Lyoness Europe AG was founded in 2003 and is based in Switzerland. It represents a global international network of members and partner companies. Many Lyoness customers and business partners want their money back. And rightly so?

Lyoness – promising Business Model or Snowball System?

Members of Lyoness Europe AG should benefit from better conditions at the partner companies and the companies should win loyal customers. The company’s business model therefore sounds promising and fair for the time being. But as is well known, the devil is in the details.

As the Wirtschaftsblatt reports, the Commercial Court in Vienna has declared 61 clauses of the terms and conditions of the Graz purchasing association to be illegal. Even experienced lawyers and consumer protectors are unlikely to have experienced such erroneous terms and conditions.

In Switzerland, the Cantonal Court of Zug has already handed down a ruling that the contracts are invalid, reports K-Tipp. The company’s premium contracts are therefore completely illegal. Following this court ruling, many customers in Switzerland can reclaim their money.

The company operates three different Business Models:

  • Buying syndicate (“Cashback-World”)
  • Customer loyalty program (“Cashback Solutions”)
  • Distribution (recommendation marketing “Lyconet”)

Lyoness – Money back?

German customers and business partners also have the opportunity to claim their money back. As the contracts concluded with Lyoness are usually distance contracts according to §312c BGB, there is a right of withdrawal.

In many cases, however, the revocation instructions have not been effective, so that a reversal can even occur years after the conclusion of the contract. Affected customers and investors should therefore have their claims checked by a lawyer.

Read more about Cashback World here.

Lyoness – Consequences of Revocation

If the revocation is exercised in due form and time, the contractual relationship is converted into a so-called retransaction obligation. Customers and business partners will then be refunded the purchase price paid and in return must return the value of the goods purchased through the vouchers. In most cases, the purchase price paid is likely to be considerably higher than the benefits gained thanks to the company.

Compensation for Customers and Business Partners

Depending on the case constellation, claims for damages may also be considered. It is therefore recommended to have the contract documents checked by a lawyer.

The lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm help affected customers and business partners of Lyoness. The advice is provided throughout all European countries.