Comovest – On its website, the broker claims to be a service provider in the field of finance, active in the areas of shares, cryptocurrencies, commodities, forex, indices and ETFs. Accordingly, investors can expect high leverage effects.

If you have invested capital with the financial services provider Comovest and are now facing complications with your payout, our lawyers can help you nationwide.

Comovest – Trading Valuation

Currently there is an extraordinarily high number of investment service providers such as Comovest. As a result, investing in the unpredictable financial markets has never been as easy but also as uncertain as it is today.

Especially because there are so many options, choosing an online platform can be time-consuming and challenging. Especially if you want it to meet your investment needs.

Have you already invested with Comovest? In this case, the following aspects are important for you as an investor.

  • State-licensed brokers on the internet, secure websites, fees and brokerage commissions, quote options and customer reviews are just a few of the points you should consider when making your final choice.
  • Access to the world’s stock markets is becoming more convenient and lucrative for investors through online investing.
  • In online trading, you can choose from a wide range of order types.

The following are general recommendations for investors – regardless of the platform in which you invest capital.

Control and licensing of providers like Comovest

Both financial markets and investor protection benefit from codes of conduct and organisational accountability. Investment services firms and providers like Comovest must comply with a set of standards of conduct. The same applies to their employees. This is to prevent conflicts and associated disadvantages for investors.

This includes the responsibility of the service provider to inform its own corporate clients about the key features of the transaction before it is concluded. This applies both to the individual investor and to the investment itself. According to this idea, further facts are necessary for corporate clients who want to engage in highly speculative or risky transactions.

Companies such as Comovest have a responsibility towards their corporate clients. This goes significantly beyond the provision of an offer or service.

Does the service provider have a licence to distribute investment products? You should definitely determine this. To do this, you can consult the broker check data collection of a financial supervisory authority and enter the name of the service provider in the search function.

Assess unrealistic profit margins and safely evaluate trading providers like Comovest

Check how serious Comovest’s offer is. Is the interest rate you were offered exceptionally high? Can you get a large amount of money with a few EUR?

These offers are usually nothing more than a deception. Be aware that rip-off artists often hide behind these tempting offers. As a rule, nothing at all is invested in these investment offers. Consequently, investigate how honest the offer from Comovest is.

Scams are usually carried out by con artists in a related manner. In the World Wide Web, investment products that are supposedly lucrative are announced in prominent places. The perpetrators claim that they will achieve a lot of money. At the beginning, the investment amounts are reasonably small.

Those who register are consulted by a fictitious stockbroker or securities trader. The fraud victims then get access to a supposed investment software after paying the money.

Dubious offers can also be recognised by promises of returns that are considerably higher than the market average.

An investor’s risk of losing investments increases in direct proportion to the expected margin, even with Comovest. One way to find out about average market returns is to consult the business sections of newspapers or the website of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

Likewise, you should treat recommendations for companies with exceptional growth potential with caution. Low prices and very low trading volumes make penny stocks, for example, exceptionally vulnerable to speculation and manipulation.

Investing in the grey capital market? Tips for your protection

Only a few of the financial market participants, such as Comovest, are subject to official regulation and control. In the grey capital market, financial service providers operate who do not even need a licence from BaFin and only have to fulfil a few regulatory requirements.

Only make an investment in the grey capital market if you are convinced of the liquidity of the provider and it is known to you as a company. As I said, BaFin has no control over these financial service providers.

The grey capital market holds a variety of options. There are:

  • Profit participation rights and other hybrid forms of bonds
  • Direct investments such as in timber, precious metals or other commodities
  • Loans with subordination clauses
  • Crowdfunding offers
  • Ordinary bonds
  • Equity investments

One thing is certain: it is uncertain what the final outcome will be for the investor.

Is it difficult for you to understand the product being advertised? Then you should gather as much information as you can before making a decision.

Do not invest in anything you do not fully understand! When it comes to financial transactions, the more knowledge you need, the more sophisticated the product.

It is also not advisable to put all your money on one horse. Diversify your risk beyond Comovest.

To avoid being influenced to your disadvantage, it is advisable to always focus on the product itself rather than the brand name or the presentation of the financial service.

Recognising investment fraud in principle

You want to invest money with Comovest? In this case, you should find out all the elementary information about the company.

Investment fraud is a special form of fraud. The perpetrator promises or deceives a large group of people about a profitable investment on the capital market.

Capital investment fraud is punishable by a prison sentence of up to three years or a fine, in accordance with § 264a StGB.

Subsequent services and strategies may sometimes come into question as capital investment fraud:

  • Participations in share certificates, funds and certificates
  • Fraudsters use the brand name of the service provider Comovest and clone the company
  • Shareholdings in companies
  • Unintentional telephone advertising calls, so-called cold calling

Those who have fallen for investment fraudsters have usually invested a lot of capital. What can you do in case of investment fraud?

  1. Claim damages: People who have been advised incorrectly can claim damages from the investment advisor.
  2. Involve the criminal investigation department and the financial authorities through a lawyer: Collective police proceedings exist against particular fraudulent firms in the Federal Republic of Germany and also in other countries. The criminal investigation department is authorised to have the bank accounts of the rip-off artists blocked and the money seized. In addition, the public prosecutor’s office is called in.
  3. Revoke or contest contracts: Affected persons who have concluded a contract can revoke or contest it in the case of investment fraud.
  4. Recovery of capital: If payments have been made via the credit card, this can be recovered in many cases by using the services of a law firm. In the case of bank transfers from the current account, this can in many cases be recovered by bank order.

What commission payments can arise from online trading?

Before investing with Comovest, find out how much of your investment amount will be used to cover costs such as fees and commissions. This is a good time to comprehensively check the info provided by the providers!

Investors must be informed about all fees charged and their effect on the return of investment service providers. In addition, the remuneration must be presented individually.

If you request a presentation of the individual fees, the securities service providers are under an obligation to provide you with this information.

A service provider like Comovest is usually interested in as many trading transactions as possible for understandable reasons. Often the fees are so high that it is difficult to make a profit. The fees can even devour the invested money in a short time.

Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the costs! The trading fees of the online broker must be available to everyone. The clarity of the cost structure is also set in the official regulations and licensing.

In connection with a violation, the provider’s licence can be revoked.

Recover funds from Comovest: This is what matters now

Action must be taken as soon as possible if the suspicion that a financial services provider is not operating correctly is confirmed and there is a risk that the broker will delay its repayments. Apart from filing a report with the police on behalf of our clients and notifying the financial supervisory authority, the service provider should also be held legally accountable if necessary.

This involves examining the claims against the online broker agreed in the contract as well as possible compensation options.

In the case of money transactions, it is also essential to check whether financial institutions can be held liable in the event of an error. Claims for compensation against banking institutions may exist, for example, in the case of money laundering or other criminal acts. However, this must be examined on a case-by-case basis.

If your provider refuses to pay out, you should therefore contact a professional law firm immediately:

  1. Give us the names and contact details of all the people you have been in contact with
  2. Let us know how long the provider has not paid you
  3. Describe the facts of the case to our lawyers by e-mail

The Herfurtner law firm will carry out a free initial assessment for you in connection with Comovest. In addition, we will let you know as soon as possible whether we think you have a real chance of recovering your losses.