Daxbase – The alleged investment company Daxbase presented itself on its website http://dax-base.com/ as an online broker. At present, the online presence is no longer online.

If you have invested with the provider Daxbase and there are now complications with the repayment, our lawyers will be happy to help you.

Daxbase – What is known about the online broker?

Currently, there is a very high number of online trading platforms such as Daxbase. As a result, it has never been as easy but also risky as now to invest in the volatile financial markets.

Especially because there are countless options, choosing a provider can be time-consuming and daunting. Especially if it is to meet your individual investment needs. Are you considering investing with Daxbase? Then the following aspects are important for you as an investor.

  • Access to the international stock markets is becoming more practical and affordable for investors through online investing.
  • State-licensed online brokers, reputable provider sites, fees and commissions, product options and key data are only selected points that you should take into account when making your irrevocable choice.
  • When trading online, you can use numerous order types.
  • A very good address for investors who want to inquire about share certificates, futures, options and cryptocurrencies is a website like this one.

The following information is basic advice for investors – regardless of the platform you invest in.

How you can tell how credible Daxbase is

The following thoughts should be kept in mind when you are looking for options to invest your money online:

  1. Financial service providers like Daxbase must be licensed in Germany by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). BaFin’s company database contains information about authorised service providers.
  2. It can be very helpful to find out what other clients are saying about a potential service provider, even if it is only on the internet.
  3. In Germany, the imprint must contain an address, the contact details of an authorised representative of Daxbase and a telephone number.
  4. Quality seals are often used by fake shops to suggest that they are reputable. To find out whether a link leads to the seal of approval website and whether the shop is also listed there, click on the image of the seal. It is quite possible that the website operator has merely copied the seal from another website and transferred it to his own website without the appropriate certification.
  5. Look for an imprint on the service provider’s website. If this is not the case, it means: Hands off! But also bear in mind that an imprint can be faked.

Are there any dangers with bank transfers to Daxbase abroad?

Is it advantageous for you to transfer capital abroad? Look carefully at what you are doing. Many investors have already lost money in the process. It is possible that you lose the overall view of where your money is going and how it is invested.

When money was made available to a provider, it happened that the online broker did not invest the transferred amount of money as agreed or even not at all. There were also cases where the company simply did not exist, although it presented itself accordingly like Daxbase.

Continuing the trend of the former “Nigeria Connection”, several e-mails from Africa (in English, so-called “scams”) are constantly circulating. These target companies and private investors. Questionable messages are also reported from many other African regions.

In the past, the criminals only operated from questionable places. Today, they operate from completely different places such as the United Kingdom (including London), the Netherlands, Canada, the Kingdom of Spain, Dubai and many others. It is difficult for most people to see through tricky scams.

It is not uncommon for companies to receive email orders with enormous order volumes that bear no relation to the typical purchase amounts. To lure the German company, very large promises of profits are made.

However, the enormous order volume only serves as leverage in talks with the provider to demand correspondingly high approval and registration costs. It is not always clear whether the addressee of this payment is also the purchaser of the products.

Nevertheless, one can assume that companies operating abroad will not have to pay local taxes on shipments to other countries in the near future. As a rule, this also applies to investments at Daxbase.

Beware of Pump & Dump

The term pump and dump is used to explain a situation in which the price of a share is driven up unnaturally by insiders. Subsequently, this share is sold again at a loss to other investors. This is therefore a fraud. A trickery that profits from the inexperience of small investors and stock market novices.

This strategy is therefore illegal in a controlled securities market and for companies like Daxbase. The crypto market, however, is still by and large “Wild West” as far as these same tactics are concerned. For this reason, extreme vigilance is necessary!

Pump-and-dump scams are more common there in connection with the commonly referred to altcoins. The pump-and-dump scam is used by criminals to drive up the price of an unknown currency or even a currency they have created themselves.

They achieve this by propagating disinformation on the World Wide Web or on social media, or by luring fellow investors with unreasonable profit expectations. So make sure that the provider Daxbase provides you with all the necessary information on this subject, if requested.

Recognising investment fraud in principle

You would like to invest capital with Daxbase? In this case, you should find out all elementary information about the company. Investment fraud is a special form of fraud. The perpetrator guarantees or deceives a larger circle of people about a lucrative investment in the capital market.

Capital investment fraud is sanctioned with a prison sentence of up to three years or a fine according to § 264a StGB. The following products and strategies may be considered investment fraud:

  • Participations in companies
  • Boiler Room Scam, a cold-calling scheme in which investors are sought by telephone call
  • Shareholdings in shares, funds and certificates
  • Unsolicited telephone advertising calls, so-called cold calling

Those who have fallen for investment fraudsters have often invested a lot of money. What can you do in case of investment fraud?

  1. Call in the police and the financial supervisory authority via a legal expert: Police collective proceedings exist against certain fraudulent companies in the Federal Republic of Germany and also abroad. The police are entitled to have the criminals’ accounts blocked and the money seized. In addition, the prosecuting authority is called in.
  2. Claim damages: People who were not advised correctly can assert claims for damages against the investment advisor.
  3. Recover assets from Daxbase: If payments have been made via credit card, this can be recovered in many cases by instructing a law firm. In the case of bank transfers from the current account, this can usually be recovered by bank order.
  4. Withdraw or contest contracts: Affected persons who have concluded a contract can withdraw or contest the same in the case of investment fraud.

Understanding Recovery Scam: The scam after the investment scam – protect yourself

Anyone who has ever lost assets to a fraudulent investment platform knows how devastating it can be. That alone is terrifying enough. But on top of that, the scammers behind the bogus model will contact you by email or phone call within a short period of time. This time, however, they do not pretend to be investment advisors from Daxbase.

Instead, they promise to help you recover the stolen money in exchange for a payment. Many criminals even seem to have been hired or engaged by reputable institutions such as a financial regulator. After stealing your personal information, the rip-off artists usually pose as good Samaritans.

They promise to assist you in recovering the stolen money. Even if you have invested money with a provider like Daxbase, your contact information may be stolen. Anyone who has lost a considerable amount of money is usually desperate. The criminals take advantage of people’s concern by calling themselves “recovery companies”.

They offer their services under the bogus pretext of helping them get their funds back. That is, they guarantee in a dubious manner that they will get back the lost assets.

Do you want to recover your investments from Daxbase? Our lawyers can help

You have invested capital with Daxbase, or a similar service provider? Now you are registering difficulties with repayment? Then we recommend that you block additional payments on the spot. This applies especially if the trader demands additional payments to compensate for losses.

In addition, you should try to recover the lost capital. In doing so, affected persons can seek investor protection and turn to the lawyers of our law firm. We consider both civil and criminal law options as well as possible claims for damages against the provider and against involved payment service providers such as banking houses.

“A private investor who loses money in the course of online trading is by no means an isolated case. Many investors are blinded by the professional behaviour of the companies and do not realise in time that they are not responsible for their losses.”

Our advice is therefore not to despair, but to react swiftly and with commitment. Because the chance of recovering the lost money is often greater than the aggrieved investors assume. Would you like to talk to one of our lawyers about Daxbase? Then click here to go directly to our contact page.