Globalswiftmarkets – The supposed investment company Globalswiftmarkets presents itself as a Forex broker for CFDs and cryptocurrencies on its online presence

If you have invested with Globalswiftmarkets and there are problems with the distribution, the lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm are available to help and advise you.

Globalswiftmarkets – Information for investors

Currently, there is an enormous number of investment service providers such as Globalswiftmarkets. This means that it has never been as easy but also risky as now to invest in the volatile financial markets.

Precisely because there are numerous options, choosing a provider can be time-consuming and intimidating. Especially if you want them to meet your investment requirements. Are you considering investing money with Globalswiftmarkets? Then the following points are important for you as an investor.

  • Access to global stock markets is becoming more convenient and lucrative for money investors through online investing.
  • With online trading, you can choose from numerous order types.
  • An optimal place to start for money investors who want to inquire about stocks, futures, binary options and cryptocurrencies is a website like this one.
  • Licensed online brokers, reputable providers, fees and brokerage charges, product options and customer reviews are just some of the aspects you would need to include in your final choice.

The following is basic advice for investors – regardless of the platform you invest in.

Is Globalswiftmarkets trustworthy? Assessing providers with confidence

Investors have a wide range of investment opportunities to choose from, with reliable and questionable providers vying for their favour. There are many indicators that a service or offer does not inspire confidence, and it is elementary to keep an eye out. Here’s what to look for when investing your hard-earned assets.

Banking, financial services and insurance companies such as Globalswiftmarkets are allowed to operate in the FRG with state authorisation alone. The companies have been licensed, but that does not mean that the services they offer are of excellent quality.

In the event that a prospectus or information sheet approved by the German financial authorities has been published in advance, trading papers and financial investments can equally be made available to the general public. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority alone ensures that prospectuses are complete, comprehensible and coherent.

The prospectus or information sheet of Globalswiftmarkets is by no means necessary in every context. Before investing money, you should consider your sustainable goals and assess whether you have the monetary means to achieve them. Do not rush the process.

Before you put your assets into an investment, take time to look at the pros and cons. Don’t make a decision promptly even if you have consulted with others.

Unsolicited phone calls from Globalswiftmarkets?

Have you ever received a phone call from a stranger offering you a special deal? Under no circumstances respond to it without further investigation. Unwanted calls are illegal. “Cold calling” is clearly not allowed with investment service providers and similar companies such as Globalswiftmarkets.

There are also people who claim to work for professional online trading platforms. By doing so, they want to get people to give them their personal information. Often, after your first deposit, you are asked to deposit more assets. Phone scammers are always coming up with new ways to rob investors of their savings, cash and other valuables.

A common strategy of the criminals is to call the people they want to harm at inconvenient times of the day. This is, for example, very early in the morning or very late at night. Times, in other words, when they are least concentrated.

In addition, the offenders pretend at the beginning of the conversation that they and the person being called are known to each other. The other possibility is to pretend that the callers are customer-friendly.

In this way, the perpetrators give the person they are talking to on the phone a feeling of sympathy and trust. Check that you are actually dealing with Globalswiftmarkets when they call you.

Pump and Dump: What is it all about?

The term pump and dump is used to describe a practice in which the market price of a share is artificially inflated by insiders. Subsequently, the same share is sold to other investors at a loss. Accordingly, it is a fraud. A trickery that profits from the cluelessness of small investors and stock market novices.

This strategy is therefore forbidden in a controlled stock market and for companies like Globalswiftmarkets. The crypto market, on the other hand, is still largely “Wild West” as far as such tactics are concerned. That is why extra vigilance is essential! Pump-and-dump scams are often encountered there in the context of the generally so-called altcoins.

The pump-and-dump scam is used by criminals to drive up the price of an unknown or possibly self-created currency. They do this by spreading disinformation on the internet or in social media or by luring co-investors with unreasonable profit expectations.

Make sure that the provider Globalswiftmarkets provides you with all the necessary information on this topic.

Differences: reliable and dubious providers of trading websites

There is an abundance of capital goods on dubious internet platforms, which are aggressively advertised in internet forums and social networks in order to lure investors. In addition, “network marketing” is used to solicit new investors. In the advertising, the guarantee of short-term profitability is emphasised above all.

In order to start investing, a potential investor must first create an account with the online trading platform – such as Globalswiftmarkets. Then the supposed brokers contact the investor via a call centre and try to persuade him to pay large sums of money.

The investors’ hopeful attitude towards cybertrading is partly reinforced by the idea of future profits. Clients are more willing to invest in the future if they see exactly the kind of results they hope for. At this stage, investors are misled by a manipulated trading algorithm about the true trend in stock market data and prices.

Globalswiftmarkets does not necessarily fall into this category. The masterminds use their own unilaterally defined price values to calculate profits. This entails that the service provider has all control over whether a profit is obtained or not. This manipulation will continue until the supposed returns are distributed.

When the moment of distribution arrives, the clients suddenly no longer have access to their accounts and the individual contacts associated with them. Most money investors lose all their assets invested in such illegal trading, forcing them to seek legal advice.

Understanding Recovery Scam: The rip-off after investment scam – protect yourself

Anyone who has ever lost assets to a fraudulent investment platform knows how fatal this can be. That alone is bad enough. But on top of that, the scammers behind the bogus entity contact you by email or phone in a manageable amount of time. This time, however, they do not pretend to be Globalswiftmarkets investment advisors.

Instead, they guarantee to help recover the stolen capital in exchange for an upfront payment. Many criminals even appear to have been hired or instructed by reputable companies such as a financial authority. After stealing your personal information, the rip-off artists usually pose as good Samaritans.

They assure to assist you in recovering the stolen money. Even if you have invested money with a service provider like Globalswiftmarkets, your data may be stolen. Those who have lost an immense amount of money are usually desperate. The criminals take advantage of people’s desperation by posing as “recovery” companies.

They offer their services under the pretext of helping them recover their funds. This means they securitise in a dubious manner that they will recover the lost capital.

Refund of funds with Globalswiftmarkets: Increase your chances

If you have already made deposits with Globalswiftmarkets and now want to reclaim them, there are several approaches.

  1. If there is a suspicion that the accounts our clients have deposited money into are part of a money laundering scheme, it is possible to have these accounts blocked. Payments to these accounts can then be reclaimed from the receiving bank.
  2. If transfers have been made abroad, the authorities and banks abroad should also be informed in this case. As a rule, they will then initiate their own investigations. This also serves the purpose of securing sums of money in the bank accounts and subsequently transferring them back to our clients.
  3. If an examination by our lawyers would show that the service provider has probably acted dishonestly, we file a complaint with the competent criminal authorities on behalf of our clients. Our law firm is in constant contact with public prosecutors who conduct investigations throughout Germany. Often there are hundreds or even thousands of aggrieved investors in these criminal proceedings. The investigations repeatedly extend to foreign countries as well. In the past, the public prosecutor’s offices have repeatedly achieved significant successes.
  4. If no solution can be found with the provider, a complaint can be filed with the responsible financial supervisory authority. This authority reviews the case and has the possibility to order the provider to pay compensation. The client then receives the money back from the provider. Addresses for complaints can be, for example, financial supervisory authorities or the Financial Ombudsman.
  5. If the providers are arrested, claims of the injured parties can be asserted in court proceedings. For this purpose, we take our clients through the so-called adhesion procedure. In this way, we can obtain court titles for our clients against the providers. Often these can then be enforced immediately against the seized assets of the perpetrators.
  6. Often a solution to the problem can be worked out with the service provider himself. We can always reach out-of-court settlements with the platforms. Our clients then get back their full transfer sum or part of it.