13 05, 2020

Summit Trade


Summit Trade is an online trading platform that deals with the trading of various assets. The online presence is available in English and other languages and can be accessed at the URL https://summitrade.co/. Assets that investors could trade included CFDs (Contracts for Difference), indices, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), crypto ... mehr

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13 05, 2020



PrimeOT describes itself as an online platform for financial trading. On PrimeOT, you can trade, for example, contracts for difference (CFDs) on shares, indices, currencies (forex trading), crypto-currencies or commodities. The English website of the PrimeOT offering can be found at https://primeot.com/. Did you have any difficulties with an ... mehr

15 04, 2020

USI Tech


USI Tech is or was an online platform by Joao Severino and Ralf Gold for the automated trading of Bitcoin. Read more about USI Tech here and get background information on the offer, which is probably offline at the moment. Do you already have experience with this or other ... mehr

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15 04, 2020

Imperial Finance Group


Imperial Finance Group is an online trading platform where private investors can trade with various assets. These include commodities, currencies (Forex Trading), Contracts for Difference (CFDs), indices or shares. The English homepage is available at the URL https://imperial-finance.io/. Have you been approached by Imperial Finance Group and would you ... mehr

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15 04, 2020

Unique Finance


Unique Finance is an investment and financial management company that seeks to leverage a global brokerage network. What is your experience with Unique Finance? Or did you become aware of the offer on the Internet and would like to receive further information? If required, you are welcome to contact ... mehr

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15 04, 2020



Lyoness Europe AG was founded in 2003 and is based in Switzerland. It represents a global international network of members and partner companies. Many Lyoness customers and business partners want their money back. And rightly so? Lyoness - promising Business Model or Snowball System? Members of Lyoness Europe AG ... mehr

3 04, 2020



Lyconet claims to be a purchasing network that calls itself a global community. As a platform for network marketing activities, it offers members the advantages of a large network and the entry into a successful business model. Are you a member of Lyconet and have been confronted with difficulties? ... mehr

3 04, 2020



Plus500 Experience - The online broker is specialized in CDF Trading. Is the provider's business model reputable? Global CFD broker Plus500 describes itself as: "the trading module for the entire world - reliable, simple, innovative". But is there a serious business behind these words? Plus500 is a trading platform ... mehr

3 04, 2020



OneCoin and alleged fraud in the millions - in the style of a globally active snowball system, the Dubai-based company OneCoin Ltd. is said to have ripped off its investors. "Investors' claims for damages against OneCoin intermediaries are conceivable, provided that the intermediaries have advised their victims prior to ... mehr

3 04, 2020

Cashback Solutions


Cashback Solutions is actually a promising name. So the question arises: Will it remain an empty promise or is there an offer with substance behind it? Are there positive Cashback Solutions experiences? Is this really a win-win situation where all parties involved can only win? The provider Cashback Solutions, ... mehr

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