MarkeTrip is a provider of an online trading platform for trading various financial instruments. At least that is what the information on the company’s website says. MarkeTrip ‘s website is only available in English and can be accessed at the URL

MarkeTrip pursues the vision of offering clients 1:1 support. The aim is to enable investors to achieve higher profits than is possible with a normal investment at the bank. MarkeTrip offers its clients a wide range of educational tools.

In addition, MarkeTrip provides access to popular assets such as cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange. According to advice from the UK regulator, MarkeTrip ‘s products may appear to be non-authorised services.

Several potentially affected investors have currently contacted the lawyers of the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH to find out about their options. Trades with MarkeTrip may be at risk of large losses, warn investor advocates. Investors should reconsider additional investments or inform themselves in detail.

MarkeTrip – Involve lawyers

The lawyers of the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, established in Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg, are the contact persons for private investors seeking investor protection. The law firm is also active in capital market law, commercial law, copyright law or competition law.

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MarkeTrip – Available information

Our lawyers have the following information on MarkeTrip, based on information provided by the FCA: Company name: Marketrip Telephone number: 0044 20 38079032 E-mail contacts: support[a] and support[a] Websites: and

Regulatory warning in connection with MarkeTrip

On 14 May 2020, the FCA published a warning notice in relation to MarkeTrip. The alert states that the firm may have offered financial products or services without being authorised to do so by the regulator.

State regulation and authorisation of MarkeTrip

Information about an authorisation and supervision of MarkeTrip by a state-owned European supervisory body cannot be found on the website of the provider. Therefore, it cannot be assumed beyond doubt that the provider of MarkeTrip has the necessary authority for its economic activity.

MarkeTrip is located abroad – what does this mean for the investor?

Several business models have been and are being shaped by digitalisation. For financial investments, this has resulted in a considerable number of brokers entering the market with their online offers all over the world. This can lead to problems in particular as soon as problems arise when trying to make withdrawals.

Because apart from the language barrier, which cannot be ruled out, there is often no specific contact person available.

What providers like MarkeTrip are aiming at

In the current low-interest phase, it is increasingly the case that private investors are straining to find lucrative products. It is mainly unlicensed companies that profit from this.

This is because they present supposedly stable and worthwhile financial investments without actually pursuing a solid business. If one accepts such an offer, not only is the annoyance great. Some effort is also required to make up for the loss or at least keep it within bounds.

Where possible risks lie and how investors can protect themselves

An alleged advisor contacts you by telephone? He offers you the purchase of financial products at a special price or wants to inform you about a new fund? However, a personal contact with the employee does not take place at any time? Such behaviour should make investors sit up and take notice.

Before making a deposit, one should always inquire about the providers and their employees. Here, it is important to assess whether a supervisory authority regulates the trader. If the provider does not have a licence for the financial products sold, one should exercise caution.

This applies especially to promises of above-average returns. If one is unsure whether a company like MarkeTrip is competent, one should preferably seek the help of a specialised lawyer quickly.

Five recommendations for investor protection

Against this background, clients should follow basic advice to avoid at least certain risks:

  • Take your time. Only sign draft contracts once you have done your research on the investment. Compare the offer with other investment products. Make your decision only after you (and not your broker) have brushed aside all concerns.
  • Do not be blinded by exceptionally high profit promises. If you want to earn profits above the market level, you usually have to resort to very speculative forms of investment.
  • Ask your investment adviser about his profit sharing. Intermediaries are obliged to do this anyway. If the remuneration is disproportionately high, bear in mind that the advisor has a vested interest in you concluding certain contracts.
  • Insist on a personal meeting on the spot. Do not entrust your money to someone you have never looked in the eye before. Reputable advisors will advise you in their office or arrange a meeting at your home.
  • Prefer companies that are domiciled in Germany! Your claims will be much easier to enforce in the event of a dispute.

The companies in which the investor’s capital is to be invested often have their own presence on the World Wide Web. However, these Internet presences may be fictitious under certain circumstances. If you suspect that you may have become a victim of dubious investments, you must act quickly.

The sooner you assert your claims and involve a legal advisor, the better the chances are that you will get your invested money back.

Problems with MarkeTrip? What affected investors can do

Have you lost money on an investment? In this case, you should first refrain from making additional payments, even if these are demanded by the trader. Furthermore, you should find out why deficits occurred and what chances there are to recover the lost money.

If you do not make any progress in addressing your supplier, you can seek legal advice and talk to a lawyer.

Support in disputes with MarkeTrip

The law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwälte represents clients in legal fields such as banking and real estate law, corporate law and trademark law. The first step of a legal consultation is always a personal conversation with a lawyer.

This serves to clarify the basic questions and subsequently discuss possible measures in connection with MarkeTrip. Our law firm represents affected private investors from all European countries.

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