13 10, 2020



Monacoins is a trading platform that describes itself as the world's largest and most advanced crypto currency trading platform. The company Monacoins can be found under www.monacoins.co and derives its name from the Japanese crypto currency Monacoin. A direct connection between the trading platform Monacoins and the crypto currency ... weiterlesen >

19 06, 2020



Wirecard - damages for investors and investors? Today (Friday, June 19, 2020), investors and investors are once again eagerly awaiting the presentation of the annual figures of the DAX-listed Wirecard Group. Our attorneys will review and advise you on the enforcement of claims for damages. The Wirecard Case Wirecard ... weiterlesen >

26 05, 2020

Titan Pro 500


Titan Pro 500 describes itself as a provider for CFD trading. One can trade on Titan Pro 500 with Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on currencies (Forex Trading), commodities, shares or indices. The English language website of the company can be found at https://titanpro500.com/. There is a warning from the ... weiterlesen >

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26 05, 2020



Degiro is a web-based trading platform that offers trading with various assets. The homepage of the provider is available in different languages, the English version can be found at the URL https://www.degiro.co.uk/. Among other things, trading with ETFs, shares, futures, leverage products or options is possible on the platform. ... weiterlesen >

26 05, 2020

Stainway Financials


Stainway Financials describes itself as a leading provider for the recovery of funds in online fraud. The provider's website is available exclusively in English and can be accessed at https://www.stainwayfinancials.com/. The Swiss financial services regulator FINMA has issued a warning regarding Stainway Financials. Have you commissioned the provider Stainway ... weiterlesen >

Stainway Financials2020-05-26T12:51:47+02:00
25 05, 2020



PrivéTrader seems to be or have been a company specialized in trading crypto currencies or Bitcoins. At least that's the information you can find on the provider's Instagram profile. The company's homepage was no longer accessible at http://www.privetrader.com/ at the time of writing (May 2020). On its own Instagram ... weiterlesen >

25 05, 2020



Algotechs is or has probably been a service provider from the financial sector. At the time of writing (15 May 2020), the company's homepage could no longer be accessed under the URL https://algotechs.com. According to information available to the lawyers of our firm, Algotechs may have been involved in ... weiterlesen >

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