Maxitrade describes itself as a trading platform on which cryptocurrencies can be traded. The German-language offer can be found at the URL Those who invest money via the platform, as it says in the header area of the website, receive a bonus of 100 %.

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Maxitrade experiences

Before entrusting your money to an online broker, it is advisable to make enquiries about the provider. The internet is a good place to start. Many blogs and forums serve investors to exchange information and assess the quality of the individual platforms.

If you research online, you will find that the experiences with Maxi Trade are not entirely positive. In particular, questions about regulation keep cropping up. Many investors also ask whether Maxitrade can be accused of fraud or whether it is a serious offer. Regardless of the content of the reviews, one should look at who the author of the respective post is.

Competitors might make derogatory comments about the competition, while advertisers are likely to have an interest in presenting the platform in a positive light.

Maxitrade website

The first thing that catches the eye on the Maxitrade homepage is a table that can be used to track the successes of other clients. Winnings in the four- to five-digit euro range are shown here.

Directly next to the table is a graph showing current trading trends. In the further course of the homepage, Maxitrade advertises four features that speak for its own offer:

  • good usability on the platform
  • prompt payouts
  • training tailored to individuals
  • wide range of webinars

According to its own information, the provider Maxitrade has been on the market for half a decade. It counts 150,000 traders worldwide among its clients and has successfully executed more than 150,000 trades.

Via a contact form integrated into the homepage, one can register on the Maxitrade platform.

Origin and regulation

There is no legally binding imprint on the Maxitrade website that indicates the company’s registered office and details of the management. In the footer area of Maxitrade, two different companies are named without going into more detail about who operates the website.

These are Market Solutions LTD, based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Marlay Corp LTD, which claims to be responsible for payment services and is based in Azerbaijan. There are no indications that Maxitrade is regulated by a state financial services regulator (e.g. BaFin or FCA). Nevertheless, Maxitrade is regulated by the IFMRRC (“International Financial Market Relations Regulation Centre”), a Russian, non-commercial organisation for the verification of brokers.

To contact Maxitrade, a telephone number is given on the website with an Austrian telephone number. In addition, Maxitrade has a contact form and an e-mail address if you wish to contact the Maxitrade head office in writing.

Maxitrade Login

Anyone who wants to start trading cryptocurrencies on the Maxitrade platform must first register as a client and decide on one of the account models offered by Maxitrade. These are:

  • Start: minimum deposit from 250 to 3,000 US dollars, welcome bonus up to 50%
  • Silver: minimum deposit from 3,001 to 10,000 US dollars, welcome bonus up to 100%
  • Gold: Minimum deposit from 10,001 to 50,000 US dollars, welcome bonus up to 120 %
  • Platinum: Minimum deposit from 50,001 to 100,000 US dollars, welcome bonus up to 120 %
  • VIP: Minimum deposit from 101,000 US dollars, welcome bonus up to 150 %

There is no detailed information onthe deposit and withdrawal modalities on Maxitrade, but the symbols of credit card providers and online payment service providers such as VISA or WebMoney are displayed. The Bitcoin logo can also be seen, which suggests that deposits from Maxitrade are also accepted with cryptocurrencies.

To have your Maxitrade account deleted, you should contact customer service. The Maxitrade website information does not explain in detail how to proceed.


On the Maxitrade homepage there is a screenshot showing a “Maxitrade platform”. In the navigation menu, there are also links to Metatrader4 and an “XCritical App ” – the latter is supposed to enable mobile trading with the Maxitrade App.

The access to Metatrader4 suggests that, in addition to trading cryptocurrencies, forex trading, CFD trading and futures trading are also part of Maxitrade’s offering.

Affiliate programme

Maxitrade operates its own affiliate programme, which remunerates clients for their brokerage activities. For this purpose, Maxitrade provides three different types of remuneration:

  • Pay on a revenue share basis of 30 to 45
  • Payment on a CPA basis(“cost-per-action”): fixed amount for each new customer who has made a deposit
  • Remuneration on a revenue-sharing plus CPA basis: mixed form of the aforementioned variants

Crypto Trading and Risks

Cryptocurrencies are enjoying increasing popularity due to the success story of Bitcoin. At the same time, the example of Bitcoin has shown how volatile crypto currencys can be. Trading is therefore only recommended for investors who are aware of the risks and can accept losses.

In general, you should exercise increased caution when trading online – regardless of whether you are interested in forex trading, CFD trading or cryptocurrencies. The providers are usually located abroad and are therefore not personally known.

Thorough adviceis not part of the service offer in most cases, so that investors do not have a neutral opinion when assessing risks. It is not unlikely that an investment on an online platform will not yield the desired return. In addition, it happens that one has to write off a part of one’s deposit or accept losses up to a complete loss.

Have you lost money in online trading? Then you should seek clarification from your provider. If the contact is unsatisfactory, you can consult a lawyer to clarify the case.

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