Degiro is a web-based trading platform that offers trading with various assets. The homepage of the provider is available in different languages, the English version can be found at the URL Among other things, trading with ETFs, shares, futures, leverage products or options is possible on the platform.

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Degiro Experience

Every investor who plans to entrust his money to an online trading platform should obtain comprehensive information about the provider and its products in advance. Blogs and forums in which customers talk about their experiences with Degiro and exchange opinions are an ideal starting point for research.

If you look for articles that focus on Degiro as a supplier, you will find a mixed picture.

As a rule, it is a good idea to check which source the texts dealing with a specific trading platform originate from. For not without exception are the statements written from a value-free point of view. If you have the appropriate online marketing know-how, you can have a targeted influence on the formation of opinion.

Online trading platforms themselves or the advertising partners associated with them will make positive comments about their own or the advertised offer. At the same time, it is possible that contributions will be placed whose tenor is intended to prevent investors from becoming involved with a competitor.

Location of the Company and Regulation of Degiro

It is true that the company’s own website is also used to give investors a positive impression. Nevertheless, the interested investor will also find valuable information on the company’s headquarters and its regulatory status.

The imprint on the Degiro website states that the provider is DEGIRO BV, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of LPE Capital. In the contact section of the website, there is a telephone number with the area code for Denmark (0045) and an e-mail address for written enquiries.

According to Degiro, it is supervised by AFM, the Dutch Financial Markets Authority. In addition, Degiro is supervised by DNB, the Dutch central bank.

Degiro Website

On its homepage, Degiro describes itself as a broker who has received numerous awards. It is possible for investors to trade in securities on all markets at favourable conditions. It is possible to open a Degiro securities account online within a short period of time and join more than 400,000 customers from over 15 countries.

Degiro started operations in the Netherlands in 2013 and will offer its customers a new trading platform in 2019. The advantage for private investors lies in the low fees, which correspond to the conditions for wholesale trading. Degiro is one of the largest brokers in Europe and wants to offer its customers tailor-made services.

Degiro emphasizes four characteristics in particular on its website:

  • Regulated company: Supervision of Degiro by AFM and DNB
  • Global trading: Access to worldwide markets such as stock exchanges in Australia or Asia
  • Technology: platforms developed by Degiro itself, oriented to customer needs
  • Conditions: attractive fees through efficient structures

Degiro has won more than 60 awards in various countries, including Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

Registration and Account Creation on Degiro

To be able to trade on Degiro’s online platform, registration as a customer is mandatory. Together with the account you can open a free custody account. In order to verify your identity, you must make a so-called “initial transfer” of at least EUR 0.01. Degiro does not have a minimum deposit beyond this.

A Degiro test using a separate demo account is not possible. Degiro does not offer demo accounts because there are no minimum deposits for real accounts.

According to Degiro, deposits could be made using different methods. For example, bank transfers or Klarna are available. For withdrawals, a reference account had to be deposited, which could be kept in various European countries.

Degiro does not charge any fees for the registration and opening of the deposit account. Transaction and other fees are listed in a fee schedule which is available on the website.

Technologies offered by Degiro

Trading on an Internet platform requires access to trading software. Online trading providers usually provide this to their investors free of charge. The software can be a proprietary development or a third-party program.

At Degiro, investors can use software developed in-house, which is suitable for trading on a desktop computer as well as for mobile access via smartphones and tablets. In addition to portfolio management, the Degiro login allows investors to view market news or call up prices in real time.

Training offered by Degiro

Degiro has set up a separate section on the subject of training on its website under the heading “Knowledge”. On the one hand, there is the sub-theme “Investors’ Academy”, where Degiro provides various lessons. There is also the sub-topic “Investing with Degiro” with various instructions.

Online Trading and associated Risks

Anyone who wants to invest money and in this context looks at the conditions of conventional products such as overnight money will often be disappointed in view of the potential returns. As a result, many investors research the web and look for profitable options.

In the process, a myriad of online trading platforms come under the radar, which make their products available internationally and attract attention with supposedly attractive offers.

Globalization has clearly recognizable consequences for the financial industry. Global markets are easily accessible, and digitalization also makes access easier. As a result, more and more platforms – also from abroad – are entering the market to attract investors to their offers.

This can lead to difficulties, especially if disputes arise when applying for payouts. This is because, apart from the conceivable language barrier, there is often no special contact person available.

Usually, products are involved, that are difficult to understand, such as Crypto Currencys, CFD Trading or Forex Trading. These are characterized by enormous volatility and high risks, which is why they are not suitable for every type of investor.

The possible pitfalls of an investment opportunity are therefore often left to the investor himself to judge. In the absence of expert advice, investors may not be precise enough in their assessment of risks and may assess risks incorrectly or displace them.

If an investment is made nevertheless, it can happen that the intended goals are not achieved within the set period of time. In the event of adverse trends or sideways movements, various investors are also advised to invest additional assets in order to protect the initial investment.

Reacting to Losses

Anyone who has lost money while trading on an online platform should first stop further deposits. After that, you should talk to the provider and clarify what caused the loss and what the prospects for a refund are.

If you are not getting anywhere with your request, you can seek investor protection by talking to a lawyer. The law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH examines the process and determines the extent to which the investor can assert claims.

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