Basel Capital Markets describes itself as an award-winning platform for trading CFDs and foreign exchange (Forex Trading). One can also trade indices, commodities or shares on Basel Capital Markets. The English website of the provider can be found at

According to the provider, 69% of retail investor accounts on this platform lose money when trading CFDs.

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Basel Capital Markets Experience

If you are considering investing your money on an online trading platform, you should first find out about the provider. In this case, it is helpful to be able to refer to Basel Capital Markets practice reports.

If you research Basel Capital Markets on Google & Co., many results will be displayed. Most of the time, these lead to blogs or forums where Basel Capital Markets experiences are discussed or where you can find Basel Capital Markets feedback. The views on this provider are not entirely positive. Among other things, unwanted phone calls from Basel Capital Markets are reported.

In principle, it is difficult to assess the truthfulness of the published experiences with Basel Capital Markets. This is because the articles that can be found on the Internet are not always written from a value-free perspective.

Basel Capital Markets – Registered Office, Authorisation

The own website is the essential contact point for building bridges between a trading platform and its investors. Especially data on the company’s headquarters and regulatory status are useful in this respect.

The provider of Basel Capital Markets is a Leverate Financial Services Ltd, which is based in Limassol, Cyprus. The company is monitored by the Cypriot supervisory authority CySec. There is no legally binding imprint on the website. Information on the company’s registered office can be found in the footer of the website.

In the contact area there is a German telephone number that leads to a connection in Berlin. In addition, there is a contact form and various e-mail addresses in this area. These can be used to contact Basel Capital Markets if you have written enquiries.

Basel Capital Markets Website

At the start of its own website, Basel Capital Markets describes itself as a leading trading platform in Europe. There are three main arguments for this:

  • Support from customer service seven days a week, around the clock.
  • High security for clients through respect for privacy and use of databases.
  • Permanent opportunity to trade, no matter where you are.

In the remainder of its homepage, Basel Capital Markets discusses equity trading via its own platform. Two different trading platforms are available for stationary and mobile trading. In addition, one’s own purchasing power can be adjusted by using different levers. The software provided is easy to use and the platform prepares the user well for his decisions.

Other successful traders can be copied via Social Trading. In this way, investors can profit from their successes. However, at least one of the testimonials depicted on this topic is a photo from a freely accessible image database. The authenticity of this person is therefore at least doubtful.

Software used

Trading on an Internet platform requires access to trading software. In many cases, these provide online trading platforms to their investors free of charge. The software can be developed in-house or a program from an external manufacturer.

At Basel Capital Markets customers could settle their transactions via the software Metatrader4. This is available on the website of the provider directly for download for PC and Mac. There is also a mobile version for access via smartphones and tablets. The Sirix Webtrader can also be used for trading activities.

Basel Capital Markets Registration and available Accounts

Anyone wishing to take advantage of the Basel Capital Markets offer and trade on the online trading platform must first register. As soon as the client account has been created, one would have to choose a live trading account. According to Basel Capital Markets, four different account types are available:

  • Silver: deposit of at least 5,000 euros
  • Gold: deposit of at least 10,000 euros
  • Platinum: deposit of at least 50,000 euros
  • Diamond: Information on the minimum deposit amount on request

According to Basel Capital Markets, deposits and withdrawals could be made using various methods. For example, bank transfers or credit card payments could be used.

Online Trading is always accompanied by Risks

Those who are enthusiastic about online trading should keep in mind that this type of investment differs in many points from the conventional way via a credit institution or investment advisor.

Digitalisation has shaken up many industries and led to innovative business models. While a few years ago a visit to the house bank was obligatory if one wanted to seal a contract for an investment, today this is possible online without any problems.

This has led to the fact that there are now a large number of brokers who trade internationally and who, with their offers, advertise for the goodwill of the investor. Often the focus on the trading platforms is on products that are not suitable for everyone due to their complexity and the risks involved.

If difficulties arise, private investors in online trading platforms are faced with the task of discussing them with the provider. This is because if a trader is based abroad, this often prevents personal exchange, and there may also be language barriers.

Products requiring Explanation require intensive Consultation

As a rule, online providers focus on a number of products that are difficult to understand, including crypto currencies, contracts for difference or forex trading. However, these products are not necessarily suitable for everyone.

It is therefore often left to the investor himself to assess the possible pitfalls of an investment opportunity. In the absence of expert advice, investors may not act carefully enough when assessing risk and may misjudge or ignore risks.

If investments are made in spite of this, it can happen that the targeted goals are not achieved within the defined period. In the event of adverse trends or sideways movements, various investors are also advised to invest additional assets in order to secure their initial investment.

Losses in Online Trading?

Have you lost capital on an online trading platform? Then you should avoid additional investments in the first step, even if they are requested by the online broker. Furthermore, it should be investigated why the loss occurred and what are the prospects of recovering the lost capital.

If you do not make progress with your request, you can seek investor protection in exchange with a lawyer. The law office Herfurtner Rechtsanwälte examines the procedure and determines, in what respect the investor can make demands valid.

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