Bitcoin Code Experiences – The automated trading software supposedly automatically executes investments and trading actions in the field of cryptocurrencies for investors. How safe is bitcoin trading with the trading bot?

If you have made crypto investments with Bitcoin Code and are now experiencing problems with your payout, our lawyers are here to help and advise you.

Table of contents

  1. What is Bitcoin Code?
  2. What benefits does the Bitcoin Code app promise?
  3. Risks of total loss through trading bots like Bitcoin Code
  4. BaFin warns against Bitcoin Code
  5. Bitcoin Code trading software is not regulated
  6. Unknown who is behind Bitcoin Code
  7. Sven Hegel: real or fictional person
  8. Difficulties with withdrawals: Experiences of users
  9. Bitcoin scam with Bitcoin Code 2023?
  10. Bitcoin Code scam – all fake?
  11. Millions with Bitcoin trading?
  12. Bitcoin Code – no legally secure information
  13. Partners advertise on the internet
  14. How credible is Bitcoin Code’s advertising?
  15. How should positive reviews and articles be assessed?
  16. What do dubious brokers and Bitcoin trading bots offer?
  17. So how reputable is Bitcoin Code?
  18. Repaying investments at Bitcoin Code: Increase your prospects

What is Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is an automated trading software that, according to its own statements, enables users to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies automatically. The software uses complex algorithms and technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to make trading decisions and automatically buy and sell based on market trends and data.

The idea behind Bitcoin Code, he said, is that users don’t need experience trading cryptocurrencies to make money. They just need to set up the software and can then enjoy automated trading. Bitcoin Code claims to have high accuracy in predicting market trends and high profitability.

However, our office is repeatedly approached with negative testimonials from users who suspect fraud. In particular, problems regularly occur with the payment of winnings.

In addition, it should generally be noted that there is no guarantee of winnings and that trading with cryptocurrencies involves a high level of risk. It is recommended that users do their own research and be aware that they can lose their money when investing in cryptocurrencies.

What benefits does the Bitcoin Code app promise?

The app claims to generate high profits by trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by making trading decisions automatically. However, there is no guarantee of profits and it is important that users do their own due diligence before deciding to use any trading software.

There are also reports of scams and false promises associated with automated trading programs such as Bitcoin Code. It is important that users are cautious and do their own research before investing in a cryptocurrency or trading system. It remains to be verified whether Bitcoin Code delivers on its promises. Read on to be able to evaluate the seriousness of Bitcoin Code.

Risks of total loss through trading bots like Bitcoin Code

There is a significant risk of total loss from the use of trading bots, including those used to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Code. Although automated trading programs often give the impression that they are able to make successful trading decisions through the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is important to note that there is no guarantee of profits.

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and unpredictable and can be affected by various factors such as news, political events or regulatory changes.

  • Regulatory risks: Trading in cryptocurrencies is not yet regulated in many countries or there is constantly changing regulation. Changes in regulation can have an impact on cryptocurrency markets and affect trading.
  • Technical risks: Cryptocurrencies are supported by technological systems that are vulnerable to hacks, attacks and disruptions. If the system is attacked or breaks down, users may lose their invested money.
  • Volatility risks: Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and the value can fluctuate significantly within a short period of time. The value can rise or fall quickly due to market trends, news, political events and other factors.
  • Liquidity risks: Cryptocurrencies are generally not as liquid as traditional financial markets and trading can be more difficult. If a user places a sell order for a cryptocurrency, it may be difficult to find a buyer willing to buy at the desired price.
  • Fraud risks: The cryptocurrency market is vulnerable to fraud, Ponzi schemes and other fraudulent activities. It is important that users watch out for fraudulent activities and do their own research before investing in a cryptocurrency or trading system.

Even if cryptocurrency trading is automated, this cannot guarantee that the trade will always be successful. The use of automated trading programs can even increase the risk of a total loss if, for example, the software’s algorithms do not react appropriately to unforeseen events.

It is important that users are aware that trading cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk. It is recommended that users only ever invest money that they can afford to lose.

BaFin: Investigations against Bitcoin Code

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) states on its website of 01.07.2021 under the headline “Bitcoin Code: BaFin investigates responsible parties”, that BaFin will examine several trading platforms that solicit investors under the name Bitcoin Code.

According to BaFin, Bitcoin Code is not a platform, but the content of a landing page that has existed for years, changing the internet address and redirecting visitors to other platforms. BaFin claims that the information on the landing page supports the presumption that those responsible are offering illegal financial services in Germany.

Furthermore, the BaFin report states that the responsible persons would use German media and public figures to fraudulently advertise their commercial ventures.

Bitcoin Code trading software is not regulated

There is no official regulation of Bitcoin Code in Germany as it is a trading software and not a financial institution or investment company. However, the platform is required to comply with applicable laws and regulations and to ensure that its activities are in line with financial market regulations in Germany and other countries in which it operates.

Investors should always be aware of the risk of loss. Even – or especially – if providers do not point out risks, they should react with caution. Because guaranteed profits and non-transparency regarding the risks, are dubious methods.

If users decide to invest in cryptocurrencies or use trading platforms like Bitcoin Code, they should stick to reputable sources for information and advice and only use trustworthy and regulated platforms.

Unknown who is behind Bitcoin Code

It is not clear who exactly is behind Bitcoin Code, as it is an anonymous platform and no clear and unambiguous information is available about the owners or operators of the platform. The website itself does not provide accurate information about the company or the people who run it. A certain Sven Hegel is believed to be the developer of Bitcoin Code. However, it is unclear whether Sven Hegel actually exists.

This can be a warning signal, as it is more difficult to gain users’ trust if the identity and background of the platform’s operators are not known.

Sven Hegel: real or fictitious person

There is no clear evidence whether Sven Hegel, who is advertised as the founder of Bitcoin Code, is a real person or not. The identity of Sven Hegel remains a mystery, and it is unclear whether it is a real name or a pseudonym.

Some users speculate that Sven Hegel may be a fictional character or a pseudonym used by Bitcoin Code operators to increase the credibility of the platform. Others believe that Sven Hegel is a real person who founded the platform but has chosen to remain anonymous.

Difficulties with withdrawals: User experiences

There are many reports of dissatisfied customers in connection with Bitcoin Code. Some of these reports describe difficulties with registration and deposit, while others describe problems with payouts and communication with customer support.

Some customers also report that they were lured into the platform by the exaggerated advertising and promises of house-high returns and then suffered high losses. There are also reports of scams where users have transferred money to Bitcoin Code without ever receiving anything back.

Bitcoin Code clients regularly tell our firm about their experiences with the automated Bitcoin trading software. Here we have summarised some reviews and testimonials for you:

“I lost a lot of money with Bitcoin Code and was not treated appropriately by their customer support.”

“The promised returns were way too high and I suffered losses as a result. I would advise anyone not to use Bitcoin Code.”

“I had a lot of trouble cashing out my winnings and felt that Bitcoin Code was not transparent about their business practices.”

“I regret signing up with Bitcoin Code. The platform seduced me with its exaggerated promises and I suffered heavy losses as a result.”

Bitcoin scam with Bitcoin Code 2023?

There are numerous new reports of Bitcoin scams and trading bots like Bitcoin Code 2023 as well. These scams are often referred to as “Bitcoin scams” and aim to trick users into putting their money into a fake cryptocurrency investment or trading platform.

A common example of a Bitcoin scam is the use of fake trading bots, which can appear to be Bitcoin Code. Using intense advertising, they claim to automatically make trading decisions and earn high profits. These scammers often use fake reviews and testimonials to trick potential victims into investing in the system.

Once users have invested their money in the system, the scammers may steal the money or trick users into investing more money in the system by claiming that higher investments will lead to higher profits. These scams can be very sophisticated and convincing, and it is important that users are cautious before investing in a cryptocurrency or trading system.

Bitcoin Code scam – all fake?

Bitcoin Code – what are the experiences of investors? When buying or trading Bitcoins, just click a few times on the laptop and become fabulously rich – while others work hard day after day: This is what the online trader Bitocoin Code promises.

Bitcoin Code describes itself as an exclusive group of people who have recognised the financial potential of trading Bitcoin and have become rich with it. According to their own statements, members travel around the world and earn lots of money from their laptops in just a few minutes.

These claims are underpinned with pictures of young people enjoying themselves in different life situations at a high level. However, one of the lifestyle pictures is also shown on the website of a yacht-travelling company – which raises the suspicion that the photographs are so-called stock photos.

Anyone can download these pre-produced images from the internet for a fee and use them for their own purposes. On its website, the company recommends listening to the voices of its members and joining Bitcoin Code immediately. To this end, it describes in vivid words how easy it is to get rich with Bitcoin trading and in what luxury Bitcoin Code members revel.

Millions with Bitcoin trading?

The alleged original statements are teeming with phrases like.

“living the dream”

“€13,000 every day”

“be my own boss”.

The founder then presents himself as the “genius” behind Bitcoin Code. He claims to have developed a Bitcoin trading software with which he makes his members millionaires as quickly as possible.

A video on the Bitcoin Code website also implores interested parties to join immediately. However, it remains fundamentally unclear what one is actually joining Bitcoin Code for. Because you don’t find out whether Bitcoin Code is a club.

What we do learn is that you can supposedly earn thousands of euros immediately with an initial investment of only 250 euros. However, a comparison with a video on YouTube shows how credible the film is.

Here, a practically identical American film runs – too fast – and the supposed software developer suddenly has a different name.

Bitcoin code – no legally secure information

Bitcoin Code also wipes away concerns about the security of Bitcoin trading with references to Uber or Facebook. It recommends ignoring warnings and immediately “riding the Bitcoin wave”.

On the Bitcoin Code website, the reader only finds a risk warning in the footer, in very small letters and in English.

The provider does not communicate any other legally binding information – there is neither an imprint, nor a company address or company internals. If you want to find out more, you first have to log in and connect directly to Bitcoin Code.

Bitcoin Code partners advertise on the internet

When searching the internet for Bitcoin Code experiences, one quickly becomes aware of numerous affiliate partners of the online trader. Under distinctive names such as, a serious discussion of Bitcoin Code is pretended, but ultimately only advertised.

Other affiliate partners of Bitcoin Code are called among others

  • Binary Europe
  • Top 10 Cryptorobots
  • Top 10 Binary Signals
  • Bitcoinmag

With lurid phrases such as “Bitcoin Code exposed”, so-called clickbait is intended to generate emotions and clicks. The permanent pop-ups with calls for immediate action create even more advertising pressure.

How credible is Bitcoin Code’s advertising?

Bitcoin Code’s advertising can seem very exaggerated and unrealistic, as it often promises big profits in a short time and claims that the platform is an automated trading system that simplifies cryptocurrency trading. Some of the claims made in Bitcoin Code’s advertising can seem very unlikely and should therefore be viewed critically.

There is no official list of celebrities promoting Bitcoin Code. However, there are many reports of fake news and scams that make it appear that celebrities such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Dieter Bohlen, and others are promoting Bitcoin Code.

It is important to note that many of these claims are not true and that celebrities are often unknowingly involved in fake news or scam schemes. Celebrities should therefore not be taken as a guarantee of the legitimacy or success of cryptocurrency trading platforms such as Bitcoin Code.

How should positive reviews and articles be assessed?

Investors who Google Bitcoin Code will quickly land on a review page or find articles that evaluate independent testing of Bitcoin trading robots. But how should such reports be assessed? Are they credible without further ado or is it advisable to compare different sources?

From our experience as lawyers, we recommend the latter. In particular, the motivation of the authors of such reviews should be questioned in order to be able to assess the actual objectivity.

Positive reviews on the internet and promotional articles should be viewed critically and should not be taken as a guarantee for the legitimacy or success of a trading platform for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Code.

It is well known that many scammers use fake reviews and fake news to gain the trust of potential victims and spread their scams. It is therefore important that users stick to reputable sources of information and advice and check carefully before investing in a cryptocurrency or trading system.

Users should also be aware that promotional articles are often written by companies or individuals who have a financial interest in attracting potential customers. It is important that users seek independent sources of information and consider different perspectives before making a decision.

What do dubious brokers and Bitcoin trading bots lure you with?

Fraudulent brokers may use various tricks to lure potential clients and take money from them. Some of the most common tricks are:

  1. Unrealistic promises: Fraudulent brokers may make unrealistic promises, such as guaranteed profits or very high returns in a short time. They may also claim that their trading strategy is risk-free or that they have special inside information.
  2. Urge to trade quickly: Fraudulent brokers may put pressure on potential clients by giving them a limited time to sign up for their services or invest in a particular asset. They may also claim that it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that they should not miss.
  3. Unclear or hidden fees: Fraudulent brokers may charge hidden fees or provide unclear information about their fee structure. They may also charge unreasonable fees for withdrawals or deposits.
  4. Aggressive marketing: Fraudulent brokers may use aggressive marketing tactics to lure potential customers, such as spam emails or ads with false promises. Celebrities, such as Elon Musk or the Lion’s Den, are also often falsely used as testimonials without their consent.

Now evaluate for yourself whether these points also apply to Bitcoin Code.

So how serious is Bitcoin Code?

Due to the warning notice from BaFin, the exaggerated advertising, the lack of transparency regarding the company and those responsible, as well as the negative testimonials from users and their difficulties with the payout of winnings, it is difficult to classify Bitcoin Code as reputable.

It is important to note that trading cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk and that there is no guarantee of profits. There are also many reports of scams related to cryptocurrencies and automated trading programmes such as Bitcoin Code. Users should therefore be careful and ensure that they only use trusted and regulated platforms to avoid scams and other illegal activities.

The fact that Bitcoin Code is not transparent about the company and the people in charge is another warning sign and can affect users’ trust in the platform. It is important that users only use trusted and regulated platforms for trading cryptocurrencies and stick to reputable sources for information and advice.

It is recommended that users conduct their own due diligence and check carefully before investing in a cryptocurrency or trading system. Users should only invest money they can afford to lose and be aware that trading cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk.

Repaying investments in Bitcoin Code: Increase your prospects

If an investor suspects that they have lost money unlawfully due to misconduct or fraud by Bitcoin Code or a similar platform, it may be advisable to contact a lawyer or complaints body. A lawyer can help understand the legal options and assist the investor in enforcing their rights.

A lawyer can help in a number of ways if an investor believes they have been defrauded by Bitcoin Code or a similar platform. Here are some ways a lawyer can help:

  • Advice and analysis: a lawyer can review the investor’s case and conduct an in-depth analysis to determine if a case exists. The lawyer can also advise the investor of their legal options and their chances of success.
  • Take legal action: If the lawyer believes that a fraud has taken place, he or she can take legal action to obtain a refund or compensation. This may include initiating criminal charges or filing lawsuits against the platform or its operators.
  • Negotiation and mediation: A lawyer can also negotiate or mediate to reach an out-of-court settlement with the platform or its operators. This can help to avoid a lengthy and expensive legal dispute.
  • Representation in court proceedings: If the case goes to court, a lawyer can represent the investor and defend their interests in court.

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