Grinta Invest – The alleged financial service provider Grinta Invest presented itself as an online broker on its website, which is currently offline.

If you have invested with Grinta Invest and there are problems with the payout, the lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm will be happy to help you.

Grinta Invest – Experiences

Currently, there is a very high number of investment service providers, such as Grinta Invest, among others. As a result, investing in the unpredictable financial markets has never been as easy but also risky as it is today. Precisely because there are a lot of options, choosing a provider can be time-consuming and challenging. Especially if you want it to match your particular investment ideas.

Have you already invested with Grinta Invest? In this case, the following aspects are relevant for you as an investor.

  • Entering the global stock markets is becoming more practical and lucrative for investors through online investing.
  • When trading online, you can use a number of order types.
  • Regulated online brokers, secure platforms, costs and commissions, bid options and valuations are just a few of the criteria you would need to consider when making your irrevocable choice.

The following information are general suggestions for investors – regardless of the platform you invest in.

Checklist Grinta Invest: Check online brokers in advance

The following list serves as a safeguard against online trading platforms with fraudulent intentions.

  • Is a provider like Grinta Invest listed in the company database of the specific EU regulator?
  • Is there a full imprint on the website?
  • Inquire as extensively as possible about the company and the merchandise you want to buy (Google, blog entries, online map services).
  • Don’t be misled by stories about very high monetary gains without the risk of losing investments.
  • In which place is the official headquarters of the company?
  • Ask yourself: What is the name of the contact person I should get in touch with?
  • Do not use any remote maintenance software that gains access to your end devices.
  • Do not accept unsolicited investment tips from strangers via advertisements on the phone or e-mails.

Grinta Invest: What does the provider promise and does he explain the risks of loss?

Check how trustworthy the offer from Grinta Invest is. Is the interest rate offered to you exceptionally high? Can you make a lot of money with just a few euros? These special offers are usually nothing more than misleading. Be aware that lawbreakers are usually hiding behind these tempting opportunities. As a rule, nothing at all is invested in these investment offers.

Therefore, check how serious the offer from Grinta Invest is. Fraud is often perpetrated by tricksters in this way. Financial products that are supposedly profitable are announced in prominent positions on the Internet. The perpetrators emphasise that they will receive a lot of money. At the beginning, the investment amounts are halfway marginal.

Those who register are consulted by a fictitious broker or securities dealer. The fraud victims then get access to an alleged investment software after paying the money. Dubious offers can also be recognised by promises of returns that are considerably higher than the market average. The risk of an investor losing investments increases in direct proportion to the expected return, even with Grinta Invest.

One opportunity to find out about the median market return is the business sections of the daily newspapers or the website of the Deutsche Bundesbank. Similarly, you should take recommendations for companies with exceptional potential for growth with a grain of salt. Low prices and minimal trading volumes make penny stocks, for example, extremely susceptible to speculation and manipulation.

Reputable brokers always act in your best interests

Placing orders for securities transactions without the account holder’s consent can, in individual cases, lead to a jump in the price of particular stocks. This applies in particular to open market transactions in illiquid foreign shares (over-the-counter market). Therefore, remain cautious if you are instructed to disclose sensitive data about the investment with Grinta Invest without your permission with reference to apparently profitable transactions or profit announcements.

At no time should you provide your International Bank Account Number, BIC and other bank codes to anyone you do not know. Nor should you disclose your account or deposit numbers or passwords. Do not hand over any custody account documents or securities statements from Grinta Invest to anyone you do not know. Callers posing as investment advisors, online brokers or employees of a financial supervisory authority are also unpredictable.

Cybertrading: What you should know in advance

Conventional investment fraud is carried out using well-known methods such as advertisements, unsolicited telephone calls or stock market letters. When it comes to fraud, the old-fashioned approach is quickly becoming obsolete in the digital age. The new type of investment fraud could be described with the term “cybertrading”. Financial products are traded dishonestly via the World Wide Web.

Fraudulent investments include investment products such as contracts for difference and virtual funds. Grinta Invest’s offers were also used by other providers in a similar way to hoodwink investors. Investors are increasingly enquiring about investment options themselves online. Thus, people rely on their individual know-how or on the advice of others in weblogs, forums and other online portals when making decisions.

The switch to increasingly different financial instruments has no lasting effect on the illegal activities in terms of organisational structure. Since the criminal gangs rely on already existing and widely accepted infrastructures, there is no need to adapt to a new “business model”. No matter what kind of financial product is traded, the process of cybertrading is nearly identical.

These financial instruments are aggressively advertised on social media platforms or with affiliate marketing. In this context, it is virtually all about illustrating enormously high returns. Calculate the probability of achieving high profits with Grinta Invest before you invest.

Keep other online trading costs in mind

Before investing with Grinta Invest, find out how much of your investment amount is used to cover costs such as fees and commissions. This is a useful time to take a close look at the information provided by service providers! Investors must be informed of all fees charged and how they affect the margin of financial service providers.

In addition, the costs must be presented separately. Insofar as you request a presentation of the individual fees, the providers are under an obligation to provide you with this information. A broker like Grinta Invest is usually interested in as many trading transactions as possible for understandable reasons. Most of the time, the costs are so enormous that it is difficult to make a profit.

The costs can even eat up the invested capital in a very short time. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the costs! The trading fees of the online broker must be publicly available. The clarity of the structure of the costs is also set out in the applicable rules and regulations. In connection with a violation, the licence of the provider can be revoked.

What to do in case of losses with Grinta Invest?

You have invested money with Grinta Invest or a similar service provider? Now you are encountering obstacles in the payout process? Then we recommend that you immediately block further payments. This applies in particular if the broker suggests additional payments to make up for deficits. Furthermore, you should try to recover the lost capital.

In this context, aggrieved parties can seek investor protection and contact the lawyers of our law firm. Our law firm examines civil law as well as criminal law options and possible claims for damages against the provider and against involved payment service providers such as banks. “A private investor who loses his capital in the course of online trading is by no means an isolated case.

Many private investors are misled by the professional behaviour of financial providers and do not realise in time that they are not responsible for their losses Our recommendation is therefore not to resign, but to act swiftly and with commitment. Because the prospect of recovering the lost capital is often greater than the aggrieved investors suspect. Would you like to talk to one of our lawyers about Grinta Invest? Then you can go straight to our contact page here.