Imperial Finance Group is an online trading platform where private investors can trade with various assets. These include commodities, currencies (Forex Trading), Contracts for Difference (CFDs), indices or shares.

The English homepage is available at the URL

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Imperial Finance Group Experience

Every investor who is considering leaving his money to an online trading platform should obtain basic information about the broker and his products in advance. Blogs and forums in which investors talk about their experiences with Imperial Finance Group and exchange opinions are a good basis for research.

If you look for texts that make the provider Imperial Finance Group a topic, you will find a mixed opinion. Various investors are asking themselves how they can terminate Imperial Finance Group. They also discuss how to delete their Imperial Finance Group account.

Anyone looking for an Imperial Finance Group test will also find what they are looking for. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that one can also come across manipulated statements that deliberately characterise an online broker in a benevolent manner or express negative tendencies in order to make the offer bad.

Registered Office, Regulation

The homepage of the provider must also be included in the research. Although there is little neutral content on this site, the location of the company’s headquarters and its status of regulation should be examined closely before making an investment.

Information on the headquarters of the Imperial Finance Group can only be found in the footer of the website. There is no legally binding imprint or information in the contact area. The website of Imperial Finance Group is owned and operated by Waltika Partners LTD. The company is based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

In the contact area you will find a form and two e-mail addresses for written enquiries. There is also a telephone number with the UK area code (+44). There is no evidence that the provider of Imperial Finance Group io is registered and monitored by a state financial regulator.

This is because there is no indication of authorisation by, for example, the German BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) or the British FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). It cannot therefore be assumed beyond doubt that the company has the authorizations required for business operations in the EU.

Imperial Finance Group Internet Presence

On its homepage, the Imperial Finance Group advertises that it can exploit opportunities in five leading financial markets and trade more than 500 different assets. The provider itself provides free advice from analysts, trading signals and ideas for investments. In detail, the platform allows investors to invest in the following assets:

  • Foreign currencies (Forex Trading)
  • Commodities
  • Contracts for Difference (CFDs)
  • Shares
  • Indices
  • Crypto Currencies

About itself, Imperial Finance Group says that it is a leading international trading company. The website is encrypted and correspondingly secure, and the company also offers a range of training opportunities. In addition, the customer service department is available to help with questions and concerns.

The Imperial Finance Group focuses on technology. For this reason, the company offers its customers the use of the latest tools, which are suitable for beginners as well as advanced traders. From the provider’s point of view, a total of six reasons speak in favour of its own offering:

  • user-friendly surface
  • safe environment
  • great support from the customer
  • transparent action
  • innovative services
  • insightful training

Registration and offered Accounts

Registration is a prerequisite for starting trading via the Imperial Finance Group Login. This is done by entering your personal data in a form and submitting it. After opening an account, you should use the learning tools offered to finally start the trading journey and generate profits.

According to information on the website, customers can choose from three different account types:

  • Classic: Minimum deposit 1,000 US dollars, up to 70 trading instruments
  • Investor: Minimum deposit 5,000 US dollars, up to 100 trading instruments
  • VIP: Minimum deposit 10,000 US dollars, over 250 trading instruments

There appear to be various alternatives for deposits and withdrawals at Imperial Finance Group, including payment by credit card or bank transfer. For each withdrawal from the account, Imperial Finance Group will charge a minimum fee of $25.

Technology offered

Trading on an online platform requires access to trading software. In many cases, online brokers make this available to their customers free of charge. The software can be a proprietary development or a third-party program.

Customers could use the Metatrader 4 which one can download as software on the own PC and install there. In addition one can use an application called Webtrader via the internet browser. This is particularly suitable for beginners. There is no information about mobile solutions for Smartphone or Tablet on the website.

Training and further Education at Imperial Finance Group

The training division of the Imperial Finance Group is divided into different areas. Here you will find offers such as FAQs (frequently asked questions), e-books, videos for training purposes or a glossary. If you click on the individual areas, however, you will be forwarded to pages with no content. This may change for registered customers.

What are the possible Pitfalls of Online Trading?

Even after the change at the top of the European Central Bank, experts expect that there will be no significant change in monetary policy in the near future. Investors who some time ago were still satisfied with an investment in overnight money are therefore turning to more profitable options.

Globalisation and digitalisation make it possible to offer services all over the world and from anywhere. Accordingly, many online trading platforms are increasingly turning to European customers.

If problems arise, those affected by online trading platforms are faced with the task of discussing them with the provider. Because if a provider is located abroad, this often prevents direct dialogue, and language barriers may also arise.

When dealing with topics such as crypto currencies, Forex trading or CFDs (Contracts for Difference) you should seek thorough advice if you are considering investing in them. With online trading platforms, however, neither advice nor a personal contact is the rule.

The possible pitfalls of an investment opportunity are therefore often left to the investor himself. In the absence of expert advice, investors may not take sufficient account of the risks involved and may misjudge or suppress them.

If investments are made in spite of this, it is possible that the desired goals may not be achieved within the defined period. If adverse trends or sideways movements occur, some investors are also advised to invest additional money to protect the initial investment.

Respond to Losses

In the event of losses, one should refrain immediately from injecting further funds. Instead, you should first discuss with the online trading provider the reason for the losses and whether there are prospects of compensating for these losses.

If you are unable to provide credible information, you can seek investor protection and contact a legal advisor. The law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwälte will check whether you can assert claims against the trading platform and, if desired, will enforce them directly with the provider.

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Text: Status: February 11, 2020