GlamJet describes itself as a next-generation crypto ecosystem and all-in-one platform. The website is also available in German and can be accessed at URL

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GlamJet Experience

If you are considering investing your money on an online trading platform, you should find out more about the provider in advance. It is helpful if you can fall back on GlamJet testimonials in this case. You can find such information by searching online, for example for “GlamJet Token” or “GlamJet App”.

If you search for GlamJet in a search engine, many hits are displayed. Most of them lead to blogs or forums where GlamJet experiences are exchanged or where one comes across GlamJet feedback. Opinions about this company are not entirely positive.

In principle, it is difficult to judge the truthfulness of the published experiences with GlamJet. This is because the articles found on the web are not always written from a neutral point of view.

Company headquarters and regulatory status of GlamJet

Useful information for interested investors can also be found on a trading platform’s own website. Here it is important to pay attention to the data on the company’s registered office and regulatory status. A legally binding imprint, as is obligatory for websites in Germany, does not exist on GlamJet’s online presence.

Information about the provider and the operator of the website can be found in the general terms and conditions. There, it is mentioned that GlamJet Ecosystems Ltd. is based in the Marshall Islands. The customer service of GlamJet can be contacted either by e-mail or via the form provided on the website.

Whether the provider GlamJet is supervised by a European supervisory authority cannot be answered without doubt. There are no indications of registration with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) or the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Therefore, an opinion on a legitimate business operation of GlamJet in Europe, which requires the acquisition of the necessary authorisations, cannot be made unequivocally.

GlamJet website

At the top of its website, GlamJet speaks of a new standard in the crypto industry that supports businesses and people worldwide. In addition, GlamJet is a crypto-based global luxury ecosystem that embraces and harnesses global trends.

GlamJet assumes that the blockchain will have a lasting impact on various industries, just as smartphones or e-mails have already done. In addition, the blockchain is less susceptible to fraud due to its decentralised architecture.

Therefore, it is indispensable, for example, to track luxury items such as diamonds or wines. The first sale of GlamJet tokens took place in October 2018. Since then, the token’s value has developed positively and increased by 800 per cent. Due to the maximum volume of Glam tokens, GlamJet is the world’s largest cryptocurrency economy.

Therefore, it is possible to supply its business ecosystem with various applications. According to the provider, the characteristics of the Glam token include, for example:

  • Minimum transaction amount of 100 US dollars,
  • 150% bonus tokens,
  • Direct sale of coins via GlamJet,
  • 200.000,000,000 coins to be sold,
  • Acceptance of various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

GlamJet is a decentralised marketplace and ecosystem. According to its own information, sellers and buyers could carry out online transactions here using the Glam Utility Token. The transactions take place transparently and without friction.

One of the provider’s goals is to enable new types of features that are fundamentally different. In addition, a Glam token can be exchanged for any tangible or intangible good, such as raw materials, cars or real estate.

Signing up for GlamJet

Anyone who wants to use the GlamJet offer and trade on the online trading platform must first register. According to information on the website, obtaining a GlamJet login is only possible if one can refer to a member of the community from whom one has received an invitation.

Understanding and minimising risks in online trading

Even after the upheaval at the top of the ECB, experts believe that there will be no fundamental correction of monetary policy in the near future. Investors who some time ago were still satisfied with investing in traditional values are therefore turning to higher-yielding options.

Increasing globalisation and digitalisation make it possible to offer services all over the world and from anywhere. Accordingly, many online trading platforms are increasingly turning to European clients.

However, an investment with a provider abroad can develop unfavourably if disputes arise in the context of the investment. This is due on the one hand to conceivable language barriers, and on the other hand to the distance that complicates personal discussions.

Usually, CFD trading, trading with crypto currencys or foreign exchange trading (forex trading) are involved in this context. These are all risky offers in which one should not invest without prior advice, especially as an inexperienced investor. Online trading may be uncomplicated because it works on the personal computer at home.

At the same time, however, it is mostly anonymous and the private investor is on his own. This makes it all the more important to weigh up the risks in detail before investing your money.

Without basic and comprehensive advice, there is a growing danger that risks will not be identified or will be assessed incorrectly, which can have unpleasant consequences for the private investor. Not only do investors often fail to achieve their goals, they often also lose the assets they have invested.

Act in case of losses

Have you lost money on an online trading platform? Then you should refrain from further investments in the first place, even if the online trading provider encourages you to do so. In addition, you should find out the reason for the loss and what options there are for recovering the lost money.

If the issue is not satisfactorily resolved by the online trading provider, one can contact a lawyer and seek investor protection.

The law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH examines to what extent you are entitled to claims against the trading platform and, if desired, enforces them directly against the provider. To make an appointment for a clarifying discussion with our lawyers, please use the contact area.