The website of the provider,, is currently no longer online. Here, recovery and refund services were offered. For an upfront payment, would assist its customers in recovering their funds lost in a fraud.

However, the German financial supervisory authority BaFin warned against the provider Kryptomarktaufsicht and its domain as early as October 2022. According to the authority’s warning, the website is fake and it is a fraud attempt with the aim of collecting and misusing customers’ sensitive data.

According to BaFin, the fraudsters behind are particularly targeting credit card numbers, account data, passwords and login data.

The warning also states that an alleged employee of the company has made unauthorised telephone contact with potential customers. If this is a case of cold calling, such calls are generally not permitted by law.

Are you a customer of and are now experiencing difficulties?

Topic Overview

  1. Are there reliable recovery service providers?
  2. Learning to assess providers with confidence
  3. Recovery Scam: What is it and what is the danger?
  4. How can I protect myself from recovery scammers?
  5. Negative experiences?

Are there reliable recovery service providers?

How reliable is the provider, and how do reliable recovery service providers differ from large-scale recovery scams?

There are certain companies and individuals that claim to be able to recover lost investments, but you should exercise caution and check the reputation of the service provider before placing your trust in them.

One way to determine the seriousness of a company is to check with official tax authorities in EU countries, or search their databases to see if the company is registered and if there are any complaints or investigations pending against it.

Likewise, you have the opportunity to find out about dubious providers by reading blogs and articles by law firms. Our lawyers regularly publish articles on trading and recovery service providers with regard to how reputable they are. This is often based on reports from those affected as well as warnings from the authorities. Learning to assess providers with confidence

Several elements can help to distinguish reputable providers of recovery and refund services (recovery, refund or chargeback) from dubious ones:

  1. Registration: reputable companies are often registered with the relevant tax authority. You can check on the authorities’ website whether a company is registered or not.
  2. Experience: Rep utable companies usually have a lot of experience and have successfully helped other clients recover lost investments. Before choosing a service provider, check out testimonials from previous clients. But be sceptical. Reviews can also be faked in the common rating portals or on the company’s website.
  3. Transparent fee schedule: Reputable companies usually disclose what fees they charge and what the payment terms are. If a company does not give you clear information about its pricing structures, you should be cautious.
  4. Legality: Reputable providers run legal and honest businesses. If a company breaks the law or is involved in criminal activity, you should exercise caution.
  5. References: Reputable companies usually have satisfied customers who are willing to testify about their cooperation with the company. Before choosing a service provider, ask for references from previous clients.

Before choosing a service provider, it is important to be vigilant and seek advice from multiple sources, as there are dishonest companies that pose as trustworthy.

Recovery Scam: What is it and what is the danger?

Recovery scam is when companies or individuals claim to be able to recover lost assets, but in reality scam their victims out of their money and never return it.

These scammers often take advantage of the hopelessness and trust of people who have lost their money in dubious cryptocurrency or investment schemes. Even if they pose as reputable companies, they do not have the expertise and knowledge to recover the funds.

They may also charge exorbitant amounts without ever providing any service. It is not uncommon for a recovery scam to be preceded by an online trading scam. The same perpetrators are often behind both scams.

This also explains why the recovery service providers usually have knowledge about online trading (provider, investment amount, personal data) and independently seek contact with the fraud victim.

To recover lost investments, it is important to be careful and choose a reliable service provider.

How can I protect myself from recovery scammers?

You can take the following measures to protect yourself from a recovery scam:

  • Before choosing a service provider, do extensive research. Don’t let yourself be pressured – pressured offers and time-limited offers are signs of a lack of seriousness
  • Find out about the company’s registration with the authorities and read articles from law firms.
  • Be wary of sudden offers: If someone contacts you claiming to be able to help you recover missing funds, proceed with extreme caution.
  • Beware of excessive fees: Reputable companies usually charge less than dishonest ones. Be wary if someone asks for a lot of money up front. Even 100% guarantees of success seem dubious. Negative experiences?

If you have hired the services of and have already paid for them, but are now encountering complications with the repatriation of your funds, feel free to contact our lawyers.

We offer you a free initial consultation and will examine your individual case conscientiously. You can expect a realistic assessment of your chances of success from us. If we see civil or criminal law options to enforce your claims, we will take them.

Independent of the service provider, the following avenues are open to you if you suspect that you have been defrauded by a service provider.

Report the suspected fraud: Report the fraud to the competent financial supervisory authority.

Try to get your money back: For this purpose, hire a lawyer who has experience in the areas of online trading and fraud.

Notify thebank: A competent lawyer will take care of contacting and corresponding with your banking institution. This is advantageous because it is important not to make any statements that can be interpreted as an “admission of guilt” on your part. Because in this case you may forfeit your claim for damages.

Make a list of thedetails: Make a list of the details of the fraud, including the name of the company or person you have been in contact with, their contact information, the amount of damage and any other relevant details.

Please inform others: Share your experience with others to warn them about similar scams.

Get a lawyer involved: A lawyer will support you and work to enforce your claims. Furthermore, he has the possibility to fall back on long-standing contacts to investigating authorities, IT forensic experts and public prosecutors. This “network” increases your chances of receiving full or partial compensation.

By telephone or via our contact form you have the possibility to report a fraud without obligation or to claim an initial consultation by our lawyers free of charge for you.