, formerly, is an online platform for the transfer, storage and trading of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Have you already had experience with Or would you like to talk to an expert about the opportunities and risks involved in the Crypto Trading talk? Then you can get advice from a lawyer.

The team at the Herfurtner law firm has expertise in the area of Cryptocurrencies and looks forward to a personal conversation with you. experiences describes itself as the most trusted crypto company in the world. The company wants to help millions of users gain access to cryptocurrencies. For this purpose, offers its customers an online platform for creating a digital wallet, the so-called Wallet. It is used to store one’s own cryptocurrency and for crypto trading.

In describing its services, uses other superlatives such as offering the most secure and popular wallet. Moreover, the fees that the company charges for the use of its service are the cheapest. also wants to be the industry leader when it comes to security. Whether there is an official basis for this claim, however, cannot be determined at first glance.

Both the receipt of the cryptocurrency and the exchange, purchase and sale are under full control and can be accessed from anywhere, according to the provider. In order to secure values and transactions on, users on the internet recommend creating passwords that are around 87 characters long and consist of letters and special characters.

It is doubtful whether even security-savvy users use such long “private keys“.

At first glance, the following cryptocurrencies and coins from special open-source payment systems can be managed in the wallet:

In addition to the web application, also offers its customers mobile apps for iPhone or Android smartphones. The offer also includes so-called main strategies. Anyone interested in this service is redirected to an English-language website. According to, this is an offer for institutions. A so-called Lockbox™ Wallet is also part of the operator’s range of services.

This is a USB stick with special encryption called a “lockbox” by the provider. The lockbox can be purchased for 59 US dollars plus an unspecified freight charge at The operator also wants to appeal to developers and offers them access to the in-house interface, the API. What do we know about the company?

At first glance, it is not clear which company is behind the offer. Although the operator states a copyright of 2018 and calls itself Blockchain Luxembourg S.A.. but the interested party will only find further information in the lower section of the general terms and conditions.

An imprint, which is legally required in Germany, is not to be found on The operator does not name a company headquarters that is recognisable at first glance, nor does it name the persons responsible for the offer. Furthermore, the operator does not provide any information about a licence or a regulating authority. On the website of the Luxembourg financial supervisory authority Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, no company is listed under at first glance.

However, a Luxembourg address can be found on the internet: According to this information, Blockchain Luxembourg S.A. as the provider of trades under 1, rue Philippe II, Luxembourg City, 2340 Luxembourg and was founded in 2004. Nicolas Claude Cary, Peter Smith and Antony Jenkins are named as managing directors. On its own website, the operator gives the founding date as 2011.

According to the General Terms and Conditions of, customers can contact the company by e-mail at At this point, interested parties can also find the above-mentioned information on the company address.’s terms and conditions are about 14 A4 pages long and only available in English. Interested parties should also download a guide called “The Airdrop Programme” on the company’s vision and the development of a so-called token. Login: Is the offer to be recommended?

Numerous users complain on the internet that some providers charge very high fees or about the slow processing of deposits and the sudden partial or complete loss of deposited money. Critical reports about have already been published by customers on YouTube. Whether investing in cryptocurrencies is still worthwhile today is at least questionable.

Read a report by the Süddeutsche Zeitung on Bitcoin here:

“Anyone who is interested in crypto trading should deal intensively with all facets of the topic,” advises lawyer Wolfgang Herfurtner. “In addition, it is advisable to question one’s own risk profile and to check carefully whether this form of investment is suitable.”

Since trading in cryptocurrencies is a very speculative and therefore extremely risky investment, it is not suitable for every investor. Furthermore, experts advise only investing as much money as would be bearable under certain circumstances.

If you want to learn more about crypto trading, read on here:

A personal conversation on the topic can also be useful if you would like to know more about investing in cryptocurrencies or have already had experience with the provider.

The lawyers at the Herfurtner law firm will be happy to help you. If you wish, they can also check whether you can assert claims against the provider in the event of losses.