Lawyer Vincent Bork

Lawyer Vincent Bork

Lawyer / Associate
employed lawyer
Admission to the Schleswig-Holsteinische Rechtsanwaltskammer

“We are committed to justice by approaching each case with diligence and integrity to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.”


Fields of activity

Mr Bork has been admitted to the bar since 2021 and is passionate about commercial law, particularly in the areas of inheritance law and corporate law.

Mr Bork discovered his passion for commercial law during his studies at the University of Hamburg. In his specialisation in the economic analysis of law, an area known as “Law & Economics”, he acquired a profound understanding of the mechanisms of markets and companies as well as the ability to evaluate legal norms and contracts based on evidence.

During his work as a lawyer and notary representative, Mr Bork advised many entrepreneurs on the formation and structuring of their companies.

In the area of inheritance law, he is dedicated to helping individuals and families plan for their future. With experience in the drafting of wills, the settlement of estates, the distribution of inheritances and the enforcement of compulsory portion claims, he offers solutions that meet the wishes and needs of his clients.

During his career, he has gained further experience in property law and drafted comprehensive purchase agreements and transfer agreements for his clients in order to transfer their assets to their descendants in a tax-efficient manner. He utilises the various options regarding usufructuary rights, residential rights, loan agreements, etc. to achieve optimal results for his clients.


  • Admission to the bar at the Schleswig-Holstein Bar Association
  • 1st state examination 2018 University of Hamburg, Law and Economics – Hamburg
  • 2nd state examination 2021 Regional court district Itzehoe


  • German
  • English

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