Capital Mind Trade – On its website, the provider claims to be a service provider in the field of finance, which is active in the field of online trading. Accordingly, investors can trade in cryptocurrencies. You encounter complications with the payout of your investment? Our lawyers can help you with claims against Capital Mind Trade.

Capital Mind Trade – Broker at a glance

Currently, there is an enormous number of online trading platforms such as Capital Mind Trade. As a result, investing in the volatile financial markets has never been easier, but also more uncertain. Especially because there are a lot of options, choosing a financial service provider can be time-consuming and challenging. Especially if you want it to match your individual investment ideas. Have you already invested with Capital Mind Trade? In this case, the following aspects are important for you as an investor.

  • Licensed brokers on the Internet, reputable provider websites, fees and bonuses, product options and customer ratings are only selected aspects that you would have to take into account when making your irrevocable choice.
  • A wide range of order types can be used in trading on the World Wide Web.
  • Access to the global stock markets is made easier and more affordable for investors through online investments.
  • A very good address for investors who want to learn about share certificates, futures, options and cryptocurrencies is a homepage like this one.

The following statements are general recommendations for investors – regardless of the platform you invest in.

Verification and licensing of online trading platforms like Capital Mind Trade

Both financial markets and investor protection benefit from codes of conduct and organisational accountability. Bond service providers and companies like Capital Mind Trade must follow a variety of standards of conduct. The same applies to their employees. This is to prevent conflicts and related disadvantages for financial investors. This includes the responsibility of the financial services provider to inform its corporate clients about the most important features of a financial transaction before it is concluded.

This applies to the respective investor as well as to the investment itself. According to the idea, extended information is necessary for clients who want to engage in highly speculative or risky transactions. Towards their corporate clients, companies like Capital Mind Trade have a responsibility. This goes far beyond making an offer or service available. Does the provider have a licence to sell investment products? You should definitely check this.

To do this, you can consult the broker check directory of a financial supervisory authority and enter the brand name of the financial service provider in the search function.

Capital Mind Trade: What does the service provider guarantee and does it explain general risks?

Investigate how reputable Capital Mind Trade’s offer is. Is the interest rate provided to you exceptionally high? Can you earn a lot of money with a few €? These offers are usually nothing more than a sham. Be sure that there are often con artists hiding behind these tempting opportunities. As a rule, nothing at all is invested in these investment offers. Accordingly, check how serious the offer from Capital Mind Trade is. Frauds are often carried out by tricksters in this way.

On the WWW, investment products are announced in a prominent position, which are supposed to be blandly profitable. The criminals emphasise that they will achieve a lot of financial means. At the beginning, the investment amounts are relatively small. Those who sign up are consulted by a fictitious stockbroker or securities broker. The victims of the scam are then given access to a supposed investment software after depositing the money.

Dubious offers can also be recognised by promises of returns that are clearly above the market average. An investor’s risk of losing funds also increases with Capital Mind Trade in direct proportion to the expected return. One chance to find out about the usual market return is the business sections of newspapers or the online presence of the Deutsche Bundesbank. Likewise, you should treat advice for companies with exceptional growth potential with caution.

Low prices and low trading volumes make penny stocks, for example, extremely vulnerable to speculation and manipulation.

Pump & Dump: What is it?

The term pump and dump is used to describe a situation in which the price of a stock is unnaturally inflated by insiders. The same share is then sold again at a loss to the remaining investors. It is therefore a fraud. A fraud that profits from the cluelessness of small investors and stock market novices. This approach is therefore not allowed in a controlled stock market and for providers like Capital Mind Trade. The crypto market, on the other hand, is still largely “Wild West” in terms of these very tactics.

Because of this, extra vigilance is essential! Pump-and-dump scams are more common there in connection with the well-known altcoins. The pump-and-dump scam is used by criminals to drive up the price of a currency they do not know about or may have created themselves. They achieve this by propagating disinformation on the World Wide Web or in social media or by recruiting co-investors with unreasonable profit expectations.

So make sure that the provider Capital Mind Trade provides you with all the necessary facts on the subject.

How can you recognise serious cybertrading?

The classic capital investment fraud is carried out with known means such as advertising, “cold calling” or stock market letters. When it comes to fraud, the old-fashioned method is quickly becoming obsolete in the digital age. The new type of investment fraud could be described with the term “cybertrading”. Financial products are traded dishonestly via the World Wide Web. Dishonest investments include investment products such as contracts for difference and cryptocurrencies.

Even the services of Capital Mind Trade have been similarly used by other service providers to trap investors. Capital investors are inquiring more and more about investment opportunities on the web themselves. In this way, people rely on their personal knowledge or on the advice of others in weblogs, forums and other online platforms to make their decisions. The transition to more and more new financial products has no long-term impact on the unlawful activities related to the gang structure.

Since the mafia gangs rely on already existing and widely accepted infrastructures, there is no need to adapt to a new “business model”. No matter what financial instrument is being traded, the process of cybertrading is roughly congruent. These financial instruments are aggressively advertised on social media or with paid advertisements. In this process, it is virtually all about illustrating astronomically high profits. Calculate the probability of making high profits on Capital Mind Trade before investing money.

Online Trading: Be sure to plan for fees

Before investing with Capital Mind Trade, find out how much of your investment amount will go to cover costs, fees and commissions. This is a good time to take a close look at the information provided by the service providers! Investors must be informed of all costs included and their impact on the profit margin of investment service providers. In addition, remuneration must be listed separately.

If you request a presentation of any costs, the financial service providers are obliged to provide you with this information. A broker like Capital Mind Trade is usually interested in as many transactions as possible for understandable reasons. Very often the fees are so high that it is difficult to make a profit. The costs can even eat up the invested capital in a very short time. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the costs!

The trading fees of the online broker must be available to everyone. The clarity of the cost structure is also laid down in the applicable regulations and licences. In the event of a violation, the service provider’s licence can be revoked.

You want to get your capital back from Capital Mind Trade? Our lawyers can help

Action must be taken as soon as possible if the suspicion is confirmed that a financial service provider is not acting in accordance with the regulations and there is a risk that the broker will not make its payments. Apart from a report, which our law firm files for our clients with the criminal investigation department, and a report to the tax authorities, the online broker should possibly also be held legally responsible.

In doing so, the contractual claims against the operator of the trading platform as well as possible compensation options will be examined. In the case of monetary payments, it is also important to check whether banks can be held liable in the event of an error. Claims for damages against financial institutions may exist, for example, in the case of money laundering or other criminal acts.

However, this must be examined depending on the context at hand. If your provider delays payment, you should contact a professional law firm immediately:

  1. Tell our law firm about your case via e-mail
  2. Let us know how long the broker has not paid you
  3. Give us the names and contact details of all the people you have spoken to

Our lawyers will give you a free initial assessment in connection with Capital Mind Trade. We will also let you know in the short term whether we think you have a good chance of recovering your losses.