Dellmont Invest appears to be or have been a company specialising in services and investments in the grey capital market. At least, that’s what you can find when you search the Internet. The company’s website at could no longer be accessed at the time of writing (12.3.20).

Dellmont Invest was placed on a warning list by the Austrian Financial Market Authority.

Concerned clients who were contacted by employees of the broker Dellmont Invest by telephone have contacted the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.

Transactions with Dellmont Invest are therefore not recommended without careful examination. This is because customers are probably exposing themselves to a high economic risk.

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Dellmont Invest – Notes

Our law firm has information from the FMA about the company Dellmont Invest:

Name of the company: Dellmont Invest
Postal address: 137 High Holborn, London WC1V6PL, United Kingdom
Telephone number: 0044 (0203) 3183803
Fax: 0044 (0203) 8083670

The Financial Market Authority of Austria (FMA) already published a warning on Dellmont Invest on 4 January 2019. It is stated that the provider Dellmont Invest is not permitted to provide investment advice on a commercial basis or to accept and transmit orders.

This is because Dellmont Invest is not authorised to carry out banking transactions requiring approval.

According to the results of an online query, there are probably no statements on authorisation and monitoring by another European supervisory authority on the Internet. It should therefore not necessarily be assumed that the company has the licenses that are mandatory for its business activities.

Private Investors should consider these general potential Pitfalls

Interest rates have been at a low level for some time now. This poses an increasing challenge for private investors to identify a high-margin investment opportunity. Many brokers are therefore trying to lure customers with wonderfully high profits. However, the guaranteed profits repeatedly turn out to be considerable losses in practice.

Most companies have a fairly well-designed online presence that seems professional and trustworthy even to experienced investors and business people. The draft contracts and general terms and conditions used also seem to indicate a reputable company.

Investors should obtain detailed information about investment providers such as Dellmont Invest before entrusting their money to third parties. You can often find warnings from financial supervisory authorities and lawyers, which show you the possible pitfalls of certain financial investments.

As a general rule, the higher the promise of returns, the greater the risk of loss. Caution is also called for if the provider is located in an “exotic” country.

Tips for Retail Investors

Yields of six to eight percent do not sound impossible at first, but are nevertheless far above the average that serious, classic financial products currently achieve. So here too, private investors should pay attention.

An indicator for opaque trades can be if your broker receives a high commission for the conclusion of a deal. Here you should bear in mind that the agent has a vested interest in you investing your assets in certain investment transactions. The advice given by an advisor is therefore not necessarily objective.

Some investment advisors will therefore try to persuade you to make an investment that is not tailored to your personal needs. There is a danger here that you will be deprived of risks and that the profit prospects of the transaction will be presented too positively.

What should Investors do if they encounter Problems with Dellmont Invest?

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