Paraiba World is a service provider in the finance and investment industry. The company’s website is only available in English and can be accessed under the URL Currently (as of 16.05.2022), the provider only calls itself Paraiba.

On the Paraiba World website, the Paraiba World logo can be seen in the upper area. However, the following text refers to a unique private bank. This is a global financial institution and with its tailor-made solutions addresses private clients as well as institutional investors.

According to the notice of the Austrian supervisory authority, the business activities of Paraiba World seem to be non-authorised products. In the meantime, BaFin has also prohibited investment management. In addition, BaFin refers to “untrue factual claims” by Paraiba World.

Deals in connection with Paraiba World are therefore not advised without detailed examination. This is because investors are probably exposing themselves to a high economic risk, since, according to BaFin, “no concrete investment strategy is recognisable”.

Paraiba World payouts stopped

Increasingly, customers are reporting problems with payouts.

Even after several weeks, customers have not received their money. In rating portals like Trustpilot, Paraiba World is confronted with the accusation of operating a Ponzi scheme. Others speak simply of fraud.

“However, there is no verified data for such accusations yet,” say the lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm.

The provider, on the other hand, explains the payment stop with the fact that Paraiba has now become Trillant. This means that the investors’ money will become Trillant tokens. In the future, there will be a separate cryptocurrency called Trillant Pay Coin, the value of which is expected to multiply in a short time.

It is completely unclear what value this coin will have outside the Paraiba system, where this coin can be traded and when it is to come.

However, this does not stop the intermediaries from beating the advertising drum. Investors are encouraged to invest quickly in order to secure a favourable price for the token.

Paraiba World – why BaFin warns

In a decision dated 21 April 2020, BaFin ordered Paraiba World Ltd (Paraiba World and Paraiba Deluxe) to immediately cease its unauthorised investment management activities.

The decision was justified by the fact that no investment strategy was discernible and the investors themselves did not decide which financial instruments to invest in.

In addition, it was an investment management for which no licence existed.

Paraiba World – BaFin points out untrue statements of fact

In October 2020, Paraiba World then published a press release stating that it had contacted the authorities and had not received any feedback. It is therefore assumed that the legal concerns have been resolved. BaFin clearly contradicted this in a communication dated 10.11.2020.

BaFin clarified that these were “untrue factual allegations” by the provider.

Authority warning on the subject of Paraiba World

On 25.02.20, the FMA published a warning on the subject of Paraiba World. It states that the company is not authorised to carry out banking transactions requiring a licence. Consequently, Paraiba World is not permitted to accept third-party funds as deposits under the Banking Act.

In the notification, the FMA explicitly writes about the URL At the time of writing in October 2020, the offer of a “Unique Private Bank” based in the Comoros could be seen at this address. At the same time, the logo of Paraiba was still part of the website.

It was not apparent to what extent Unique Private Bank was related to Paraiba.

FINMA warning

Our lawyers have the following data from the warning notice of the FMA Austria:

Provider name: Paraiba World Ltd.

Alleged registered office: 22/F Times Square Tower 2, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

E-mail contact: info[a]


In addition, the following contact details can be found on the website:

Headquarters: Bonovo Road, Fomboni
Island of Mohéli, Comoros Union

State Regulation and Authorisation of Paraiba World

Information on licensing and supervision by a European supervisory body does not exist on the provider’s website. It should therefore not be assumed beyond doubt that the company has the necessary licences to do business in the EU.

What providers like Paraiba World are aiming for

Those who want to achieve returns above the average usually have to resort to speculative forms of investment for this purpose. This is because the prospects for returns on classic savings products are rather bleak in view of the persistently low interest rates.

The following services are offered on the website:

  • Trade Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Bank confirmation
  • Structured Finance
  • Commercial banking
  • Investment Banking

However, no concrete investment strategy can be found on the website. All the more important, therefore, is a comprehensive review. And if you are sceptical, it is always better to keep your hands off!

Paraiba World is a foreign provider – what does that mean for the investor?

Globalisation and advancing digitalisation have made it possible to provide services worldwide and regardless of location. Accordingly, many providers are also increasingly turning to European private investors based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

This can lead to difficulties for investors, especially as soon as a legal exchange becomes necessary.

General information – How to recognise risks in investments

The Internet presences of the companies offering the investment opportunity provide additional information on the company’s offers. Here, thanks to a professional and competent appearance, interested parties could actually gain the impression that it is a serious provider.

As a rule, trustworthy firms have the necessary licences for financial services. Warnings from supervisory authorities do not necessarily mean that the offer is certainly based on manipulation. Because this could only be determined after a court decision.

Nevertheless, investors should always take such warnings seriously and carefully consider whether they still want to invest with such companies. Some companies offer profit promises that probably have little to do with reality. The opportunities are said to be immense, but risks are hardly or not at all presented.

Now and then, the immediate conclusion of the contract is to be made palatable by certain advantages. If the following points are present, you should examine the investment conscientiously:

  • Contact with the broker is exclusively by telephone.
  • The companies advertise exceptionally lucrative returns.
  • The broker receives a high profit share upon conclusion of the contract.
  • The registered office of the business partner is not in Europe.
  • There is pressure to conclude the contract quickly in order to secure alleged advantages.

Many dubious providers try to gain trust by presenting investors with presumed guarantees of their own, such as warranties or letters of value. If returns of over 50% are promised, it is not to be expected that this is a realistic offer.

What can investors do in case of difficulties?

In the event of losses, one should refrain from injecting further sums. Rather, one should first summarise with the trader why there were losing trades and whether there are options to compensate for these losses. If you do not make any progress in directly approaching your contractual partner, you can seek legal assistance and contact a lawyer.

Legal support in disputes

Investors who have entrusted their capital to a provider and are facing problems can contact the lawyers of the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanw älte and be advised of their options without obligation. Consultation takes place in all European countries. Click here to go directly to our contact area.