The greeny+ GmbH in Nattheim with the associated domain has announced its insolvency. Our lawyers from the Herfurtner law firm will summarise for you in this article all publicly available information about the company as well as the background to the insolvency.

We will also give you practical advice should you as a customer, investor or lease customer be affected by the insolvency and now fear for your money.

greeny+ GmbH Nattheim: Insolvency – Interesting facts about the company

The company greeny+ GmbH mainly advertised the following services and products:

  • Production and distribution of products for planting herbs, vegetables, medicinal plants and everything that is useful for this purpose.
  • Production and distribution of other products which can be produced with 3D printers.
  • Production and distribution of manufacturing methods to have the products to be sold produced in external manufactories.

In the online shop, customers can find the GreenyGarden product as well as related spare parts and consumables. The GreenyGarden is offered in a wide variety of sizes and designs, both for private households and as entire farms.

Company headquarters and company information greeny+ GmbH

The following information is given on the company website:


greeny+ GmbH
Daimlerstrasse 23
89564 Nattheim | Germany

Phone and E-Mail

phone: +49 7321 92031-0



Greeny+ GmbH lists the following information in its imprint on its website

Register Court: Ulm Local Court

Register number: HRB 739238

WEEE-Reg. No. DE 19847269

Managing Director: Alexander Wensky, Jörg Bürgers

Sales tax identification number according to § 27 a sales tax law: DE327628057

What is the greeny+ top athletes group?

“The future is printed. greeny+ develops ecological products for crisis-proof and sustainable self-sufficiency,” says the website one of the most important business partners of greeny+ GmbH and, according to its own information, operator of 4D printers and contractual partner of the related leases.

But what exactly does the company’s business model look like? The website provides some information on this. For example, the customer has the option of buying a greeny+ printer and using it:

  1. Either operate it themselves, or
  2. rent it out to experts who then operate it and market the goods produced with it.

Ideally, the customers would thus achieve financial independence, they say.

By leasing the greeny+ printers, the customers would provide the lessee with an “industrial facility as a production site”. The manufacture of the products would be the beginning of a meaningful value chain.

Furthermore, the website contains calculation examples to illustrate the customer advantage. A term of 15 years is mentioned.

Company information about the greeny+ Spitzensportler Group

At the time of writing, we were able to access the following information on the website

greeny+ Spitzensportler Holding GmbH

Zeppelinallee 21 | D-60325 Frankfurt a. Main

Managing Director: Thomas Maus / Rolf Landgraf

Frankfurt am Main Local Court HRB 122940

greeny+ Spitzensport AG

Oberer Graben 3 | CH – 9000 St. Gallen

Board of Directors: Thomas Maus



Managing Director: Thomas Maus

Frankfurt am Main Local Court HRB 122940

Furthermore, the company greenyplus Mallorca SL seems to exist.

Statement by the greeny+ Spitzensportler Group

The greeny+ Spitzensportler Holding GmbH has now published a statement on the insolvency of greeny+ GmbH, which is based in Nattheim, Germany.

It says: “Due to the announced insolvency of greeny+ GmbH Nattheim (DE), the greeny+ Spitzensportler Group would like to point out that it is 100% independent of greeny+ GmbH Nattheim (DE). […] At the same time, we would like to clearly communicate on the part of the greeny+ Spitzensportler Group that:

  • We continue to believe in the greeny+ products and their international potential and will produce them in the future using the 3D printing process.
  • The Spitzensportler Group has made all initial lease payments on time on 15.1.2023 and remains committed to the lease agreements.
  • We will do everything in the interest of our customers to enable an orderly and timely delivery of the 4D printers and their commissioning.
  • Incidentally, the Spitzensportler Group is not only focused on greeny+ products, but will also print other sustainable products for other B2B partners.

Should the insolvency of greeny+ GmbH Nattheim (DE) result in the Spitzensportler Group’s lessee customers, who have concluded a purchase agreement with greeny+ GmbH Nattheim (DE), not being able to access their legitimately acquired 4D printers and these accordingly not being delivered within the original deadline, we reserve the right, in consultation with each of our customers, to collectively represent the rights of our lessors.

In this context, the Spitzensportler Group has decided, subject to legal review, to make the lessee customers, who have outstanding claims of around EUR 10 million against the insolvent greeny+ GmbH Nattheim (DE) on the basis of their currently around 2000 4D printer purchase contracts, the offer to take over the rights from the purchase contracts in full for EUR 1 per printer.

This would release the lessor from the obligation to have a printer delivered by greeny+ GmbH Nattheim (DE), and the risk of procurement would be transferred to the greeny+ Spitzensportler Group”

(Source:, retrieved on 03.02.2023)

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Negative customer reviews of greeny+ GmbH

The numerous negative Google reviews submitted by customers of greeny+ GmbH in recent weeks and months are striking.

In most cases, customers complain about technical defects, software that is susceptible to hacking, a lack of customer support and difficulties with complaints, as well as delays in delivery and undelivered orders despite 100% prepayment.

Several customer reviews express a suspicion of fraud and warn others against making a purchase, as the website and online shop of greeny+ GmbH is currently still active.

Take legal advice

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