Jf Global Advisors – The company offers or has offered supposedly high-yield products. The company’s website, available at the URL www.jfglobaladvisors.com, could no longer be accessed during the text creation and research on March 13, 2020.

Several European authorities and lawyers warn of potentially problematic investments in Jf Global Advisors without further consultation. Various probably concerned investors have at present called the lawyers of the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH to get advice on their options.

Private investors are not advised to enter into trades with Jf Global Advisors without further examination.

Based in Hamburg and Munich, the lawyers of the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH are the contact persons for private investors seeking investor protection. The law firm serves affected investors from all European countries.

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Jf Global Advisors – Information

Our attorneys have received the following information from FCA regarding Jf Global Advisors:

Company: J.F. Global Advisors – also trading as “Jürgen Fleischmann Global Advisors” (clone of a company licensed in Austria)
Supposed postal addresses: Weinfeldgasse 15a, 6060, Austria; Bahnhofstrasse 18, 3280 Murten, Switzerland
Presumed telephone numbers: 0043 720 775 139 (Austria), 0041 435 081 388 (Switzerland)

The Financial Market Authority of Austria already published a warning notice in connection with Jf Global Advisors on 17 August 19. It states that the company Jf Global Advisors is not allowed to provide professional investment advice on financial instruments. This is because Jf Global Advisors is not authorized to provide banking services in Austria that require a license.

A further warning on Jf Global Advisors has been issued by the British Financial Conduct Authority (Jf Global Advisors warning dated 22.7.19). The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) also added Jf Global Advisors to its warning list on 19.08.19.

Information on authorisation and supervision by any governmental supervisory authority cannot be found in online searches. It cannot therefore be assumed beyond doubt that the company has the licenses required for its business activities.

Where the general Risks for Investors lie

With comparatively safe investments such as bonds or treasuries, it is virtually impossible to make profits. In quite a few cases, financial products are then offered that in reality do not exist at all. In most cases, however, private investors suffer a complete loss of their capital investment in the end.

The possibilities for financial backers are generally well presented on the company’s website. Risks, on the other hand, are played down or not mentioned at all. A quick conclusion is urged, which should serve to secure alleged advantages that are only available in the short term.

Comparisons with other offers or an examination of the financial products offered are to be prevented by pressure for a quick decision.

Before making an investment, it is advisable to obtain information about the traders and advisors. Here it is necessary to assess whether a supervisory authority regulates the provider. If the company does not have a licence for the services offered, one should be very alert. This is especially true for promises of unusually high profits.

If you are not sure whether a company is trustworthy, it is best to seek the help of a legal representative as soon as possible.

Some companies offer promises of returns that have little to do with reality. The possibilities are immense, but risks are hardly or not at all mentioned. In some individual cases, the immediate conclusion of the investment should be made palatable to you by certain advantages.

What Investors should consider

Yields of 6 to 8% do not sound impossible at first glance, but are nevertheless significantly higher than the average value achieved by serious, classic financial products today. So here, too, investors should take care.

An indicator for dubious trades can be if your broker receives a high remuneration for the conclusion of a transaction. Here you should consider that the broker has a vested interest in you investing your assets in certain investment transactions. The advice given by a broker is therefore not necessarily neutral.

Some brokers will therefore try to convince you of an investment that is not tailored to your personal needs. There is a danger here that you will be deprived of risks and the prospects of success of the transaction will be presented too positively.

Problems with Jf Global Advisors? What Investors can do

Investors who have entrusted their money to a broker or an advisor and are facing problems can contact the lawyers of the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH and be informed free of charge about their options for action. The consultation takes place throughout Europe. Here you can access our contact area.