Hernuel Management is or has been a service provider from the financial sector. The company’s website, registered under the URL www.hernuel-management.com, was no longer available at the time of writing (13.03.20).

A piece of news certainly puts the company Hernuel Management in a deceptive light: The Austrian Financial Market Authority has made Hernuel Management the subject of an investor warning.

Concerned clients, who were called by employees of the provider Hernuel Management, have contacted the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH. As a result, transactions with Hernuel Management are not recommended without careful examination. This is because investors are probably exposing themselves to a major financial risk.

Established in Hamburg and Munich the lawyers of the Kanzlei Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH are persons of confidence for investors, who look for investor protection. The law firm serves clients from all European countries.

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Hernuel Management – Information

Our office has the following information:

Company: Hernuel Management
Address: 7 Avenue Marcel Legrand, 93150 Le Blanc-Mesnil, France
Telephone number: 0033 97 107 2350

The Austrian Financial Market Authority FMA already issued a warning on 8 March 2019 on the subject of Hernuel Management. The notification states that the provider of Hernuel Management is not authorised to carry out banking transactions requiring authorisation. Consequently, the company was not allowed to provide commercial investment advice in relation to financial instruments.

No information can be found regarding authorisation and supervision by other European supervisory authorities. It should therefore not be assumed without reservation that the provider has the authorizations required for its business activities.

General Risks for Investors

In the current phase of low interest rates, investors often do not know how they can invest their money as lucratively as possible and on the other hand safely. Many brokers therefore try to lure customers with unbelievably high profits. As a result, private investors in Europe lose tens of billions of euros every year through a wide variety of investment forms.

Many companies have a very good website, which appears professional and trustworthy even to experienced investors and business people. The draft contracts and terms and conditions used also indicate a reputable company at first.

One should always check with the dealers and advisors and check whether the offer is regulated by the supervisory authorities as is the case with Hernuel Management. According to warnings from several supervisory authorities, many companies do not have a licence for the business they are conducting.

In some cases, immensely high profits are promised. However, the financial products and investments offered are usually worthless or non-existent.

What Private Investors should be aware of

If you follow the advice of our lawyers, you significantly limit your personal risk. Investors should be aware of a relevant basic rule – promises of high returns are usually associated with high potential losses.

Caution is also advisable if the broker is located in an “exotic” country. A telephone call is often the first step in establishing contact. In the following cases one should be particularly careful:

  • Extremely high profits are promised or even guaranteed.
  • The companies are located abroad and do not have a license.
  • There is no branch office in the EU.
  • No personal advice is offered on site.

Many non-serious brokers try to gain trust by presenting private investors with supposed securities of their own, such as guarantees or letters of value. With promised returns of more than 50%, it cannot be assumed that this is a realistic offer.

Carefulness is always necessary if one has the feeling that the broker is playing down the costs and risks.

What should Customers do if they experience Difficulties with Hernuel Management?

Clients who have entrusted their money to a third party and are facing difficulties can contact the lawyers of the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH and get information about their options for action free of charge.

The consultation takes place throughout Europe. Here you can access our contact area directly.