Binary Invest Traders – The alleged investment service provider Binary Invest Traders presented itself on its website as an online broker. At the moment, the website is no longer online, but blocked.

A warning notice from the UK Financial Services Authority points to the suspicion that the provider has no official authorisation to offer its financial services.

If you have invested with Binary Invest Traders and there are problems with the distribution, the lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm are available to help and advise you.

Binary Invest Traders – Website blocked?

Currently, there is an extraordinarily high number of investment service providers such as Binary Invest Traders. As a result, investing in the unpredictable financial markets has never been as easy but also as risky as it is now. Especially because there are so many options, choosing a broker can be time-consuming and intimidating.

Especially if it is to suit your individual investment needs. Are you considering investing money with Binary Invest Traders? In this case, the following points are important for you as an investor.

  • An ideal address for investors who want to learn about securities, futures, binary options and cryptocurrencies is a website like this one.
  • A variety of order types can be used in online trading.
  • Regulated brokers on the internet, secure provider internet sites, fees and commissions, offer options and reviews from customers are just a few of the features to plan for when making your final choice.
  • Accessing the world’s financial markets is becoming easier and more affordable for money investors through online investing.

The following information are basic tips for investors – regardless of the platform you invest money in.

Evaluate service providers like Binary Invest Traders correctly

Investors have a wide range of investment opportunities to choose from, with reliable and questionable service providers competing for their favour. There are many clues that a financial service as well as a product is not trustworthy, and it is crucial to have a look at this. Here’s what to look for in the event you invest your hard-earned money.

Banking, financial services and insurance companies like Binary Invest Traders are the only ones allowed to operate in Germany with government authorisation. The companies may have received a licence, but this in no way means that the products sold are of excellent quality.

If a prospectus or information sheet approved by the German financial authorities has been published beforehand, trading papers and investments can also be made available to the general public. BaFin merely ensures that the prospectuses are complete, plausible and coherent.

The prospectus or the information sheet of Binary Invest Traders is not necessary in every circumstance. Before investing capital, you should think about your long-term plans and consider whether you have the financial means to achieve them. Do not rush the process.

Before you put your capital into an investment, you should take time to weigh the pros and cons. Do not make a choice promptly, even if you have consulted with others.

Caution – in case Binary Invest Traders works with time pressure

Do you feel the pressure of a tight deadline? The broker is tempting you with a special offer, but you are under pressure to make a decision promptly? This is not a good idea at all, because it is usually a ruse. Don’t be in a hurry! Not only can you receive serious offers now, but you can also invest with Binary Invest Traders in the future.

To achieve their goal, rip-off artists know in depth what they have to do. They try to get as much information as possible about their target person by asking advantageously worded questions. In addition, they ask about the condition of the interlocutor, for example whether he or she is home alone or whether he or she has cash at home.

Furthermore, they play a game of “wait and see” in order to exhaust the person. They may keep their counterpart on the phone forever until he or she agrees to go to the financial institution and hand over cash and other valuables to the criminals. In one such scam, time pressure is imposed on the victim.

With this very measure, the aggrieved party is enticed to disregard his own vigilance. New support scams use the same formula.

Since the computer of the person contacted is allegedly infected by a particularly extreme malware programme, the callers, presumably acting on behalf of Microsoft or a provider such as Binary Invest Traders, demand urgent payment for a maintenance contract in English with an Indian accent.

The criminals maximise the stress by threatening to make the targeted individuals pay if their computer is infected and transmits the infections.

The grey capital market: Identifying reliable providers

Only a small proportion of financial market participants such as Binary Invest Traders are subject to official regulation and supervision. In the grey capital market, investment service providers are positioned that do not require BaFin approval and only have to comply with a few regulatory prerequisites.

Only invest in the grey capital market if you are convinced of the liquidity of the provider and it is known to you as a company. As I said, BaFin has no control at all over these service providers. The grey capital market holds a wealth of possibilities.

There are:

  • Crowdfunding offers
  • Loans with subordination clauses
  • Profit participation rights and other hybrid forms of bonds
  • Equity investments
  • Ordinary bonds

One thing is certain: it is uncertain what the end result will be for the investor. Is it not easy for you to get an overview of the advertised product? In this case, you should gather as much information as possible before making a decision.

Don’t buy anything you don’t fully understand! When it comes to investments, the more know-how you need, the more sophisticated the financial product. It is also not advisable to put all your assets on one card. Spread your risk beyond Binary Invest Traders.

To avoid being influenced incorrectly, it is wise to always focus on the product itself rather than the name or reputation of the financial service.

Broker refuses to pay out? Act promptly and contact legal counsel

Investors are often wooed by an “online broker” or a call centre representative after they have registered on the supposed online trading platform. The aim is to encourage the investor to increase his long-term investments in order to maximise profits. This is also an initially legal goal of the online broker Binary Invest Traders.

Immediately after the investor has transferred his capital, the first profit developments may be shown on his user account. This should encourage the investor to continuously invest in the financial instrument.

The operators of the trading platform, on the other hand, can use fraud software to fake manipulated account changes and profits, even without the buyer being aware of it.

Make sure that accounts can be authenticated equally with Binary Invest Traders.

In reality, no trading takes place on many online trading platforms per se. Rather, the transferred assets are further transferred by the fraudsters to accounts outside of Germany. This is not recognised by the buyers for the time being.

The “financial service providers” put off the disbursement of the declared funds by demanding that the investors pay allegedly due taxes and processing costs. These scams only serve the purpose of increasing revenue.

At some point, contact breaks off completely. The invested money is no longer there. From that moment on, the only thing left to do is to go to a lawyer to take further steps.

Alleged services to recover sums of money?

Anyone who has ever lost assets through a fraudulent investment platform knows how disastrous this can be. That alone is terrible enough. But in addition, the criminals behind the bogus entity contact you within a short time by e-mail or phone call. This time, however, they do not pretend to be brokers from Binary Invest Traders.

Rather, they promise to help recover the stolen assets in exchange for an upfront payment. Many scammers even appear to have been hired or authorised by reputable companies such as a financial authority. After stealing your personal data, the rip-off artists often pose as good Samaritans.

They guarantee to assist you in recovering the stolen money. Even if you have invested money with a service provider like Binary Invest Traders, your contact details may be stolen. Those who have lost a large amount of money are usually desperate.

The criminals take advantage of people’s worry by posing as service providers to recover funds. They offer their services under the guise of helping them recover their assets. This means they promise in a dubious manner that they will recover the lost assets.

Legal advisors advise on Binary Invest Traders

You have invested capital with Binary Invest Traders, or a similar provider? Now there are conflicts with the payout? Then it is advisable to stop additional payments immediately. This is especially true if the trader demands additional payments to compensate for losses. Apart from that, one should try to get back the lost capital.

In this context, affected persons can seek investor protection and contact the lawyers of our law firm. Our law firm examines both civil and criminal law options as well as possible claims for damages against the financial provider and against involved payment service providers such as banking institutions.

“It is no longer possible to speak of an individual case if a private investor loses his capital in online trading. Many investors are misled by the professional appearance of the service providers and do not realise in time that they are not responsible for their losses.”

Our recommendation is therefore not to despair, but to react quickly and actively. Because the chance of recovering the lost capital is often greater than the aggrieved investors realise. Would you like to talk to one of our lawyers about Binary Invest Traders? Then you can go straight to our contact area here.