Invest Dominate Group – The website advertises itself as a broker. On its website, smart investments in the area of CFDs are possible.

If you have invested with Invest Dominate Group and there are problems with the distribution, the lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm are available to give you advice and support.

Invest Dominate Group – Reviews

Currently, there is a very high number of providers such as Invest Dominate Group. As a result, investing in the volatile financial markets has never been as easy but also as risky as it is today.

Especially because there are plenty of opportunities, choosing an online broker can be time-consuming and frustrating. Especially if you want it to meet your personal investment requirements.

Have you already invested with Invest Dominate Group? Then the following points are important for you as an investor.

  • When trading online, you can use numerous order types.
  • Officially regulated brokers on the Internet, secure provider sites, fees and commissions, offer options and ratings are only exemplary points of view that you should take into account when making your final decision.
  • A suitable place to start for investors who want to find out about securities, futures, options and cryptocurrencies is a website like this one.
  • Access to the global financial markets is made easier and more lucrative for money investors through online investing.

The following is general advice for investors – regardless of the platform you invest in.

Invest Dominate Group Checklist: Assessing service providers correctly

The following list serves to protect you from brokers with dubious intentions.

  • Find out as much as you can about the company and the commodity you want to buy (Google, blog entries, online map services).
  • Is a company like Invest Dominate Group listed in the company database of the respective EU control authority?
  • Identity theft is a problem: please do not hand over a copy of your photo ID. Rip-off artists often ask you to do this.
  • Don’t be fooled by promises of huge profits without the risk of losing money.
  • Do not use any remote maintenance software that gains access to your terminal equipment.
  • Is the online trading provider Invest Dominate Group a company licensed by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority or in another EU state?
  • Is there a complete imprint on the website?
  • Do not accept any unsolicited investment tips from unknown persons via telephone canvassing or e-mails.
  • In which city is the provider’s head office?
  • Ask yourself: What is the name of the contact person I should get in touch with?

Does Invest Dominate Group guarantee extremely high profits?

Investigate how serious Invest Dominate Group’s offer is. Is the interest rate provided to you exceptionally high? Can you get a lot of money with a few EUR?

These offers are usually nothing more than misleading. Be sure that criminals are usually hiding behind these tempting offers. As a rule, nothing at all is invested in these investment offers. Therefore, investigate how serious the offer from Invest Dominate Group is.

Scams are often carried out by tricksters in a similar way. On the WWW, investment products are announced in prominent positions that are blandly profit-making. The criminals emphasise that they will receive a lot of capital. At the beginning, the investment amounts tend to be marginal.

Those who register are consulted by a fictitious broker or securities trader. The fraud victims then gain access to a supposed investment software after depositing the money.

Dubious special offers can also be recognised by promises of returns that are significantly above the market average.

An investor’s risk of losing capital also increases with Invest Dominate Group in direct proportion to the expected return. One option for finding out about the average market return is the business sections of newspapers or the website of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

You should also treat recommendations for companies with exceptional growth potential with caution. Low prices and minimal trading volumes make penny stocks, for example, extremely susceptible to speculation and manipulation.

Ponzi scheme: How it works

A pyramid scheme, or Ponzi scheme, is a type of money fraud. In this, money is collected from new money investors and then used to pay out money to the former aggrieved persons.

The masterminds of Ponzi schemes often claim that they will invest your wealth and achieve huge profits without putting your assets at risk. Nevertheless, in many Ponzi schemes, the lawbreakers do not actually invest the assets they receive.

Rather, it is used to pay off people who previously paid in. This allows the criminals to keep some of the money for themselves. So pay attention to the risk-reward ratio in all investments – including Invest Dominate Group.

Ponzi schemes need a constant inflow of new capital to keep running because they have low or no real revenue. Many of these structures fail when it becomes costly to generate fresh investors or when a substantial number of investors drop out.

Assuming that you want to invest capital with a service provider like Invest Dominate Group, you should act with prudence without exception.

Indicators you should look out for include:

  • Tactics that are very difficult to spot. Keep your assets out of the stock market if you do not know enough about it.
  • Overly predictable results. Over time, investments tend to rise and fall. Any investment that delivers good returns without interruption, independent of market conditions, should be viewed with a high degree of scepticism.
  • Risk-free profits with minimal or no volatility. Every investment involves a certain amount of risk, and the riskier an investment is, the more likely it is to yield a high return.
  • Investments that are not registered with financial regulators. In most cases, Ponzi schemes are unregistered investments that are not controlled by state authorities such as Bafin.
  • Selling without a licence: Investment professionals and firms must be licensed or registered in accordance with federal and state securities regulations. The vast majority of Ponzi schemes involve unlicensed people or companies.
  • Is there a problem with the documentation? If there are errors on your account statement, it may be a signal that your capital is not being invested properly.

Reliable online brokers do not deny payouts

Buyers are often wooed by a “broker” or call centre employee as soon as they have registered on the apparent online trading platform. The aim is to encourage investors to increase their long-term investments in order to maximise their earnings. This is also a legitimate goal of the Invest Dominate Group broker.

Immediately after the buyer has transferred his capital, preliminary profit developments are presumably displayed on his user account. This should motivate the investor to continue investing in the financial instrument.

The platform operators, however, can use fraud software to fake account movements and profits, even without the customer being aware of it.

Make sure that accounts can be verified equally with Invest Dominate Group.

In reality, no trading takes place on many online trading platforms. Instead, the deposited assets are transferred by the perpetrators to accounts abroad. This is not noticed by the customers for the time being.

The “providers” put the payout on the back burner of the reported earnings by demanding that investors pay what appear to be due taxes and processing costs. These scams only serve the purpose of increasing revenue.

At a certain point, communication breaks down completely. The paid-in capital is no longer there. From this point on, the only thing left to do is to go to a lawyer to launch the necessary measures.

Recovery scam explained simply: correctly assessing providers for recovering funds

Anyone who has ever lost assets to a fraudulent investment platform knows how devastating it can be. That alone is terrible enough. But in addition, the scammers behind the bogus entity will contact you by email or phone in a manageable amount of time.

This time, however, they do not pose as Invest Dominate Group online brokers. Instead, they promise to help you recover your lost capital in exchange for an advance payment. Many rip-off artists even seem to have been hired or instructed by reputable institutions such as a financial authority.

After stealing your personal information, the rip-off artists usually pose as good Samaritans. They guarantee to assist you in recovering the stolen money. Even if you have invested money with a service provider such as Invest Dominate Group, your data may be stolen.

Those who have lost an immense amount of money are usually desperate. The criminals take advantage of people’s desperation by calling themselves service providers for the recovery of funds. They offer their services under the pretext of assisting them to recover their assets. That is, they assure in a dubious manner that they will recover the lost money.

Do you want to get your capital back from Invest Dominate Group? Our lawyers can help

Arrangements need to be made as soon as possible once suspicions are confirmed that a provider is not acting in accordance with the rules and there is a risk that the broker will not pay out its profits. Apart from a report, which our law firm prepares for our clients with the police, and a notification to the tax authorities, the provider should also be held legally accountable if necessary.

This involves examining the claims against the operator of the trading platform agreed in the contract as well as any compensation options.

In the case of financial transactions, it is equally essential to check whether banks can be held responsible in the event of an error. Claims for compensation against banking institutions may exist, for example, in the case of money laundering or other criminal acts. However, this must be examined on a case-by-case basis.

If your provider delays the distribution, you should therefore immediately contact an experienced law firm:

  1. Let us know how long the online broker has not paid
  2. Give us the names and contact details of all the people you have spoken to
  3. Describe to us by email the experience you have had with the service provider

Herfurtner Law Firm will provide you with a free initial assessment in connection with Invest Dominate Group. We will also let you know as soon as possible whether we think you have a good chance of recovering your losses.