Infinitrade – The company offers supposedly high-yield products. The company’s website is available in English and can be accessed at the URL The focus of the tradable assets seems to be on foreign currencies (Forex Trading). According to its own statements, Infinitrade’s trading platform is suitable for customers of all experience levels.

Infinitrade has been placed on a warning list by the Belgian tax authorities. Various investors who might be affected have already called the lawyers of Herfurtner Rechtsanwälte and informed themselves about their options regarding Infinitrade.

Trades in connection with Infinitrade are therefore not recommended without detailed examination. Because customers may expose themselves to a large financial risk.

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Infinitrade – Data

Our law firm has the following information about the service provider Infinitrade:

Name of the company: A&E Products Limited as operator of Infinitrade; Trading Services A&E Products Ltd as payment service provider
Postal addresses: Trust Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajetlate Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960 and 10 Haidut sider, ap 18, Sofia, City R.A Sofia 1309, Bulgaria
Phone numbers: 0035924929371 and 00442038076223

The Belgian financial supervisory authority FSMA informed investors about Infinitrade already on 1 October 2019. The announcement states that the provider of Infinitrade is not authorised to offer banking or investment services in Belgium.

Information about an approval and supervision of Infinitrade by another European state supervisory authority does not exist on the company’s website. Therefore, it should not be assumed beyond doubt that the company behind Infinitrade has the authorizations required for its business activities.

What general Risks Investors should be aware of

In the current phase of low interest rates, it is becoming increasingly common for investors to be desperately looking for lucrative products. As a result, customers often become injured by providers who promise them supposed security and record returns.

As a result, investors in the Federal Republic of Germany lose tens of billions each year due to a wide variety of investment forms.

The homepages of brokers offer further information on the company’s offers. Visitors and interested parties might actually get the impression that the company is a reputable broker due to a professional and reputable appearance.

Solid companies usually have the necessary licenses for financial services. Warnings from the authorities do not mean that the activity is certainly based on deception. This could only be established after a court decision.

Nevertheless, private investors should take such warnings seriously and check whether they still want to invest with such companies. Enormous profits are promised in individual cases. However, the financial products and investments offered are usually worthless or non-existent.

What Investors should pay attention to

Against this background, investors should follow simple rules to avoid at least certain risks:

  • Do not be blinded by abstruse profit promises! If you want to generate returns above the market level, you usually have to resort to highly speculative forms of investment.
  • Let your broker inform you about his commission! Brokers are usually obliged to do so on their own initiative anyway. If the remuneration is high, remember that the advisor has a vested interest in you concluding specified contracts.
  • Take your time! Only sign draft contracts after you have researched the product in detail. Also compare the offer with other investment products. Do not make your decision until you (and not your broker!) have cleared up all imponderables yourself.
  • Insist on a personal meeting on site! Do not entrust your money to someone you have never looked into the eyes of before. Serious providers will advise you in their offices or make an appointment at your home.
  • Give preference to national or local companies! This will make it much easier for you to assert your claims in the event of a dispute.

In some cases, the prompt conclusion of the transaction should be made palatable to you by certain advantages. Suspected preferential prices or the attainment of tax advantages are a common argument. In this way, you want to deprive investors of the opportunity to reconsider their investment.

Also a comparison with other offers or even an investigation into the investment in question should be prevented. Private investors should be induced to transfer their money as soon as possible. Often the investment fraudsters have already reached their goal.

Problems with Infinitrade? What affected Investors can do

Private investors who have entrusted their capital to Infinitrade and are facing problems can contact the lawyers of the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH and have themselves informed without obligation about their possibilities of action regarding Infinitrade.

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