Munich Office

Munich Office

Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Theresienstr. 1
80333 München

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We offer short-term appointment arrangement, effective communication and transparent costs with a flexible fee structure. Put your legal matters in competent hands.

Directions Munich Office

Local Public Transport

  • Subway Odeonsplatz subway lines 4 und 5
  • Subway Universität subway lines 3 und 6
  • Bus Von-der-Tann-Straße Linien 100, 153, N40, N41, N45
  • Bus Universität Linien 153 und 154

Parking Spaces

  • Parking spaces in the in-house underground car park by arrangement
  • Public parking spaces in the immediate vicinity

Your lawyer in Munich

Support for clients from Munich – from local to international

Welcome to the website of the Herfurtner law firm in Munich. At this location we serve clients from Munich and the surrounding area as well as from southern Germany. In addition, we will act for you on a supra-regional and also on an international level.

We are a medium-sized law firm offering our services throughout Germany. Each of our mandates is managed by a professional, whereby we attach great importance to individual support. In this way, we guarantee the best possible handling of your concerns.

Law firm in Munich – Partner for companies

External support from our commercial law firm

As an entrepreneurial law firm contact for companies and entrepreneurs, we advise you on a wide range of topics.

Companies usually find themselves in a highly competitive environment. They should therefore be able to concentrate on their core business in order to achieve their entrepreneurial goals. Away from day-to-day business, however, entrepreneurs are confronted with many issues where they need to rely on external specialists.

Both business law and intellectual property law are complex subject areas where the expertise, experience and routine of a lawyer are an advantage.

Questions concerning competition law, trademark and copyright law or advertising law often involve significant amounts of money. A stable brand strategy, the securing of rights of use, the licensing of products or advertising statements in line with competition law ensure that there are no problems in these areas.

From start-up to medium-sized business

Relief for companies

The exchange with a lawyer is already valuable during the founding phase, especially when it comes to choosing the appropriate legal form. For start-ups in particular, this is a decision that points the way ahead, taking into account organizational aspects as well as external presentation.

If a company from the middle class employs many employees, questions from the topic complex of labor law always arise. In addition, there are dates such as the shareholders’ meeting or occasions such as the investment in other companies where a lawyer is required to provide support.

The goal of our law firm in Munich is to relieve companies and entrepreneurs in the best possible way, so that they can concentrate on entrepreneurial aspects with a clear focus.

Law firm in Munich – partner in private matters

Focus on banking and capital markets law and real estate law

At our office in Munich, we not only advise and support companies and entrepreneurs in matters of commercial law. We are also the point of contact for private individuals who, for example, wish to obtain advice on real estate law.

The purchase or sale of residential property are transactions that require transparency for buyers and sellers in order to avoid disappointment from an economic point of view. Anyone dealing with buying or selling a house, apartment or land will be confronted with several areas of law.

A lawyer can accompany and advise both parties along the buying or selling process. For more information on our real estate law services, please contact us in person (Contact) or visit our real estate law subpage.

The team of the law firm Herfurtner in Munich

Well cared for all around

Since the foundation of our law firm, we have attached great importance to the personal support of our clients. In the course of an initial meeting, we take stock of your concerns. Thereupon, a lawyer familiar with the subject matter takes up the work. In order for our lawyers to be able to concentrate fully on the content of the mandate, they receive organizational support from our effective team of lawyers.

Information for clients from southern Germanynd

Close to you

In our Munich office, we advise and assist clients in matters of business law. In addition, our local attorneys assist companies and also private individuals in other essential areas of law. We offer you a personal appointment in our office in Munich, furthermore you can contact us by telephone.

In addition to our office in Munich, we maintain further offices in Germany. We ensure a uniform level of knowledge within our firm through the constant exchange of our attorneys with the other offices in Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main.

Your new job as a lawyer in Munich

For motivated team players

Would you like to take the next step in your career or make a change? Then we look forward to hearing from you.