The lawyers of Herfurtner Rechtsanwälte advise in particular in banking law, capital markets law, investment law, commercial law and IT law.  At our offices in Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Gruenwald we advise in civil law, corporate law and real estate law.

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Lawyer / Managing Partner

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Lawyer / Senior Associate

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Lawyers in Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt

According to the German Federal Bar Association, there are about 20,300 lawyers working in Munich. Many lawyers from Munich can demonstrate specialization in the respective fields of law.

The Hanseatic Bar Association of Hamburg reports a total of 10,354 admitted lawyers in 2017. According to the Federal Chamber of Lawyers, 164,393 registered lawyers will be working in the whole of Germany in 2017.

Munich is the Bavarian capital and one of the most important cultural and economic centres in Germany. The former royal residence of the Bavarian kings now has well over 1.25 million inhabitants.

It is a city of art and culture on the Alps and Isar. The Marienplatz with the New and Old City Hall is one of the most important historical squares in Munich. The English Garden on the Isar is the largest city park in Europe. Munich is the third largest city in Germany.

Munich Airport was opened in 1992 and, thanks to its disproportionate growth successes, within a few years it had advanced to become one of the busiest passenger airports in Europe. Every year, more than 30,000 exhibitors and over two million visitors from all over the world come to Munich Airport.

Lawyers in Munich and Hamburg – Studies and tasks

Lawyers have the task of helping their clients to obtain justice by means of the rule of law. Therefore they can advise anyone or represent anyone in court.

In proceedings before authorities and courts, persons can be represented by a lawyer. In criminal proceedings, the lawyer acts as a defence counsel. In civil proceedings, there is a so-called lawyer’s obligation at the regional courts, higher regional courts and the Federal Supreme Court. Claimants or defendants must be represented by a lawyer.  This also applies to types of proceedings in higher instances.

The purpose of this “lawyer obligation” is to relieve the higher instances of jurisdiction. Clarification of the facts and initial legal assessment should be carried out by lawyers before the action is brought and during the trial by the lawyers.

The exercise of professional activity is regulated for lawyers. In order to be able to exercise the profession of a lawyer, one needs a degree in law completed with the First Legal (State) Examination, the Second Legal State Examination and admission to the bar by the Bar Association.

The contents of the basic study period in each law degree course consist of civil law or civil law, public law and criminal law. The actual study of law concludes after 9 semesters of standard study time with the 1st legal examination.

Lawyers in Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt – Contact persons

Our lawyers and specialist solicitors advise investors nationwide. For specialist lawyers, recurring training and further education courses are held. In Munich and Hamburg, lawyers and specialist solicitors are available for the following areas:

  • Administrative law
  • Tax law
  • Labour Law
  • Social Law
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Insolvency law
  • Insurance law
  • Medical Law
  • Tenancy and residential property law
  • Traffic Law
  • Building and architectural law
  • Law of Succession
  • Transport and forwarding law
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Commercial and corporate law
  • Copyright and media law
  • Information Technology Law
  • Banking and capital market law
  • Agricultural law
  • International Business Law
  • Public procurement law

Find lawyers from Munich and get legal advice: Read our tips on how to find a lawyer quickly and easily.

Courts in Munich

Local court Munich

  • Pacellistr. 5: Presidential Section. General civil cases, tenancy court and family court
  • Maxburgstr. 4: Traffic Civil Court, Probate Court
  • Linprunstr. 22: Guardianship court
  • Infanteriestr. 5: Land registry, registration court, bailiff, insolvency court and enforcement court
  • Nymphenburger Str. 16: Criminal Justice Center. All criminal cases (including those of the Regional Courts Munich I, Munich II and the Higher Regional Court Munich)

Munich Police Headquarters, Ettstr. 2-4, where you will find an investigating judge and a summary court for decisions on custody

Munich Penitentiary, Stadelheimer Str. 12, where an investigating judge is responsible for decisions on custody

Munich Labour Court
Winzererstraße 106
80797 München

Bayerisches Landessozialgericht
Ludwigstraße 15
80539 München

Bayerischer Verfassungsgerichtshof
Prielmayerstraße 5
80335 München
(im Gebäude des Oberlandesgerichts München)

Bayerischer Verwaltungsgerichtshof
Ludwigstraße 23
80539 München

Ismaninger Straße 109
81675 München

Cincinnatistraße 64
81549 München

Finanzgericht München
Ismaninger Str. 95
81675 München

Landesarbeitsgericht München
Winzererstraße 106
80797 München

Landgericht München I
Prielmayerstr. 7, Justizpalast
80335 München

Landgericht München II
Denisstraße 3
80335 München

Oberlandesgericht München
Prielmayerstraße 5
80335 München

Sozialgericht München
Richelstraße 11
80634 München

Bayerisches Verwaltungsgericht München
Bayerstraße 30,
80335 München

This brochure “Information for courts and authorities” contains in short form everything worth knowing about the Munich Bar Association. It is intended to give employees of the courts and authorities in the district of the Munich Higher Regional Court an insight into the working methods and tasks of the Munich Bar Association and to promote and facilitate cooperation. Here you will find clerks and their communication data, tips for evidence orders in fee disputes and much more.

Legal advice from lawyers

Legal advice is a legal service offered by lawyers for legal questions of private or legal persons.
In addition to legal advice, legal representation and legal procurement should be mentioned as an extended consulting activity. Alternative forms of legal advice is online legal advice, which uses the Internet as a communication channel between clients and the advising lawyer.

The Legal Services Act regulates out-of-court legal advice. Only certain persons are allowed to provide comprehensive, extrajudicial legal advice, which must be paid for. These include lawyers, legal advisors, tax consultants and patent lawyers.

Other persons or groups of persons may offer legal advice under certain conditions. This may only take place within the scope of their duties and responsibilities. Consumer centres may also provide out-of-court legal advice under the Legal Services Act. Legal persons such as banks or companies are not generally allowed to offer legal advice.

Legal advice for citizens with low income

The non-profit legal advice centre of the Munich lawyers offers your help here: Judicial building of the Munich District Court, Maxburgstrasse 4.

Lawyers in Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt – Fields of law

For the following areas of law and legal matters you can find suitable lawyers in Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt to represent you in court.

Waste legislatio
Agricultural law
Stock Corporation Law
Company law
Contaminated sites law
Pharmacy law
Employee Invention Law
Employee leasing law
Employment Promotion Law
Labour Law
Industrial safety law
Architectural law
Pharmaceutical Law
Medical malpractice law
Medical law
Right of asylum
Right of residence
Aliens Law
Foreign Trade Law
Banking law
Banking law and capital market law
Building code
Building planning law
Building Law
Property development law
Civil Service Law
Professional law for lawyers
Professional law for doctors
Occupational disability insurance law
guardianship law
Works constitution law
Fraud Law
Narcotics Law
Stock Exchange Law
Computer Criminal Law
Data protection law
Monument protection law
Disciplinary law
Domain law
EU law
Income tax law
Energy law
Expropriation law
Right to compensation
Law of Succession
Inheritance tax law
Family Law
Film law
Land consolidation law
Debt collection right
Franchise law
Driving licence law
Catering law
Law on fees for lawyers
Doctors’ fee legislation
Design Patent Law
Company Law
Commercial tenancy law
Commercial lease law
Trade law
Intellectual property rights
GmbH law
Land law
Liability law
Liability insurance law
Liability law
Liability law of the lawyers
Commercial law
Commercial agency law
Domestic Authority
Higher Education Law
IT Law
Immission control law
Real Estate Law
Real estate tax law
Engineering Law
Collection law / debt collection
Insolvency law
International law of succession
International Family Law
International sales law
Private International Law
International law
International tax law
International insurance law
Internet law
Internet criminal law
Juvenile criminal law
Investment Law
Capital Market Law
Antitrust Law
Right of purchase
Local tax law
Hospital law
Health insurance law
Credit Law
Protection against unfair dismissal
Leasing law
Food Law
Life insurance law
Licensing right
Air Transport Law
Air traffic law
Brokerage law
Trademark law
Mediation in labour law
Mediation in inheritance law
Mediation in family law
Mediation in commercial law
Media Law
Medical Law
Tenancy law
Tenancy law and lease law
Right of co-determination
Multimedia law
Neighbouring Rights
Law relating to the use of name
Nature conservation law
Victim protection law
Regulatory law
Regulatory offences law
Lease law
Right of Staff Representation
Passenger Transport Law
Nursing Insurance Law
Horse law
Right of forced heirship
Police Law
Press law
Private health insurance law
Product liability law
Right of inspection
The law of wills
Law of execution of wills
Law on occupational pension schemes
Law of registered partnership
Law of cohabiting union
public service law
Travel law
Pension Insurance Law
Right of review
Property insurance law
Tort law
Divorce law
School legislation
Disability law
Sexual Criminal Law
Software protection law
Soldiers’ Rights
Social welfare law
Social Law
Social law and social security law
Social security law
Forwarding Law
Sports Law
Explosives legislation
Citizenship law
State liability law
Constitutional law and organisational law
Tax law
Criminal tax law
Foundation Law
Criminal Law
Road law
Road Traffic Law
Collective bargaining law
Telecommunications law
Animal Rights
Transport Law
Transport and forwarding law
Right of access
Value added tax law
Environmental law
Environmental Criminal Law
Accident insurance law
Maintenance Law
Company purchase law
Company Succession Law
Corporate Law
Paternity Law
Association law
Consumer insolvency law
Consumer credit law
Association law
Constitutional law
Public procurement law
Traffic Law
Criminal traffic law
Traffic accident law
Civil traffic law
Publishing law
Property Act
Insurance law
Insurance contract law
Contract Law
Distribution right
Administrative law
Weapons Law
Water Law
Right of way
Advertising law
Law on contracts for work and services
Securities Trading Law
Competition Law
Business Law
Commercial criminal law
Condominium law
Civil law
Customs law
Compulsory auction law
Execution Law