German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH – The alleged financial service provider German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH presents itself as a stock trader. You have invested with German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH and want your money back? The Herfurtner law firm will help you with any problems.

German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH – BaFin warns

Currently, there is an enormous number of online trading platforms such as German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH. This means that it has never been as easy but also risky as it is today to invest in the unpredictable financial markets. Especially because there are many options, choosing an online broker can be time-consuming and frustrating. Especially if you want them to meet your investment needs.

Are you thinking about investing with German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH? In this case, the following aspects are important for you as an investor.

  • There are several types of orders that can be used when trading on the web.
  • An ideal address for investors who want to learn about shares, futures, binary options and crypto money is a website like this one.
  • Officially licensed brokers on the internet, reputable portals, costs and bonuses, offer options and customer reviews are just exemplary points to plan for when making your final choice.

The following information is basic advice for investors – regardless of the platform in which you invest your money.

German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH: Think through investments and proceed in a considered manner

Investors have a wide range of investment opportunities at their disposal, with professional and questionable providers competing for their attention. There are many indicators that a financial service or offer does not inspire confidence, and it is essential to focus on them. Here you will learn what to look out for as soon as you invest your hard-earned capital.

Banking, financial services and insurance companies such as German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH are only allowed to operate in the Federal Republic of Germany with state authorisation. The companies have received authorisation, but this in no way means that the services sold are of excellent quality.

Assuming that a prospectus or information sheet approved by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority has been published in advance, share certificates and investments may likewise be made available to the general public. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority’s sole responsibility is to ensure that prospectuses are complete, comprehensible and coherent.

The prospectus or the information sheet of German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH is not necessary in every circumstance. Before investing capital, you should think about your sustainable objectives and clarify whether you have the actual means to achieve them. Do not rush the process. Before you put your money into a capital investment, you should take time to review the pros and cons.

Do not make a decision immediately, even if you have consulted with others.

German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH: Are the promises of returns genuine?

Assess how trustworthy the offer from German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH is. Is the interest rate you were offered particularly high? Can you earn a lot of money with just a fewEUR? These offers are usually nothing more than misleading. You can be sure that very often fraudsters are hiding behind these tempting offers. As a rule, not the least is invested in these investment offers.

Therefore, assess how serious the offer from German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH is. Fraud is not infrequently realised by tricksters in almost the same way. In the World Wide Web, investment products are advertised at prominent positions which are presumably profitable. The perpetrators postulate that they will receive a lot of capital. At the beginning, the investment amounts are relatively small.

All those who register are contacted by a fictitious stockbroker or trader. The victims of the scam then get access to an alleged investment software after depositing the money. Dubious offers can also be identified by promises of returns that are significantly above the market average. The risk of an investor losing investments also increases in direct proportion to the expected profit margin at German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH.

One way to find out about median market returns is to consult the business sections of newspapers or the website of the Deutsche Bundesbank. You should also treat advice for companies with exceptional growth potential with caution. Low prices and low trading volumes make penny stocks, for example, extremely susceptible to speculation and manipulation.

Ponzi scheme definition

A pyramid scheme, or Ponzi scheme, is a type of money fraud. In it, financial resources are pooled from new investors and then used to pay out money to the previously victimised individuals. The masterminds of Ponzi schemes usually claim that they will invest your assets and obtain exorbitant returns without putting your money at risk. Nevertheless, in many Ponzi schemes, the lawbreakers do not actually invest the assets they receive.

Rather, it is used to compensate people who paid in earlier. This allows the perpetrators to keep some of the money for themselves. So pay attention to the risk-reward ratio in all investments – also with German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH. Ponzi schemes require a constant inflow of new money to keep running, as they have very little or no actual income.

Many of these structures fail when it becomes complicated to attract new money investors or when a considerable number of investors drop out. Assuming that you want to invest money with a broker like German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH, you should act with prudence without exception. Among the indications you should be careful of are:

  • Is there a problem with the documentation? If errors come to light on your account statement, it may be a clue that your assets are not being invested as planned.
  • Divesting without a licence: Investment professionals and firms must be licensed or registered in accordance with federal and state securities regulations. Most Ponzi schemes involve unlicensed people or providers.
  • Deposits that are not registered with financial regulators. In the most common cases, Ponzi schemes are unregistered investments that are not supervised by official authorities such as Bafin.
  • The payment of returns does not work out? If you do not receive any payments or find it difficult to cash out, you should be on your guard. The operators of Ponzi schemes may try to encourage participants to stay by guaranteeing even higher returns if they do not withdraw money.
  • Overly predictable outcomes. Over time, financial investments tend to rise and fall. Any investment that delivers positive returns on an ongoing basis, independent of market conditions, should be viewed with a high degree of doubt.

Offensive marketing and payout problems – sound familiar?

A variety of capital goods exist on fraudulent online trading platforms, which are aggressively advertised on internet forums and social media to lure investors. In addition, “multi-level marketing” is used to solicit new investors. The advertising primarily emphasises the assurance of short-term profitability. To start investing, a potential investor must first create an account with the trading platform – such as German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH.

Next, the perpetrators contact the investor via a call centre and try to convince him to invest large amounts of money. The investors’ hopeful attitude towards cybertrading is partly reinforced by the idea of future profits. Buyers are more willing to invest in the future if they see exactly the kind of results they want. At this stage, money investors are being hoodwinked by a corrupted trading algorithm about the true trend in stock market data and prices.

German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH does not necessarily belong to this category. The criminals use their own unilaterally defined price values to calculate profits. This means that the provider has complete control over whether a profit is made or not. This manipulation continues until the supposed profits are paid.

If the investor demands payment, the clients unexpectedly no longer have access to their accounts and the individual contacts associated with them. The majority of investors lose their capital fully invested in such fraudulent trading, forcing them to contact legal counsel.

Find out about fees in advance

Before investing, find out from Deutsche GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH how much of your investment amount will be used to cover costs, fees and commissions. This is a sensible time to check the information provided by the providers in detail! Investors must be informed of all costs included and their effect on the margin of investment service providers. In addition, the costs must be presented individually.

If you request a presentation of all costs, the financial service providers are obliged to provide you with this information. A broker such as German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH is usually interested in as many trading transactions as possible for obvious reasons. Often the fees are so high that it is difficult to make a profit. The fees can even devour the invested capital in a short time. Therefore, be sure to take the costs into account!

The broker’s trading fees must be visible to everyone. The transparency of the cost structure is also stipulated in the official rules and regulations. If there is a violation, the provider’s licence can be revoked.

Money back from German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH: Maximise your chances of success with the support of lawyers

If you have already made investments with German GFM Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH and now want to reclaim them, there are various ways to proceed.

  1. If there is a suspicion that the bank accounts into which our clients have deposited are part of a money laundering scheme, these bank accounts can be blocked. Payments into these accounts can then be reclaimed from the receiving bank.
  2. If transactions have been carried out on accounts abroad, the foreign tax authorities and financial institutions should also be informed in this case. They will then often initiate additional investigations of their own. This also has the aim of seizing sums of money in the accounts and then transferring them back to our clients.
  3. As soon as no solution to the problem with the service provider is conceivable, a complaint can be filed with the responsible authority. This authority will examine the facts of the case and may order the provider to pay compensation. Our client will then be reimbursed the amount by the provider. Complaints bodies can be, for example, financial supervisory authorities or the Financial Ombudsman.
  4. It is not unusual that a solution to the problem can be agreed directly with the service provider. Time and again, our lawyers manage to reach out-of-court settlements with providers. Our clients then recover their full deposit or part of it.
  5. If an assessment by our lawyers would prove that the platform operator may have acted dubiously, we file a criminal complaint with the responsible authorities on behalf of our client. Our law firm is in constant dialogue with public prosecutors who conduct nationwide investigations. Often there are hundreds or even thousands of victims in these proceedings. The investigations repeatedly extend to foreign countries as well. In the past, the public prosecutor’s offices have repeatedly achieved important successes.
  6. If the providers are arrested, claims of the investors who have suffered losses can be asserted in court proceedings. For this purpose, we take our clients through the so-called adhesion procedure. In this way, we are in a position to obtain court titles for our clients against the providers. Often these can then be enforced straight into the secured capital of the fraudsters.