Blockchain clone – a recent warning from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) provides an in-depth warning about fraudulent emails currently circulating.

Our law firm has summarised the most essential information on the blockchain clone for you:

  1. The fraudsters are posing as employees of the FCA-authorised company Blockchain Access UK Ltd.
  2. However, the real company is in no way connected to the Blockchain clone company.
  3. Blockchain clone: The emails state that customer funds are frozen.
  4. In order to withdraw winnings, it is necessary for customers to pay a blockchain fee.

Some clients of the Herfurtner law firm have also already received such messages. We strongly advise against complying with the demands in the emails.

If you have already been harmed by such a scam, please feel free to contact us. Our lawyers offer you a free initial consultation.

Blockchain Clone – Blockchain Refund Department

FCA Registered Company Clone: Below is all the information currently known and listed by the FCA, as well as contact details for the Blockchain Clone.

URL from the Blockchain clone

Phone numbers – call from the Blockchain clone






























































Mobile numbers – beware blockchain clone









Known email addresses that the blockchain clone contacts:

Investors who have received a suspicious e-mail or call from an unknown number should definitely cross-check these contact details.

With the key combination Control + F you can search for the e-mail address that contacted you. If it is listed, the search function will highlight it for you in the text.

Blockchain Clone: Clone Companies – Growing Danger for Investors

It happens again and again that fraudsters use the name and business information of a regulated company. This method is very often used to deceive customers. It is important to distinguish the regulated company from the unregulated company. This is sometimes difficult, because a clone company often copies or uses the same name:

  • Address
  • Company reference number
  • Brand name and logo
  • a similar URL
  • and partly all contents of the original website

Consumers still have the possibility to verify providers. The databases and alerts of European financial authorities offer a good option here.

Information on the real company – authorised by the FCA

Here you will find information about a genuine company authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. This is in no way connected to the blockchain clone.

The correct data is:

Company name

Blockchain Access UK Ltd



Minshull House
67 Wellington Road North

Telephone number and email address


Company reference number 902765

Register entry with the FCA

Blockchain clone – fraud through stolen company data – lawyer helps injured parties

Blockchain clone email or phone call: What should you do if you are contacted by the scam company?

  1. Do not comply with the demand under any circumstances.
  2. Save the e-mail as evidence.
  3. Report the attempted fraud to the police or have a lawyer draw up a criminal complaint.

You have already been harmed by such a scam?

  1. Contact our lawyers – this is possible both by telephone and via our contact form.
  2. The Herfurtner law firm offers you a free initial consultation and guarantees an honest assessment of your chances of success.
  3. We will examine all possibilities for you to assert claims for damages.
  4. We will also check the initiation of criminal proceedings for you.