Genesis Mining describes itself as the largest Bitcoin mining company in the cloud. The German language website of the provider can be found at the URL

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Genesis Mining Experience

Whoever is considering investing his money on an online trading platform – for example for mining crypto-currencies – should first find out about the provider. It is practical if you can fall back on Genesis Mining experience reports in this case.

If you search for Genesis Mining in a search engine, many hits are displayed. Often these hits lead to blogs or forums where Genesis Mining experiences are discussed or where you get Genesis Mining feedback. The views on this broker are not without restriction positive.

In principle it is difficult to estimate the truth content of the published experiences with Genesis Mining. This is because the reports that are found online are not always written from a neutral perspective.

Headquarters and state regulation

In principle, the company’s own website is used to convey a positive impression to the reader. Nevertheless, it also contains valuable information for interested investors on the company’s headquarters and its regulatory status.

Although the website of Genesis Mining Ltd is available in German language, there is no legally binding imprint here. Information about the company is placed in the footer section of the website. There the web presence of a Genesis Mining Cloud Services Ltd. based on the British Virgin Islands (BVA) is assigned.

In addition, a company is named which is responsible for the processing of payments. Specifically, this is a Genesis Mining Iceland ehf. with headquarters in the Icelandic capital Reykjavík. In the contact area of the website you will find an address of the company and an e-mail address. However, there is no telephone number for initiating a personal conversation.

Information on possible supervision and regulation by a recognised state supervisory authority, such as the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, cannot be found on the website of the provider.

Genesis Mining Website

On the home page of Genesis Mining the provider advertises with the statement that more than 2 million customers would trust the services for mining crypto currencies. It is easy to start with Bitcoin Mining because the necessary systems are already set up.

As a registered customer one can mine different crypto currencies. Which these are is noted in a catalog of the provider. The platform is an alternative for cumbersome mining on the home computer. Because Genesis Mining uses the fastest Bitcoin Mining hardware.

On the start page of the Genesis Mining website you can see the statements of a few testimonials that speak positively about the service provider. In addition, various videos are placed on the homepage, which show Genesis Mining calculators among other things.


On a separate subpage, the conditions for mining different crypto currencies are shown in an overview. The prices refer to the mining of

  • Bitcoins,
  • Dash,
  • Litecoins,
  • Ethereum,
  • Monero und
  • ZCash.

However, at the time of writing on 21 February 2020, only contracts for the mining of Bitcoins and Dash were available. All other crypto-currencies were marked “sold out”. Below the overview of the different currencies there are different arguments why you should buy hash power from Genesis Mining.

Pay attention to the risks when trading online

Anyone who is generally enthusiastic about online investments should note that this form of capital investment differs in many points from the conventional way via a credit institute or investment advisor.

Numerous business models have been and will be shaped by digitalisation. In the area of trading, this has led to a considerable number of brokers around the world striving for market share with their online trading platforms.

An investment with a provider abroad can be disadvantageous if problems arise with the investment. This is partly due to possible language barriers and partly due to the distance that makes direct contact difficult.

In the case of topics such as Crypto Currencys, Forex Trading or CFD Trading, you should seek detailed advice if you are considering investing in them. However, with online trading providers, neither advice nor a dedicated contact person is the norm.

This can quickly become a problem, especially if you have problems with your account. And an inadequate assessment of the risks is often coupled with losses that often affect the entire investment.

Loss risk with online investments

In the event of losses, one should immediately refrain from adding further funds. Instead, you should first of all discuss with the online provider why losses were incurred and whether there are prospects of compensating for these losses.

If the discussion with the company is unsuccessful, one can turn to legal counsel and seek investor protection. The law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwälte determines which claims you can assert and asserts your interests with your contractual partner.

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