LexCapital offers financial services in the areas of foreign exchange trading, crypto-currencies and crypto-mining, among others.

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LexCapital Experience

LexCapital claims to focus on currency trading. According to the company, this includes crypto-currencies as well as the mining of such coins.

It also invests in securities of smaller Japanese companies. Would you like to know more about currency trading and trading with digital currencies? We have already compiled some information for you here:

LexCapital also states that any user with an Internet connection can mine crypto-currencies. Whether this is Bitcoin or something else cannot be determined at first glance.

Investment plans on offer

The company is promoting various investment plans that are expected to generate substantial returns quickly:

  • Hire Expert Plan, minimum investment US$2,000
  • Regional Representative Plan, minimum investment US$6,000
  • Retirement Plan, minimum investment 10,000 US dollars
  • Beginner’s plan, minimum investment 500 US dollars
  • Novice Plan, minimum investment US$ 200
  • Company Leader Plan, minimum investment 30,000 US dollars

Up to 60 percent of the investment volume should be achievable with these plans per week. It would be possible to invest both short and long-term capital.

Who is the LexCapital Trading Company?

“Que es” is the question asked by numerous users on the Internet, in English “What is it?”. Although, according to our information, the website https://lexcapitals.com/ can currently only be accessed in English, the question also points to activities in Spanish-speaking countries.

LexCapital wants to be registered in London and on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Attorney Wolfgang Herfurtner on the subject:

“Offers in English do not make it easy for German investors to comprehensively assess opportunities and risks. Even experienced traders are not always sure whether an investment is worthwhile or not”.

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