Europe FX – What questions do investors have about this platform?

According to their own statements, the success of Europe FX would be achieved through trading volume. Therefore only small commissions would be charged.

As a trading partner one offers customer support on 5 weekdays. Customers could invest in different products (for example CFDs, crypto currencies or Forex) and receive training.

The following article is intended for three groups of private investors:

  • those who have an account with a Forex trading platform like Europe FX,
  • investors who have invested funds through FX trading via Europe FX,
  • those who are interested in Europe FX as investors.

Regardless of which group you belong to, we advise you to read this article on Forex Trading until the end.

Private investors should therefore pay attention to one thing: Deal with the opportunities, but primarily assess the risks. On October 15, 2021, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission published a notice stating that Maxigrid Ltd, the operator of Europe FX, had its license revoked, that there were suspicions that the company had violated several regulations.

Is insolvency now imminent? What customers need to be aware of!

Europe FX – Transactions

Online Broker Europe FX offers, among others, the following crypto currencies CFDs:

  • Ripple vs Dollar
  • Bitcoin vs Dollar
  • Ethereum vs Dollar
  • Dashcoin vs Dollar
  • Litecoin vs Dollar

Europe FX suspension and withdrawal of approval

The operator of the Europe FX platform was originally licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under number 145/11. The following entry can be found for the number:

Maxiflex Ltd.
46 Ayiou Athanasiou Avenue, Floor 3 /Office 301a, 4102 Limassol, Cyprus
License Number: 258/14
Licence Date: 10/11/2014
Company Registration Number: 327484
Telephone: +357 25 262 767
Fax: +357 25 028 337
Country: Cyprus
Approved Domains:
Other Information:
Previous Name: Maxiflex Global Investments Corp Ltd.

However, as CySec announced on October 15, 2021, this license has been suspended.

The provider is accused of, among other things, offering or being involved in financial services that are not covered by the license and thus violating the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Act of 2017.

The company now has one month to resolve the complaints and comply with the law.

During the period of suspension, the company is specifically prohibited from providing and/or performing investment services/activities.

EuropeFX renounces license

What has already been announced has now become a fact. According to the company Maxiflex Ltd. the provider voluntarily renounces the CIF license.

This means that the company no longer offers/executes investment services/activities and/or enters into business transactions with individuals and also no longer accepts new clients.

Customers were informed in an email that all open trades will be closed on 12/11/2021 and the accounts of all EuropeFX customers will be closed by then. Any client who wishes to withdraw their available balance should do so in accordance with the company’s policies and regulations.

Client funds that have not been paid out by this date will be paid out after the above mentioned date.

EuropeFX closed

Employees of the provider have repeatedly announced that the company will soon be insolvent.

Moreover, MaxiFlex is already working with a minimal number of employees and the entire operation is in the final stages of liquidation.

For customers, the question naturally arises as to what the consequences will be. Can customers continue to assert their claims against the company?

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Information about Europe FX

The Europe FX online platform is located in Limassol, Cyprus. The services are not offered in certain countries such as Japan, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, Syria, USA, New Zealand and several others.

Europe FX’s registered office of is:

46 Ayiou Athanasiou Ave
4102 Ayios Athanasios

It is possible to contact Europe FX by telephone:

  • Cyprus: +357 24 022 444
  • Germany (Europe FX Berlin): +49 30 3080 7676
  • United Kingdom: +44 870 8200 200, +44 870 8200 300
  • Italy: +39 029 475 7111
  • Netherlands: +31 85 8883155
  • Poland: +48 22 3979144
  • Sweden: +46 77 5888660

Inquiries and complaints by e-mail to Europe FX should be addressed to this address:

Europe FX, as indicated on its own website, is owned and operated by Maxiflex Global Investments Corp Limited. It is registered as Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) with registration number HE327484. It is also licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under licence number 258/14.

CFDs, what is that?

CFD is the abbreviation for “Contract for Difference”. It is a financial instrument that allows investment in an asset class without owning it. CFDs are highly speculative financial derivatives with which one bets on rising or falling prices.

Since a security deposit (margin) must be deposited, there is a leverage effect. As a result, the risks are far greater than when trading on the underlying instrument.

A CFD is a contract between the seller and the buyer. Here it is agreed that at the time of the contract a difference settlement takes place. Depending on the price development, the buyer receives money in case of a profit or has to pay money in case of a loss. CFDs are commonly used in the so-called interbank market.

Securities are primarily traded on stock exchanges; this is the exception in the case of Contracts for Difference. This is because trading is carried out by so-called CFD brokers or market makers.

Forex, what is that?

Forex is the combination of the two terms Foreign and Exchange. Forex is the process of converting one currency into another. Globally, the Forex market (or FX market) is the largest of all capital markets. More than five billion dollars are traded here every day. The purpose of foreign exchange trading: to generate income.

Due to the enormous amount of transactions, the Forex market is very volatile. This means that exchange rate fluctuations are commonplace and the range in this regard is considerable. For capital investors, this may mean large profits, but also risks caused by significant losses.

In FX Trading (or Forex Trading), i.e. foreign exchange trading, the aim is to bet on price developments between two currencies. The focus of investors is on the US dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen, the British pound and the Australian dollar.

For example, Germans would exchange their EUROs for British pounds, i.e. buy them if they expect the EURO to rise. If this is the case, the pounds are changed back into EUR, i.e. sold. Then a profit is made. The exchange or buying process is also known as opening or closing positions.

FX traders are primarily financial institutions and central banks. But they also include private and institutional investors, as well as companies and governments.

Forex trading or FX trading is also only suitable for investors if they are aware of the high risks. Because the enormous volatility of the market is often responsible for very large losses.

CFD Trading

CFDs should only be considered as a private investor if you are particularly well-informed and/or do not shy away from a large risk.

What are Crypto Currencies?

The digital alternatives to established means of payment are at home on the web and are called crypto currencies. (A precise definition can be found here on Wikipedia.) Put simply, the idea is that two parties carry out transactions directly with each other. Financial institutions are not involved.

The fact that many are now following this path is due to the international financial crisis. Back then, a lot of trust was lost. So a new type of payment system was able to emerge and quickly establish itself.

But with the new crypto currencies, not all that glitters is gold. No regulation, no supervision – acting in the anonymity of the Internet is particularly interesting for those who have completely new possibilities for financing criminal activities. Money laundering or the financing of terrorism are just two examples.

At the “stock exchanges” you can buy the new currencies, i.e. buy them in exchange for euros. Here you don’t need your own “wallet”, i.e. a safe place to store them. Instead, you have an account with the online broker.

Demo Account Europe FX

For beginners, Europe FX offers the creation of a demo account. Registration is done via a form on the Europe FX website. The Europe FX login is prominently placed on the page for already registered users.

With a demo account one can test the environment without risk. You get an overview of how Europe FX executes the orders. The handling is similar to a real account, so you can test your investment plan without risk. For the demo account the software MetaTrader 4 is used.

A form for opening a live account is available on the Europe FX website. If you wish to cancel your Europe FX account, you should contact the provider directly. Europe FX offers the following account types:

  • Bronze: from 1.000 EUR first deposit
  • Silver: from 2,500 EUR initial deposit
  • Gold: from 10,000 EUR initial deposit
  • Premium: from 25,000 EUR initial deposit
  • Platinum: from EUR 50,000 initial deposit

For trading, Europe FX offers its clients five different platforms. This enables trading on the desktop as well as on mobile devices. The platforms are:

  • Meta Trader 4 for the computer desktop
  • MT 4 for Apple operating systems
  • Meta Trader 4 for Android operating systems
  • MT4 for mobile trading on iPhone and iPad
  • Tradeworks

Europe FX Experience – Blogs and Forums inform

As with all Internet providers, the interest of private investors in Europe FX Trading is immense to exchange experiences. In particular, they want to find out if anyone has been disadvantaged and has lost capital – and a Europe FX valuation can help here.

One should refrain from day trading or online trading before an investment if it is not clear whether a trader is acting in the customer’s interest or not. In order to check this, you need documentation, which can be found by doing a short research on the web.

There are special websites such as blogs or forums where experiences are exchanged and opinions are formed, also on Europe FX. A search for Europe FX Review can provide the desired findings.

Risks with Forex and CFD trading

FX trading and trading CFDs seems very attractive to many investors. Because the option of supposedly higher returns compared to securities or savings accounts seems very attractive.

Nevertheless, one should be aware: A possible extraordinary return is always accompanied by a strong risk of loss. Nonetheless, many people are always willing to accept them.

Field Report Trading Platform – Obligation to make additional Contributions in Germany

If you are interested in CFD trading, you should consider the margin requirement. This was the reason in Belgium to issue a ban on CFD trading. Because many investors had to make additional money after their original investment was used up.

CFDs are still legal in Germany with the exclusive obligation to make additional contributions. However, this only applies if one cannot lose more than the invested capital. Otherwise the BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) prohibits trading.

Investor Protection: A Legal Advisor can help with Losses

The law firm Herfurtner knows all about losses in CFD trading and difficulties in FX trading. Let our lawyers advise you. We defend clients from all European countries.

Discuss with your lawyer which legal measures can be taken. We will clarify any claims for damages, demands for additional payments or business conditions.

Have you had experiences with online trading or do you have a positive opinion? We would be pleased if you leave us your opinion in the comments section of this article.