Olympius Global is an online trading platform with a focus on Forex Trading. The provider’s website is available in English and can be accessed at https://olympiusglobal.com. Other tradable assets on the platform include indices and shares. There is a warning message from the Spanish CNMV regarding Olympius Global.

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Olympius Global Reviews

Investors who intend to entrust their money to a trading platform should first take the trouble to gather as much information as possible about the provider. The World Wide Web can be used for this purpose, for example to trigger a search query for “Olympius Global Reviews”.

Investors often exchange their experiences in special blogs and forums. There you can also find reviews of the individual online trading platforms. If you search for the provider Olympius Global, the opinion is not consistently positive.

In principle, it’s a good idea to look at the source of the articles that deal with a specific trading platform. Because the statements are not always written from an impartial point of view. Anyone with the appropriate online marketing knowledge can consciously influence the opinion.

Online trading platforms themselves or their associated advertising partners are more likely to express themselves favourably about their own or the advertised offer. At the same time, it is conceivable that texts will be placed whose basic attitude is intended to prevent customers from becoming involved with a competitor.

The Spanish financial market authority CNMV published a warning message on the subject of Olympius Global. In the notification dated 2 December 2019, the authority points out that Olympius Global is not authorised to provide investment services, including investment advice.

In addition, the CNMV refers to other 2019 warnings against https://olympiamarkets.com and https://olympiamarkets.co that are related to this warning.

Headquarters and authorization

The own internet presence is the essential contact point for the contact between a trading platform and its customers. The information on the place of business and regulatory status is particularly useful.

On the Olympius Global website there is neither an address nor any other information about the owner and operator of the website. Information on the registered office and legal form of the company is therefore not possible. In the General Terms and Conditions of Olympius Global there is a reference to the legislation of Estonia, which is to be followed.

Whether the provider of Olympius Global is registered and supervised by a state control body in Europe cannot be proven. For there is no reference to authorisation by, for example, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) or the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

As a result, it cannot be assumed beyond doubt that Olympius Global has the necessary licenses for business operations in Europe.

Olympius Global web presence

In the introduction to its homepage, Olympius Global describes itself as a digital Forex trading broker. They offer their clients a complete and professional trading experience. A successful trader, it is said, needs effective tools to be successful in forex trading. At Olympius Global, both experienced and inexperienced investors received the necessary support:

  • trading platform as a cloud-based solution,
  • various trading opportunities,
  • advanced security technology.

Assets tradable on the Olympius Global platform included:

Overall, Olympius Global claims to offer attractive trading conditions.

Education and training at Olympius Global

Olympius Global has set up a separate section on the subject of further training on its own website under the heading “Tutorials”. Here articles on various topics are stored, which can be read directly in the web browser. It is about Forex trading, basics of online trading or different kinds of analysis.

Technology used

Anyone who wants to trade online needs trading software for this purpose, which is usually provided by the trading platform. This can be a technology developed by the trader himself, but also a third party program.

The company uses the so-called Olympius Global Online Trader. This is a leading platform for Forex Trading. The contents of the platform are available in 15 different languages. In addition, it is also possible to trade crypto currencies here.

Registration and available accounts

If you want to start trading online on the Olympius Global online platform, you must first register as a customer. Once the account has been set up, Olympius Global offers a range of forex trading accounts to choose from:

  • Self Trader: You decide yourself about your own trades.
  • Robot Trader: The choice if you want to benefit from the most advanced forecasting technology.
  • Copy Trader: Suitable for those who want to copy the success of other successful traders.

The minimum deposit to be able to trade on Olympius Global is 250 euros or British pounds. According to Olympius Global, deposits and withdrawals can be made and withdrawn by various methods. For example, bank transfers or credit card transfers are available.

Weighing up investments precisely

Interest rates are still at a low level, and investors are looking for high-margin options on savings accounts and overnight money. Digitalization enables numerous companies to offer their online trading platforms around the world.

An investment in a company outside of the country’s borders can be disadvantageous if difficulties arise in the investment process. This is due on the one hand to possible language barriers, and on the other hand to distance, which complicates personal discussions.

It is not uncommon for online providers to focus on a number of complex products, including crypto currencies, contracts for difference or forex trading. However, these offers are not necessarily suitable for everyone.

Without external advice, it can happen that investors, especially those with little experience, do not fully understand the risks or assess them incorrectly. If the capital investment then develops in the wrong direction, the trading platform often encourages investors to add further money to make up the shortfall.

Most of the time, the success does not materialise and the investor has to write off the invested capital, possibly even to the point of total loss.

Losses from online trading?

Anyone who has lost money in online trading should above all stop additional deposits. Then one should talk to the provider and find out what the reasons for the loss were and what options are available for reimbursement.

If the problem is not solved satisfactorily by the provider, one can turn to a legal counsel and seek investor protection. The law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwälte will examine to what extent you are entitled to claims against the trading platform and, if desired, will enforce these claims directly with the contractual partner.

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