An essential tool when trading leveraged products is the margin call. This is a signal that brokers use to tell their clients that additional deposits are needed to secure their holdings.

It often kicks in when the client’s account balance falls below a certain level and the broker gains more control over the client’s account. The margin call can be seen as a warning mechanism that protects the client from losing the funds deposited in their account.

Anyone investing in leveraged commodities should be aware of this important idea as it is crucial in determining the risk and potential profitability of a trade.

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What are margin calls and how do they work?

A margin call is an instrument designed to prevent investors from borrowing more money than they have available and overdrawing their account.

It is an automated message from a broker or exchange informing the investor that they need to put more money into their account to secure their positions.

This method is crucial as investors often make larger bets by borrowing more money than they actually have.

An investor can suffer a loss that exceeds their original investment if they borrow more money than they have. By avoiding a margin call, investors can avoid borrowing more money than they can afford and overdrawing their account.

A margin call often occurs when the investor’s account balance falls below the “margin limit”, which is a certain threshold. The amount of margin varies from broker to broker and is often set by the exchange.

They require the investor to make a deposit into their account to support their positions if their account balance falls below the margin amount.

Brokers or exchanges can liquidate positions and freeze accounts if an investor ignores a margin call to prevent further losses.

What are the risks?

A margin call is a request from a broker or exchange to provide additional funds or collateral to cover a position. If an account holder does not comply with a margin call, there are a number of dangers.

  • Firstly, the account holder could suffer further losses if the broker or exchange liquidates the trade. In this case, the balance of the trade will be deducted from the account holder’s account.
  • Secondly, if the account holder is unable to make the variation margin, he may lose his trading privileges. As a result, he may not make any further investments until the account is properly rebalanced.
  • Thirdly, the account holder may have a poor credit rating if he fails to meet the margin call.

Account holders must therefore manage their accounts carefully and keep sufficient capital on hand to ward off a margin call.

How to minimise losses from margin calls?

Before trading, it is necessary to create a sound risk management plan to reduce losses due to margin calls. Investors should first be clear about their financial goals and risk tolerance. Then they can build a portfolio that meets their needs.

This includes trading leveraged products with a minimal use of their capital. Investors should also be aware of the current market. They should conduct regular market analyses and keep up to date with the latest trends.

This way, they can change their positions when the market environment changes. To limit their losses, investors should also use a stop-loss technique.

With this method, they can set a limit so that a position is closed as soon as it reaches a certain price. In this way, they can reduce their losses.

Finally, it is advisable to seek the advice of a financial advisor to create an effective plan. An advisor can help minimise the risks and make the best decisions.

How are margin calls handled in relation to bitcoin?

A margin call is a tool that protects investors and traders from taking too much risk when trading Bitcoin. A margin call is an indication that an account has reached a point where the position on the account must be terminated to prevent further losses.

A margin call is triggered when the account value falls below a certain level. This parameter is called the margin level. Although every broker has a different margin level, it is usually between 20% and 30%. The margin call is triggered when the account balance falls below this threshold.

All open positions are closed immediately when a margin call is triggered. To prevent further losses, the trader or investor is then asked to top up his account with additional funds. The broker may terminate the account and close the open positions if the account is not replenished.

It is therefore crucial that traders and investors keep a close eye on their accounts and adhere to their broker’s margin requirements. This will prevent losses and reduce risks.

What to do in case of losses due to Margin Calls – compensation?

You can contact us for possible compensation if you have suffered losses due to Margin Calls. As we only have a short window of time to process your claim, we strongly recommend that you contact us immediately.

In order to receive compensation, you must provide us with a detailed report of the damage you have suffered as a result of Margin Calls. This report should contain full information, including the date on which the damage occurred, the amount of the damage and the nature of the damage.

A copy of the Margin Calls contract you signed will also be required. Once we have received the required documentation, we will analyse your claim and seek a fair resolution.

To assess whether you are entitled to compensation and, if so, how much, we will consider all the information available to us. In some circumstances, we may be able to propose a settlement that will pay you fair compensation for your loss.

We would like to remind you that compensation payments can be a difficult process. Therefore, we advise you to contact a competent lawyer who can help you file a claim for compensation.

Most common questions and answers

A margin call is a notification to a client by a broker or bank that more money is needed in their account to hold a particular position.

When the client’s account balance falls below a certain level, a margin call is made. This can be the case if a client deposits more money in his account than he actually needs or if the markets move against him.

Depending on how the client reacts, a margin call can have different effects. The client may suffer losses if his investments are liquidated if he does not trade quickly enough.

To avoid a margin call, one should deposit the required funds in his account to meet the minimum margin requirements. To avoid making large investments at once, one should also think about risk management techniques.

Margin calls cannot be avoided altogether, but frequent monitoring and risk management can reduce the likelihood of you receiving a margin call.

Margin Calls – Identifying Risks

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