Bitcoin Circuit describes itself as a group of people who would have made a fortune trading crypto currencies. The English website of the provider can be found at the URL

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Bitcoin Circuit experience

Private investors who intend to entrust their money to a trading platform should take the trouble to collect as many statements as possible about the provider in advance. The Internet can be used for this purpose, for example to trigger a search query for “Bitcoin Circuit Instructions”.

Private investors often exchange their experiences in dedicated blogs and forums. There you can also find reviews of the individual trading platforms. If you search for the company Bitcoin Circuit, you will find a little bit of differentiated opinion with rather benevolent statements.

Usually it is a good idea to investigate the source of the texts dealing with a certain trading platform. For not without exception are the articles written from a value-free point of view. Anyone with the appropriate online marketing knowledge can consciously influence the opinion.

At the time the text was written, an affiliate program was active that offered 600 US dollars for the mediation of new customers (leads) to Bitcoin Circuit. Advertising partners associated with a provider are more likely to be positive about the offer advertised. At the same time, it would be possible to launch articles whose tenor would discourage investors from becoming involved with a market companion.

Registered office and regulatory status

Also on the own online presence of a trading provider one can find useful hints for the interested investor. Here it is important to pay attention to what statements can be found about the company’s registered office and the status of regulation.

There is no legally binding imprint on the Bitcoin Circuit website. Neither does it contain a contact area, an address, a telephone number or an e-mail address. The only way to contact Bitcoin Circuit is through a form placed at both the top and bottom of the website.

Whether Bitcoin Circuit’s provider is supervised by a European supervisory authority cannot be answered without reservations. This is because there are no indicators for a registration with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) or the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

It is therefore not possible to make a clear statement on the lawful business operations of Bitcoin Circuit in Europe, which requires the acquisition of the necessary authorizations.

Bitcoin Circuit Website

On the Bitcoin Circuit website you can watch a video of about sixty seconds about Bitcoins and crypto currencies. Prominent people who have founded or worked for companies such as Virgin, Google or Microsoft have their say. The film is titled with the statement that Bitcoins would make you rich and that you could be the next millionaire.

The disclaimer on Bitcoin Circuit’s website explicitly states that the video is fictional and serves entertainment purposes. There is no guarantee of success or return. On Bitcoin Circuit’s homepage, below the video, it says that members only made profits with their laptops and an effort of a few minutes per day.

Bitcoin Circuit has also been reported on in prominent media. This statement can be found above the logos of Financial Times, Forbes, CNN and Time, which were placed on the provider’s website. In the next section are photos of various people who have made thousands of dollars in profits with Bitcoin Circuit.

However, a reverse image search in a search engine showed that the photos were taken from a stock photo database. Most likely many other providers also use the pictures for their advertising purposes. Accordingly, the authenticity of the testimonials cannot be proven beyond doubt.

Frequently asked questions

Another section of the Bitcoin Circuit website deals with frequently asked questions and provides the answers:

  • As a member of Bitcoin Circuit, one could record an average monthly profit of 1,100 US dollars.
  • Members invested a maximum of 20 minutes per day. This is sufficient because the trading software takes care of the rest.
  • The amount of possible profits is not capped. Some Bitcoin Circuit members had become millionaires after only 61 days.
  • Use of the Bitcoin Circuit software is free of charge for members.
  • The community is not multi-level marketing, and the software wins trades with an accuracy of over 99 percent.
  • There are no hidden fees and there are no brokerage fees or commissions.

A special Bitcoin Circuit manual is not available on the website. It is conceivable that you will receive information on this once you have registered as a customer.

Online investments: Assessing risks

Those who are enthusiastic about online trading should be aware about a difference. This type of investment differs in some points from the conventional way via a financial institution or an investment advisor.

Before using the services of a broker, it is essential to inquire about his reputation and standing. As a result of digitalisation, globalisation has also taken hold in the financial and investment sector. Consequently, it has expanded the range of services offered.

An engagement with a provider abroad can develop into a disadvantage if there are challenges with the investment. This is due on the one hand to possible language barriers, and on the other hand to the distance, which makes personal contact more difficult.

Online providers often focus on a range of complex products, including Crypto Currencys, Contracts for Difference or Forex Trading. Nevertheless, these offers are not necessarily suitable for everyone.

Without external advice, it is possible that private investors, especially those with little experience, may not fully recognise or misjudge the risks. If the investment then develops in the wrong direction, a trading platform often suggests adding more money to make up the shortfall.

Often the success is not achieved and the investor has to write off the invested money, possibly even to the point of total loss.

Risk of loss in online trading

Have you lost capital on an online trading platform? Then you should refrain from making further deposits, even if the online trading provider requires them. You should also find out why you lost money and what options are available to recover the lost money.

The law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH checks the case and investigates which claims can be made against the online trading platform if necessary. The lawyers will represent your interests and contact the company directly, regardless of where the company has its registered office.

In order to find out how to behave in case of losses in online trading, you can claim investor protection and seek a conversation with a lawyer at any time. To set a date, please choose from one of the options we offer in our contact section.