futures, spot metals or commodities.

According to news from investors, AVA Investments Group’s offerings may appear to be unauthorized products. Concerned customers who were contacted by employees of the broker AVA Investments Group by telephone have contacted the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwälte.

Trades in connection with AVA Investments Group are therefore discouraged without due diligence. This is because investors are probably exposing themselves to a large financial risk.

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AVA Investments Group – Information

Our lawyers have the following data on the financial company AVA Investments Group:

Company: Bauman Ltd and Pacific Consulting Co Ltd
Website: https://avainvestmentsgroup.com
Address: Glass House Building, Level P, Unit P01, 1 Sukhumvit 25, Sukhumvit Rd., North-Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand
Telephone number: 0039 0280889452

The Italian financial supervisory authority CONSOB informed investors already on 14.02.2020 in connection with AVA Investments Group. The news states that the provider of AVA Investments Group is not authorised to offer financial services. Therefore, the authority had initiated the closure of the website.

There is no information on the Company’s website regarding the authorisation and supervision by any other regulatory authority in Europe. It should therefore not be assumed beyond doubt that the provider has the necessary permissions for its business activities.

Where the general Risks for Investors lie

Whoever wants to earn interest above the average, as with AVA Investments Group, usually has to resort to risky products. As a consequence, many brokers try to lure customers with excessively high profits. Therefore, the number of cases of risky investments is permanently increasing.

The opportunities for investors are usually impressively presented on the company’s homepage. Possible pitfalls, on the other hand, are played down or not presented. A quick conclusion is urged, which should serve to secure supposed advantages that can only be obtained promptly.

Solid companies usually have the necessary licenses for financial services. Warnings from financial regulators do not mean that the activity is certainly based on investment fraud. This could only be established after a court decision.

Nevertheless, investors should always take such indications seriously and carefully consider whether they still wish to invest with such companies.

In many individual cases, investment products and investment opportunities are offered that do not actually exist. In these cases, the companies plan their coups long in advance. Although forbidden by law, non-serious brokers often establish initial customer contacts by making a phone call. Frequently, the black sheep of the money business urge private investors to conclude contracts immediately.

What Investors should consider

If you follow these instructions from our lawyers, you will noticeably limit your personal risk. Clients should be aware of a relevant basic rule – high profit promises are usually also associated with high risks.

Caution is also advisable if the provider is based in an “exotic” country. Often the first contact is made with a phone call. You should be particularly careful in the following cases:

  • Incredibly high winnings are promised or even guaranteed.
  • The companies are located abroad and do not have a license.
  • There is no branch in Europe.
  • There is no personal consultation on site.

A sign of opaque deals can be when your broker receives a high commission for closing a deal. Here you should note that the employee has a vested interest in you investing your money in certain investment transactions. The advice given by an intermediary is therefore not necessarily objective.

Some employees will therefore try to persuade you to make an investment that is not tailored to your personal risk preference. There is a danger here that risks may be concealed from you and that the profit prospects of the transaction may be presented too positively.

Problems with AVA Investments Group ? What affected Investors can do

The law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH represents investors in legal fields such as banking and capital markets law, business law and investment law. The first step of a legal consultation is always a direct conversation with a lawyer.

Here, the essential questions can be clarified and then possible legal measures in connection with AVA Investments Group can be discussed.

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