Centauri Coin is a new cryptocurrency that, according to the provider, also includes a digital wallet, a POS system and a vending machine solution and has been available on the market since 2016. If you are not sure whether to invest in Centauri Coin or have already lost money on the Crypto Trading lost money, it is advisable to talk to a lawyer.

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Centauri Coin experiences

During our research on the topic, we quickly became aware of critical voices and contradictions. For example, the Cryptocurrency Centauri Coin has been marketable since 2016, and according to the website centauricoin.info, it has been in the technical test phase since September 2018.

In addition, the interested party learns that individuals deliberately worked against a positive development and thus depressed the value of the Centauri Coin. There is an appeal to public spirit to bring the Centauri Coin price up.

Therefore, one should not sell, but continue to buy and then hold. In this way, they want to generate more secure growth, the trust of companies and prices still above 10 US dollars. An explanatory video with step-by-step instructions on the exact procedure is also available. Critics on the internet, however, advise against such investments.

For example, information on cryptocurrencies can be found at gruenderszene.de or coinunity.info. Besides Centauri Coin, this also includes

  • Onecoin
  • Swisscoin
  • Giracoin

As with Centauri Coin, some of these cryptocurrencies are supposed to be associated with Switzerland and thus generate trust in their seriousness.

Centauri Coin Info: Who is behind it?

centauricoin.info calls itself the official website of the new cryptocurrency, CTX for short. In the imprint, the association D.I.F. – Disruptive Innovationen Fördergemeinschaft e.V., Bauernstr 1, 4600 Wels in Austria is stated as responsible, register of associations: 1585869248, register court: Graz district court. In the video playable on this page, reference is made to Switzerland as the development location of the Centauri Coin.

The psychologically thought-out film refers to Swiss scientists and engineers as the developers of the cryptocurrency. Referring to the enormous development of Bitcoin, which has increased its value 700-fold, the Centauri Coin is described as the next generation. According to the video, a team of experts has thoroughly analysed all market conditions.

One can multiply one’s money up to 1,000 times, which corresponds to a return of 100,000 percent. The mention of successful companies that accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or corporations that are worth many billions today, such as Google or Amazon, is also intended to increase interest in the offer. The provider compares investors who bet on the new cryptocurrency with investors who recognised the potential of these global companies at the time.

In addition, the video describes cryptocurrencies as the general future of finance. Soon there would be no more physical money and payments would be made exclusively digitally.

Centauri Coin 2018 – how high is the risk?

In a second video on CTX.World, it is described that the creators of the Centauri Coin have full control over properties and supply. This could indicate that the development of the cryptocurrency is not at all subject to general market conditions, but to deliberate adjustments by the providers.

The offer also includes a so-called Walletwith which the Centauri Coin can be managed. It can be downloaded at alpha-wallet.com. There is already an official wallet for the cryptocurrency Ethereum that can be downloaded at alphawallet.com, which leads us to assume that the name was deliberately chosen similarly.

Centauri Coin is said to already be accepted as a means of payment by numerous companies in Europe and is therefore referred to as a shopping coin. However, we were unable to determine which companies these are during our research.

Crypto Trading is speculative and usually very risky,” says lawyer Wolfgang Herfurtner. “Only those who have a certain willingness to take risks and can calculate the partial loss of their investment should venture into this form of investment.” On our website we have already pointed out the risks of offers like Centauri Coin.

CTX: Use expertise and weigh up the risks

Selling and buyingCentauri Coin: Anyone interested in cryptocurrencies like these and considering an investment can get comprehensive information from experts in advance.

The lawyers at the Herfurtner law firm have expertise in the field of crypto trading and will be happy to talk to you in person. If you have already lost money, they will also check on request whether you can possibly assert claims.