Baumann & Partners – The asset management company Baumann & Partners offers information about its own range of services on its online presence. The topics covered include asset management, funds and alternative investments.

Table of contents

  1. Baumann & Partners Experience
  2. Baumann & Partners on the web
  3. Information on accessibility

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Baumann & Partners experience

On its own website, the company describes itself as being at home in the markets of the world. Accordingly, the provider is in a position to identify trends in good time and to take advantage of them dutifully. In addition, the company presents its own range of services on the homepage, which is divided into four different areas:

  • Asset management for institutional clients: Function as independent asset manager,
  • Asset management based on funds: investment strategies for long-term wealth accumulation,
  • Asset management for private clients: individual approaches and
  • Investments in alternative asset classes.

In addition, the Baumann & Partners website states that the company always places its clients at the centre of its activities. This is because the company’s own experience has shown that tailor-made approaches are necessary to achieve wealth goals.

Accordingly, Baumann & Partners begins with an analysis of the personal situation, thus enabling a lasting relationship characterised by trust and respect. Moreover, the company describes itself as an independent service provider.

Furthermore, the asset manager uses its experience in asset management for its clients. According to Baumann & Partners, the main thing is not to deviate from the investment strategy once it has been developed.

Because the goal is not to achieve a return without consideration, but above all to preserve values. Due to its own autonomy, Baumann & Partners can analyse the available asset classes and identify the best opportunities in each case. All in all, this approach makes it possible to develop sustainable values while keeping the risks under control.

Baumann & Partners on the web

Information on the services offered can be found on the German-language website of the service provider at the URL


The naming of the responsible persons is a clear sign of transparency. At the time of writing, the website contains information on the board of directors and the management.

Domain Information

Each web server is identified by a unique numerical code. This so-called IP address enables a browser to address precise hosts in order to retrieve web pages. We retrieved the data for the company with this result on 21 May 2021:

  • domain name:
  • domaintype: ACTIVE
  • owner-type: ORGANISATION
  • org-country: LU
  • registrar-name: root SA
  • registrar-email:
  • registrar-url:
  • registrar-country: LU

Information in the imprint?

In Germany, according to § 5 of the German Telemedia Act (TMG), there are basic mandatory details for the imprint. This obligation for “provider identification” applies to all commercially operated pages on the web. This is because the information is intended to inform the user of a website about who he or she is dealing with.

Finally, the address of the website owner plays a role if legal claims are to be enforced against him. Also relevant in this context is the fact that the obligation to maintain an imprint also applies to providers located abroad who pursue their commercial activities in Germany.

An imprint could be found on the website of Baumann & Partners in May 2021.

Information on accessibility

General contact details – what data is available on Baumann & Partners?

  • Tel: 00352 24 69 35 0
  • E-mail: info[a]
  • Postal address: 145, rue de Trèves, L-2630 Luxembourg
  • Company: Baumann & Partners S.A.

In the event of disputes, a large distance between the provider and the private investor can lead to complications when it comes to clarifying the matter. In general, investors within the EU have a little more legal protection and more chances to enforce their claims – also and especially in case of losses – if necessary with the help of legal assistance.

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