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Your lawyer in Grünwald

Personal service for clients from Grünwald

Welcome to the website of the Herfurtner law firm in Grünwald near Munich. At our second location in Bavaria, we are there for clients from the surrounding area who value personal and discreet service. We will gladly act for you nationwide and internationally in various fields of law.

Our office is contacted by private individuals as well as by medium-sized entrepreneurs. Accordingly, we offer legal advice on private and corporate issues. Each mandate is in the hands of a professional, whereby a personal, trusting relationship with our clientele is very important to us.

Law firm in Grünwald – private client services

Legal advice to high net worth individuals

Looking after and protecting the private assets of families or individuals is one of the tasks to which we devote our expertise as part of our daily work. For example, we advise our clients on the structuring of their assets and on all issues relating to real estate law.

The transfer of assets in the context of inheritance and gifts, the drafting of prenuptial agreements or regulations on business succession are also among the topics we deal with.

Lawyer in Grünwald – trading partner for companies

Entrepreneur support from outside

We are a law firm with a focus on business law. As such, we serve entrepreneurs and companies as a contact and confidant within a broad range of topics:

  • Intellectual property law: advertising law, trademark law, copyright law, competition law
  • Commercial law: corporate investment, corporate law
  • Labor law: personnel issues such as contract drafting, dismissals or warnings

For economic success in the company, the management needs a clear head to be able to focus on the essentials. Otherwise, the company’s goals are put at risk. This is why the expertise of external specialists who can quickly familiarize themselves with complex issues is often required in day-to-day business.

A lawyer can be of use here with his practical experience and specific know-how, especially in the areas of intellectual property and commercial law.

In addition, issues in the areas of advertising law, competition law or copyright and trademark law are often of critical importance to companies – both in defending and enforcing claims. In this context, it is often a matter of product licenses, rights of use, patents or even complex brand strategies or advertising campaigns, for example.

Assistance in every phase of the business

From the garage to the corporation

Already from the day of the foundation or at all preceding steps, a lawyer can accompany and advise the company founders. Even the choice of the appropriate legal form can have a decisive influence on the further development of a start-up.

If many employees work for the company, as is very often the case in medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs will sooner or later be confronted with questions of labor law. A lawyer can also prepare and accompany strategic issues such as the company shareholding or formal meetings such as the company meeting.

Our law firm in Grünwald near Munich is there for entrepreneurs who want to devote themselves fully to their core issues and seek support for legal matters.

Law firm in Grünwald – privately on the safe side

Holistic advice in banking, capital markets and real estate law

In the field of business law, the attorneys at our law firm in Grünwald are primarily contact persons for entrepreneurs. In addition, we assist private individuals, for example, in issues relating to their real estate and offer advice on real estate law.

When real estate changes hands, various areas of law are affected, and in most cases large sums of money are involved. This makes it all the more important to provide thorough and trustworthy advice that is unbiased and on which the parties involved can rely.

Throughout the entire process of purchase or sale, a lawyer is available to advise you. If you are interested in our services in the field of real estate law, please feel free to make an appointment for a personal consultation or visit our subpage on real estate law.

Your team of the law firm Herfurtner in Grünwald

Competent and helpful

We attach great importance to a personal and discreet relationship with our clients. In the course of a non-binding initial meeting, we take stock of the facts of the case.

Subsequently, a lawyer from our firm who is familiar with the task at hand will take care of your concerns. Our lawyers can count on the valuable organizational support of our experienced team.

Notes for clients from Grünwald

Networked expertise

With our law firm in Grünwald near Munich, we are there for private individuals who want expert advice and support for the management of their assets. In addition, we support entrepreneurs in matters of business law.

We welcome you to our office for a personal meeting. You can also reach us by telephone for an initial consultation.

In addition to our office in Grünwald, we maintain three other locations in Germany. The exchange of our lawyers in Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Munich ensures a cross-location level of knowledge.

Your new place of work as a lawyer in Grünwald

Dedicated team players wanted

If you want to advance in your career and are looking for a new challenge, we would be happy to hear from you.