– the company described itself on its own homepage as a trading platform. In doing so, had offered its clients various services in the field of online trading. The website of the provider is currently no longer available.

If you have invested with and there are problems with the payout, the lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm are available to help you in word and deed. – How should the online broker be rated?

Currently, there is an extraordinarily high number of investment service providers such as As a result, it has never been as easy but also as uncertain as it is today to invest in the unpredictable financial markets. Especially because there are so many options, choosing an online platform can be time-consuming and intimidating. Especially if you want it to match your particular investment ideas. Have you already invested with If so, the following points are important for you as an investor.

  • An ideal place to start for money investors who want to find out about stocks, futures, binary options and cryptocurrencies is an online presence like this one.
  • Licensed brokers on the internet, trusted provider websites, costs and bonuses, product options and key data are just a few of the considerations you need to take into account when making your final decision.
  • Entering the international stock markets is becoming more practical and lucrative for investors through online investing.

The following information is general advice for investors – regardless of the platform in which you invest capital.

How risky is trading with investment providers like

Just as the stock exchange and other financial markets are exposed to corresponding risks, online trading is equally vulnerable. As an investor, you should therefore check with regard to the following topics:

  • The risks and dangers of online security
  • Risks arising from unsound or incompetent trading
  • Insufficient knowledge of the product
  • Disadvantages associated with the offer, such as possible losing trades
  • Online trading platforms that are not trustworthy

Minimise the risk by placing emphasis on a verified track record when selecting an investment service provider. In this context, it is equally essential that you are guaranteed secure money management. This is the only way you can move in the Internet trading arena with any degree of security. Online traders who have a deft touch can certainly make a living from this, and their earnings may be large.

In the event that they have the appropriate tactics. One thing should be clear to anyone who starts trading: The danger of losing more investments when trading on the stock exchange than have been deposited into the account of the broker exists at all times.

Are there any trial investments at

Does tempt you to try out investments with a small amount? You can’t find any information about the company because it is supposedly a recently founded company with innovative business ideas? There is a good chance that the “insider” tip is a scam. After a very short time, the online broker will tell you that your investment was a huge success and ask you to increase your investment. The success of your investment on trial may awaken in you the desire to make further investments.

Here are some examples of dubious investment tips: “5-star stock with a dividend of 47.88 per cent” , “Invest just 5 minutes of your life and become a billionaire.” , “Would you like to convert €1000 into €250,00.00?” , “Earn 3500.00 EUR per month with the fully automatic share profit method!” Anyone who guarantees too much, and that too unsolicited, is rarely serious! But also examine which offers and promises are presented to you by the broker

Ponzi scheme: What are the dangers?

A Ponzi scheme is a type of financial fraud. In it, capital is collected from new investors and then used to pay out capital to the former aggrieved persons. The masterminds of Ponzi schemes often assure you that they will invest your assets and make great returns without risking your wealth. However, in many Ponzi schemes, the crooks do not actually invest the assets they receive. Instead, it is used to compensate people who previously paid in. This allows the criminals to keep some of the money for themselves.

So pay attention to the risk-reward ratio in all investments – also with Ponzi schemes need a steady inflow of fresh capital to keep running, as they have minimal or no real profits. Many of these schemes fail when it becomes difficult to attract new money investors or when a substantial number of investors drop out. Assuming that you want to invest capital with a provider like, you should act prudently without exception. Signs to look out for include:

  • Selling without licensing: investment professionals and firms must be licensed or registered in accordance with federal and state securities regulations. The vast majority of Ponzi schemes involve unlicensed people or companies.
  • Ponzi schemes that are not registered with financial regulators. In most cases, Ponzi schemes are unregistered investments that are not controlled by official authorities such as Bafin.
  • Risk-free profits with little or no volatility. Every deposit contains some risk, and the riskier a deposit is, the more likely it is to yield a high return.
  • Overly predictable outcomes. Over time, financial investments tend to rise and fall. Any investment that consistently delivers high returns detached from market conditions should be viewed with a high degree of scepticism.
  • The payment of returns does not work? If you cannot receive any payments at all or find it difficult to get paid out, you should be cautious. Ponzi scheme operators may try to encourage participants to stay with the promise of even higher profits if they don’t withdraw money.

Online broker refuses to distribute? Act quickly and contact a lawyer

Consumers are repeatedly solicited by a “broker” or call centre representative after they have set up an account on the purported online trading platform. The aim is to encourage the investor to increase his or her permanent investments in order to maximise profits. This is also a legitimate goal of the service provider Shortly after the customer has deposited his money, preliminary profit developments will probably be shown on his user account.

This should encourage the investor to invest steadily in the financial product. The website operators, in turn, can fake account movements and profits through the use of fraud software, even without the buyer being aware of it.

Check that the accounts can also be authenticated at

In reality, no trading takes place at all on many platforms. Instead, the capital paid is transferred by the fraudulent brokers to accounts abroad. This is not registered by the investors for the time being. The “financial service providers” delay the disbursement beyond the presented income by demanding payment of apparently incurred taxes and processing costs from the investors.

These manipulations only serve the purpose of increasing profits. Sooner or later, the connection breaks down completely. The invested capital is used up. From that moment on, the only thing left to do is to go to a lawyer to launch further steps.

Non-transparent exit alternatives

Find out at what time and how much money was paid out. Optimally, avoid long-term contracts that cannot be cancelled prematurely or where you would experience high monetary losses. Conclude long-term contracts without the possibility of early termination only with providers such as, whose reliability you have no doubts about. Even if you have the option to opt out of a contract at any time or to terminate it over a fixed period of time, you should be sceptical.

Even if these options do exist, you are still vulnerable to monetary damages. Make sure you know exactly how much money you will get back if the money deal goes wrong. For share transactions, the following provision counts: Before the end of the term, find out what options are available to you to sell off securities. It is often crucial to know whether there is a liquid market for products such as those provided by

It is possible to sell shares through a broker or a financial institution. All three options are legitimate for placing a sell order. The actual selling process is consequently completed via a stock exchange (e.g. Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Tradegate or Xetra) (e.g. for penny stocks). With order supplements, the execution of the order can be managed in advance. The sale of the securities takes place at a time and place determined by you.

What to do in case of losses with

In order to be able to assess whether you have a claim for repayment against the financial services provider, it is always necessary to examine the case in detail. The lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm will do this for you within the framework of a free initial consultation. The basis of this assessment is always the facts of the case as described by you. In addition, similarities to comparable cases can usually be noted.

You therefore benefit from the extensive experience of our lawyers. After the complete review of all documents and the legal classification, the action is initially directed against the provider itself, if certain breaches of duty can be proven. In order to be able to prove these breaches of duty, the contract documents, the email communication and possibly other documents should be evaluated.

Furthermore, licensed online trading providers are also obliged to make and store telephone recordings of conversations with buyers. The request to hand over the same documentation and the subsequent analysis is also a sensible and necessary step to enforce your claims. With the help of this evidence, claims of the buyers can be enforced both in extrajudicial and in judicial proceedings under civil law.

The banking institutions and crypto exchanges that are on the receiving end should also be taken into consideration. Due to the fact that considerable sums of money are often involved, the question repeatedly arises as to whether the companies have complied with their duties to provide information and their obligations under the Money Laundering Act. It is not possible to make a general statement in this regard; rather, the individual case must be examined.

The same applies to the beneficiary on the recipient side, who is usually not equivalent to the financial service provider itself. Under certain circumstances, claims may also be brought against the financial service provider if breaches of duty can be proven.

After the civil law options have been exhausted, the procedure remains at the criminal law level if the initial suspicion of an illegal act is substantiated. In this regard, it is necessary to contact investigating authorities at home and abroad and to coordinate additional precautions.

Many federal states have meanwhile set up special departments for the subject areas of online and crypto trading fraud offences. The lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm are in regular contact with these. Last but not least, web hosts can also provide valuable information on the domain holder. However, contacting the web hosters, who are often based outside the EU, is extremely difficult for the layman.

In addition, financial supervisory authorities in Germany and abroad are valuable sources of information for victims. Apart from the complaint against the respective financial service provider, which should prevent even more potential consumers from investing, further details can be obtained, if necessary, through the financial supervisory authorities as providers of information. In many cases, this information allows for a connection of investigations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.